Do you want to know how to start an entertainment business? “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” is a popular axiom that stresses the need for individuals to find a balance between the rigors of work and everyday toil and creating time to unwind and ease tension.

Entertainment, in its many varied forms, has always played a pivotal role in relaxation. Whether it is watching TV programs to attending comedy shows or viewing films at the cinema, entertainment serves as the vehicle through which mankind dissipates pent-up energy.

At present, the Entertainment industry comprises the music industry, the movie sector as well as support services, and sports like ax-throwing.

Entertainment has become a multi-billion dollar industry with notable entertainment national clusters such as Hollywood in America, commanding hundreds of billions in annual revenues and taxes to the Government.


For the savvy investor looking to make handsome returns on investment, the following entertainment company ideas can be pursued and developed:


While it is true that not everyone is blessed with a sonorous voice, those who can serve up sweet vocal renditions can earn good money and form small businesses around this talent. Examples of such incidents include singers such as Tuface Idibia, Whizkid, Beyonce, Rihanna to mention but a few. This is one of the easiest families, children, or kids entertainment businesses to start.

Music Production

Music producers provide the structure and framework for the appreciation, promotion, and propagation of the talents and gifts of the musical artist. In other words, the music producer fashions out a concept/theme for a song, evolve beats for the music as well as study market trends and demands. This digital business investment comes with huge financial returns, especially when the artists being managed are talented.

Song Writing

Songwriting can also be a lucrative music entertainment business opportunity, especially when the songwriter churns out collections that have produced famous singers. All that will be required will be ensuring that the song writer’s work is utilized successfully by a singer, such that more recommendations and engagements follow.

Running a Recording Studio

A rise in the number of musicians will concurrently raise the demand for places where music can be produced.

Establishing a recording studio that adheres to acceptable global standards in the quality of sound and acoustic properties. If the entertainment business manager can operate the equipment or get someone who can, then he can gradually make good funds

Artiste Manager

A good number of performing acts are more inclined to concentrating on their singing, whilst leaving record deals, sponsorship packages to a manager. This business entertainment idea is suitable for individuals who are coordinated, have top-notch negotiation and marketing skills, and can put up a professional outlook for the musician. Management fees and commissions can be discussed and agreed upon.

Music Promotion and Marketing

This show business entertainment idea entails the creation of an extensive distribution network, which offers premium returns for the copyrights of the singer. Usually, the music promoter must ensure that mechanisms are in place to stifle copyrights infringement. Standard practice is for the music promoter to pay upfront for the rights to a song and then reap returns with its marketing and distribution.

Organizing music reality shows

Music reality shows are an entertainment trigger, which has the potential to pull millions in viewing numbers, especially where talents abound. This opportunity entails extensive marketing, in bringing corporate sponsorship deals. The returns can be worth the time effort. Shows like the X-factor, American Idol readily come to mind.

Operating a Music School

With the entrepreneurship opportunities in entertainment that come with singing, increasing numbers of people are disposed to wanting to learn the rudiments of singing/songwriting. This business of entertainment media and technology will sit well on individuals who are organized, have people management skills, may or may not have a flair for teaching music. The academy can serve as the launchpad for future stars while earning handsome returns in the process.

Playing musical Instruments Singers need band members and talented ones at that. If you have a flair for playing any number of musical instruments, with a good ear for the sound and rhythm of notes, then this the business of entertainment could serve as a good platform in earning extra income and ultimately being the main source of one’s livelihood.

Script Writing

The movie entertainment industry around the world churns out chart-topping films yearly. There is, therefore, a need for scriptwriters to produce compelling and engaging storylines for audiences. If you have a flair for being imaginative and creative, as well as have a good command of written English, and then you could set-up a scriptwriting business, which services big and small movie studios and entertainment firms.

Video Editing Services

The end of shooting movie scenes and episodes warrants that such clips are edited, to delete errors and unwanted parts of the movie. If you have the drive and determination, as well as the right work tools such as a laptop and video editing software and the know-how, one could easily be servicing movie productions for a reasonable fee.

Make-up Artist

The movie industry is such a vast one, employing a diverse range of professionals and experts. One of such workers is the Make-up Artist, saddled with the responsibility of giving flesh to the physical appearances of actors and actresses, to give their acting the important trait of being believable.


This is one of the best businesses in the entertainment industry that can be implemented by anyone who can creatively put together make-up styles and themes, at a good price.

I hope you have been able to learn how to get into the entertainment business?