27 Small Scale Business Opportunities in the Manufacturing Sector

Profitable Small Manufacturing Business Ideas – What to Manufacture

Are you looking for new manufacturing business ideas with a medium investment?

One of the major planks upon which the economy of any nation is built is the manufacturing sector. Countries that are industrialized, developed, and economically sound are nations with an active and thriving manufacturing sector.

Without a doubt, the manufacturing industry is an industry whose effects are multi-tiered and all-encompassing simply because manufacturing possesses the potential to employ on a massive scale through the direct and indirect engagement of workers.

Manufacturing entails the production of goods, equipment, chemicals, machines, processed foods, sports equipment, and so on.

In reality, all other industry sectors are dependent on the manufacturing industry to function optimally.

The medical and health sub-sectors are reliant on the manufacturing industry to produce virtually all their equipment, tools, and supply materials, needed for them to function effectively.

The same can be said of the Agricultural industry, which needs the inputs from the manufacturing industry to carry out agricultural tasks; the equipment, the fertilizers, other chemicals, and other tools.

If you are still contemplating what to manufacture,  it is highly recommended that one commences on a  small scale (production of tools, homemade materials) to garner valuable experience and to assess the market.

The following small manufacturing business ideas are worth the time and attention of the savvy investor:

1. Production of Children’s Toys

Children have an affinity to and can easily relate with toys, regardless of tongue, tribe, or race.

The market for toys and associated products is a large one, and it is anticipated to keep growing, especially in the light of the world’s population heading northwards.

Already a business in Nigeria is receiving huge patronage, by manufacturing Barbie dolls, with a local theme.

So, with a good business plan, utilizing skilled hands in the design and conception stage, and evolving a robust marketing plan, this small manufacturing business idea could just provide a handsome return on investment.

2. Production of Papers and Notebooks

Although the drive for the preservation of trees is now receiving global attention from the government and other interested bodies, individuals are being encouraged to cut down on using these resources.

The fact remains that there is still a large demand for paper-based products. Items such as notebooks and pads are still in high demand, especially in offices and schools.

The savvy investor can employ the use of recycled waste paper materials in deference to preserving the environment, possess a detailed business plan, and have in place a robust marketing strategy, to turn this small manufacturing business idea into a profitable venture.

3. Drugs Production

Another business that the savvy entrepreneur can consider starting is the manufacturing of drugs.

This presupposes that it is either grounded in the manufacture of drugs or will engage the services of professionals who tend that arm of the business.

There are several kinds of drugs, generic and non-generic kinds, that can be manufactured.

It must be noted that the drug manufacturing sector undergoes regulation, and it is required that the business obtains required business and health licenses and permits before commencing operations.

4. Blocks Manufacturing

If you are looking towards starting a small manufacturing outfit, a business that requires minimal start-up capital, and the most basic of technology, then a block manufacturing company is the way to go.

The construction industry is expanding at a breathtaking pace, with the new development of estates, residential apartments, and commercial sites coming on stream.

Therefore a block manufacturing concern is guaranteed a market that is thriving.

5. Shoe Production

This is another small manufacturing business idea that an investor can venture into. Individuals need footwear, both for work and fashion purposes.

With the correct mix of expertise in churning out shoes that are trendy and durable, as well as having the right attitude towards marketing and attracting customers, a shoe production business will in no time begin to experience growth and expansion.

A major attraction of this small manufacturing business idea is that it can be started with just the basics of materials needed for making the shoes and a little startup capital.

7. Manufacturing of Plastic Bottles and containers

The food and drinks industry, as well as the chemical industry, place huge demand for plastic bottles to package products.

When you consider that a hefty proportion of both consumable and non-consumable products come in plastic items, then you will realize that there is a huge market for this product.

The savvy investor can turn this demand into a small manufacturing outfit based on the production of plastic bottles and other kinds of items.


Are you planning on starting a manufacturing business?

If you are reading this post, then it is obvious that you are looking for small-scale manufacturing business ideas to venture into.

The best free small business manufacturing ideas are based on building something that involves your hands, such as constructing crafts or replicating art or jewelry.

One good thing about the manufacturing business is making something people are buying. The manufacturing industry is growing faster, and joining the league of manufacturers won’t be a bad idea.

In this post, I will be sharing with you 20 small-scale manufacturing ideas that cost little capital to start.

  1. Toy Manufacturing

Toys continue to be one high-demand product in the market.

Children worldwide will always love beautiful toys to play around with. This goes a long way to show how profitable the toy manufacturing business idea is.

If you understand the market, starting a children’s toy manufacturing business will be your best bet.

  1. Paper and Notebooks Manufacturing

This market cut across all sectors. Schools use paper and notebooks for office businesses. This is a perfect small-scale manufacturing idea if you can capture a particular market and satisfy their paper and notebook needs.

  1. Aluminum Doors and Windows Manufacturing

This is another small-scale manufacturing idea that any serious entrepreneur can venture into.

The use of wooden doors and windows in houses and commercial places is fading away gradually, and aluminum doors and windows are taking up the entire market.

