Tattoo Parlor Business Plan Sample Template


Do you wish to start a tattoo parlor business? If you do, one of the most important things to have is a plan on how the business will be structured.

This tattoo parlor business plan sample seeks to help with just that. We understand the importance and link between a well-written plan and the success of such a business.

As such, this sample provides a guide by giving you an idea of the basic contents of such a plan. You can further build on these by including contents relevant to your business.

Executive Summary

Body Logo Inc. is a tattoo parlor located in Denver, Colorado that specializes in a variety of professional tattoo services. Services offered include custom freehand design, enlarging existing piercing sites, camouflaging scars, or other imperfections just to name a few.

We serve a wide clientele base consisting of young adults to middle-aged customers of all genders. Our professionals at Body Logo Inc. have tremendous industry experience with decades spent within this sector.

We are poised to replicate our successes by bringing together a team of experienced hands to offer exceptional tattoo services to clients within Denver, and Colorado.

  • Our Services

At Body Logo Inc., we provide a variety of tattoo-related services. These range from finish tattoos started elsewhere, fresh tattoos, camouflaging scars, or other imperfections and enlarging existing piercing sites.

Others include resetting lobe piercings, vibrant custom space scene tattoos, rework of existing design, portrait memorial tattoos as well as custom freehand design. These services will be expanded depending on the demand from our clients.

  • Our Vision

At Body Logo Inc., our roadmap for growth consists of expanding our operations. This will see more outlets being opened within selected locations in Denver and beyond in the medium term (within 5 years).

We also intend to become a major player with more outlets being opened across several states.

  • Our Mission

We offer our unique services to clients in need of quality body designs. We’ll be playing a vital role in helping them keep lasting memories of events or loved ones.

This will be provided with utmost professionalism consideration to our client’s needs.

  • Capital Requirement

Expanding our operations will require having the needed capital investments.

We’ve worked out funding requirements and have arrived at $800,000. Half of this amount will be sourced from savings that have been kept aside for this purpose. The other 50% will be sourced from a bank loan.

We’ll be applying for this loan from Bank ABC (put in the name of your bank). This is because we’ve had a long history of doing business in a personal capacity with them. Our excellent credit rating gives us a strong chance of getting the loan.

Also, the current low-interest-rate for borrowers is an added incentive for doing business. We hope to reach a repayment plan that will be favorable to the growth of our tattoo parlor business.

SWOT Analysis

The few years (4 years) we’ve been in business hasn’t been without its challenges.

Despite such challenges, we’ve been able to weather the storm and achieve modest growth. Improving our services and profit generation will require an assessment of our operations so far.

As such, we have hired a reputable business consulting firm to carry out SWOT analysis. This covers an assessment of key areas such as strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The findings have been revealing and necessary steps will be taken to make concrete adjustments.

  • Strength

At Body Logo Inc., we have an experienced workforce consisting of professionals.

These have been in the industry for long and worked with major tattoo brands. Such a wealth of experience is being leveraged to promote our business operations. This has resulted in rapid growth and client satisfaction.

  • Weakness

One area of our operations that requires improvement is marketing. Not much has been achieved in marketing and promoting our services. This analysis has exposed our shortcomings.

One of the ways to remedy the problem is by setting up a solid marketing department. This will consist of a team of professionals that will structure an effective marketing campaign.

  • Opportunities

There’s a growing need for tattoo services. This is seen in the rising trend as more people see it as a fashion statement.

Also, teenagers and young adults are among the demographic with an increasing appeal for tattoo designs. This presents huge opportunities as we will be expanding our operations by opening up more outlets.

These outlets will seek to capture the market in areas having the most demand for our services. Also, the experience of our workforce will enable us to provide world-class tattoo services comparable with the big brands. With the right strategies, we’ll be competing favorably with major tattoo brands shortly.

  • Threats

Threats are commonplace in business.

We’ve been able to identify and assess our exposure to threats. Threats for our business will come in the form of an economic downturn. A recession automatically impacts negatively on people’s disposable income.

Then, fewer clients can afford the luxury of tattoo services.

Competitive Advantage

To be profitable as a tattoo business, we must have an edge over our competitors.

Hence, our competitive advantage lies in the quality and caliber of our workforce. These are artists with significant industry experience. Their attention to detail has created a name and reputation for our services.

Sales Projection

Sales are crucial to the survival of our tattoo business. As such, we’ve been able to set strategies in place to ensure an increased growth in our sales. The next 3 years will prove vital to our operations.

We’ve projected our sales to increase in the following order;

  • First Fiscal Year $400,000.00
  • Second Fiscal Year $750,000.00
  • Third Fiscal Year $1,500,000.00

Marketing Strategies

To be competitive enough, a lot needs to be done in the area of marketing. We are deploying a variety of strategies that range from online marketing in addition to paid adds on electronic and print media.

Also, billboards and fliers among other marketing tools will be used in reaching out to our targeted audience.

This tattoo parlor business plan sample has been stripped of unnecessary complications. Using this, you can draft an effective plan for your business that ensures its smooth takeoff.

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