Can you have a tattoo and also have a high-paying job? Yes, it is very possible.

Truth is said though, tattoos make it harder for an individual to get any kind of job in some kind of company or industry talk less of a high-paying job. This is mainly because many people associate tattoos with indecency.

Many companies today are hesitant to hire or employ people with visible tattoos, like say on their necks, faces, or arm because they feel that it would have a bad effect on the company’s image.

As much as there are companies that don’t want to hire people with tattoos, there are various other companies that would hire those with tattoos. Good news right?

Due to the change in the way people see things today, there is a market for virtually every kind of person or someone with a tattoo.

Jobs or Career Paths that Don’t Accommodate Tattoos

Just before stepping into the list of high-paying jobs you can hold if you have a tattoo, let’s consider some industries that really frown at tattoos.

Not that you cannot get a job in this industry, but it would be really hard to do so especially when you have a visible tattoo.

These industries include:

  • Legal

This is a very strict field when we are talking in professional terms. Lawyers may have tattoos but definitely not a visible one, maybe at their backs that can be easily covered when they wear their suits.

How seriously do you think the judge will take you when you look like the “criminal” you are trying to defend?

  • Education

95% of schools will never hire you if you have a visible tattoo.

This is especially so when you are to teach young ones. The parents of these children will definitely not want you to teach their children because most of them will consider you to be a bad example or role model.

  • Government

How many politicians have tattoos? The answer says it all.

  • Law Enforcement

A police officer and tattoo don’t mix. In fact, police officers are trained to be wary or suspicious of those that have tattoos.

Top Tattoo-Friendly Jobs

Many companies today are ready to hire people with tattoos.

In most cases, this is because of the skills that these people have to offer. Almost everything is getting accepted in this century, so why not people with tattoos?

Here is a list of jobs or careers that people with tattoos can pursue:


  • Tattoo Artist

That’s obvious right. You can make a lot of buck by been a tattoo artist. It is almost like a prerequisite for you to have a tattoo if you want to be a tattoo artist.

If I want a tattoo I would rather go to a tattoo artist that has a tattoo, wouldn’t you?

You however have to master your craft, as one bad tattoo can ruin your business. You don’t want to be drawing a cat on someone’s back when he clearly showed you the picture of a Tiger.

  • Photographer

Photographers are mostly bosses of their own.

They have control over their business. As a photographer, you are expected to be creative and many people feel that nothing says that better than you have a tattoo.

Other jobs where tattoos don’t matter in this field include writing and graphics design.


  • Information Technology (IT)

We are in the internet age, everybody is into tech.

As this industry grows, there is also a growth in the demand for “IT guys”. In the tech business, people associate with you based on the skillset that you have and not on the number of paintings on your body.

You can either work for a tech company or you can be a freelancer.


  • Entertainer

Having a tattoo in no way stops you from being an entertainer. You get the freedom to do what you like and you also get paid.

Actors might even be required to draw tattoos so that they can play a particular part in a movie.

Musicians also have tattoos. This does not deter people from listening to the music they put out as long as it is good.

  • Fashion Stylist

Tattoos make a fashion stylist even more stylish. No wonder many celebrity stylists have tattoos.


  • Gym Instructor or Personal Trainer

Ripped body, 6 packs, and tattoos are a good mix, just look at Dwayne Johnson “The Rock”. So if you have a thing for exercise, nutrition, and having all muscles in the right places, then you should definitely go for it.

As a gym trainer, having a tattoo is an addition to your resume.

  • Chef

A Chef is another great job for someone who has a tattoo. As long as you can cook, then you have no problem. A chef is in the kitchen most of the time, so that is no problem for the employer even if you have tattoos.


  • Footballer

A footballer is paid for his ability on the field, not for the tattoos on his body. The best of sportsmen and women have tattoos on their bodies.

  • Basketballer

A basketballer, like a footballer, also rakes home a lot of money for what he can offer on the court. Having a tattoo is no issue at all.

Other sports include formula 1 racing, cricket, and rugby, and so on.


If you currently have a tattoo and you are finding it difficult to find a job, you might consider changing your field or career of interest.

In this case, you are about to ink your body, think about how it could affect your job prospects. Although tattoos are getting accepted, there are still a lot of careers that frown on them.