The demand for aluminum doors and windows is increasing very fast. Aluminum fabrication is very profitable and demands small capital to start.

  1. Kitchen Utensils and Cutleries Manufacturing

Kitchen utensils are essential in homes because food is still number one on the list of human needs. Aside from that, there are so many restaurants and occasions that demand the use of kitchen utensils and cutleries.

There is hardly any house where one won’t find kitchen utensils.

Taking advantage of this never-ending market demand for manufacturing kitchen utensils and cutleries, you can eventually a successful manufacturing business.

  1. Bakery

This is another small-scale manufacturing business that requires small capital to start.

This bakery business is very profitable if it can be effectively managed. You can decide which part of the bakery niche you want to focus on using your capital as one factor.

With the right marketing strategy and product, it is sure for you to succeed in the bakery business.

  1. Artificial Flower Making

Artificial flowers are used mainly for designs in events, homes, churches, and schools. This is a small-scale manufacturing business idea that can be run from home and be expanded to start employing staff to assist you.

The demand for artificial flowers is increasing daily because it is everlasting.

  1. Fertilizer Production

Using fertilizers, whether organic or inorganic, is inevitable when it comes to farming.

Before farmland is tilled, it is first tested for its fertility level. Depending on how high or low its fertility level may be, fertilizer is always added to improve soil nutrients.

The use of fertilizer in farming is widespread, and the demand is increasing too, mainly in Africa and other Asia. This is a very lucrative business idea if you have always loved the agriculture business.

  1. Biscuit Making

Individuals can start biscuit production right from the comfort of their homes with little capital. Biscuits are snacks eaten by everyone, and with good ingredients and a marketing strategy, you can entice anyone to patronize your biscuits.

If you are a passionate baker, you can start this small-scale manufacturing business with simple equipment and machine.

  1. Beads and Ornaments Production

Beads and ornaments production is a home-based manufacturing business idea for stay-at-home mums who strive to earn cash using their creativity. It is a noble profession, and Africa has created a large market for these products.

If you love bead making, you can go for an apprenticeship to learn how to make beautiful beads and ornaments. With an abundance of local materials, you can start a successful beads and ornaments production business.

  1. Manufacturing of Plastic Bottles

The food, chemical, and drinks industry requires bottles for the packaging of their products.

Only in a few cases that most of these companies manufacture their bottle themselves. Some companies buy from plastic bottle companies in large quantities.

If there is a drink or chemical processing company in your locality, there is a market for your plastic bottle business.

  1. Soap and Detergent Manufacturing

This is one lucrative small-scale manufacturing idea that can make you a millionaire in the future. Soaps and detergents come in different types and forms, and people make you of them daily.

Soap and detergents are essential commodities that make them a necessity and not a luxury. It is universally used in all households.

  1. Disposable Paper Cup Manufacturing

Have you started noticing the use of paper cups in events like marriages, birthday parties, club nights, and others?

Most people prefer paper cups because of their disposable and cheap nature.

This business can be started from home if you purchase the manufacturing machine because the business is quite a simple model.

  1. Drinking Straw Manufacturing

This is another small-scale profitable manufacturing idea that most entrepreneurs are not looking into. With small capital investment, any serious entrepreneur can establish this manufacturing business.

  1. Eraser Making

This is a fast-moving consumer product that is widely used in schools universally.

From pupils in Montessori to tertiary students in higher institutions, using an eraser is a continuous process mostly for students studying engineering and art.

Getting raw material for production is not difficult and costly as rubber erasers are gotten from natural rubber.

  1. Garment Production

This involves buying textiles from textile manufacturers and sewing clothes like suits, trousers, and shirts out of the textile materials, after which you can sell them as finished products.

If you love fashion and clothesmaking, you can tap into this business and turn it into a million-dollar company for yourself.

  1. Tissue Paper Manufacturing

This is a billion-dollar industry, but most entrepreneurs are not looking at it.

Everyone uses tissue paper for one or more purposes. The percentage of people that use tissue paper outnumbers those that don’t.

You can venture into tissue paper manufacturing on a small scale and later expand as you start making sales and huge profits.

  1. Nylons and Polythene Bags Production

This is a manufacturing idea with less competition. You can choose to dominate this market by producing nylons and polythene bags for business purposes.

  1. Invitation Card Making

If you are creative in designs, you can start an invitation card-making business and start producing quality designed invitation cards for people that need them for marriage, birthdays, anniversaries, conferences, etc.

  1. Air Fresheners Production

I am very sure you know the power of air fresheners when you enter a car, room, or office. People buy it to improve the scent of their room or office. You can start this business and target car owners and office workers.

You just have to make your fragrance different from competitors’.

  1. Slippers Manufacturing

There is no household you can’t find slippers as one can’t just wear shoes all day.

Note that slippers come in various ranges, and you can choose to focus on one unique style different from the ones already on the market.

You will need adequate space for your slippers even if you start as a small-scale slipper manufacturer.