Here are nine innovative business ideas that solve everyday problems.

If you’re interested in starting a business, it simply points to one thing; your desire to become a problem solver.

Businesses are built around providing solutions to a variety of human problems. So, this article will be discussing such profitable business ideas that also solve problems at the same time.

9 Problem-solving Business Opportunities

  • Drone Videographer

Commercial drone technology has been fairly recent and has been deployed into a wide range of useful areas such as surveillance and entertainment just to mention a few. This has created enormous opportunities for entrepreneurs who can set up drone-related businesses.

Such businesses range from film making, drone photography, agricultural inspection or manning and mapping & industrial inspection businesses.

Others include drone advertising and marketing, small business delivery services, drone professional courses provider, and drone repair services provider just to mention a few.

  • Creche For Men

This might sound awkward but is a viable business idea to consider. This helps solve the problem of retail trauma for men who have to escort or accompany their wives for shopping. For a lot of men, this activity is one they’d rather avoid if they can.

However, a creche for men can help make it enjoyable.

To make shopping visits less stressful and monotonous for men, a sanctuary is created that is stocked with lots of interesting activities such as games, a magazine section as well as professional head and neck massages.

Such activities enable men to also enjoy shopping trips, thus solving a problem while also fetching profits for the entrepreneur.

  • Child-Friendly Cafes

The need for family-friendly cafés is on the rise.

This is because an increasing number of families want to spend some time outdoors especially in a café but can’t due to kids running riot. A child-friendly café concept steps in to solve this problem by including activities that keep kids busy, while allowing parents to also enjoy their time.

Here, there’s something for everyone.

Some of the many activities you can include making your café child-friendly include playpens with lots of games and kids stuff. More importantly, you’d have succeeded in giving respite to parents who will always return to where their kids can be taken care of.

What more? You also stand to benefit from referrals as your clients are likely to discuss with their friends and relatives about your business. Thus, making your business a haven for parents having difficulties controlling their kids while they enjoy their food and drinks.

  • Online Course Creator

One thing that is common with most people is the need to constantly develop.

This may include learning a new skill or finding creative ways to be more productive. As someone very knowledgeable about a skill or industry, you can create solutions by providing online courses in these areas.

The beauty of creating online course content is that your audience can be huge as long as your services are considered relevant and important. You’ll need to begin by finding a niche you have real competence in.

Also, finding out if there’s a real demand for your skill can go a long way in helping you establish a thriving business.

  • Online Influencer

Online influencers have played and continue to play a critical role in how products and services are being perceived by members of the public. To become an online influencer, you’ll need to have the personality that attracts. Being a celebrity isn’t easy.

However, if you do have the influence, it can be monetized by providing marketing services for businesses among others.

Having a large and dedicated following is one of the major criteria for being considered an influencer. There are lots of positive things you can do with such power and influence that will earn you significant income.

  • Event Planner And Promoter

There are several things an event planner and promoter can do.

One of them is your ability to take the rigors of planning for an even off the shoulders of your clients. One of the problems a lot of people would want to avoid is dealing with every detail involved in preparing for an event.

As a promoter, your marketing skills will be in high demand by clubs, restaurants and a lot of other physical venues to drive in traffic through their doors. For doing this successfully, you’re adequately compensated.

To be successful in this regard, you’ll need to be skilled enough to offer real value to your clients.

  • Language Translator

Language translators play a critical role in breaking the barrier posed by different spoken and written languages.

There are lots of roles you can fit in. These range from content translation, creating a mobile app for voice to voice translation, and providing real-time translation while chatting.

Other language translation services you can offer include on-demand crowdsourced interpretation service, as well as real-time, in-person translation with no cross-talk.

These are just a few of the many services you can offer and take advantage of as a language translator.

With the rising awareness of fitness benefits, the need for personal trainers has also increased. These professionals help create and implement fitness programs by taking clients through a variety of sessions. If you have fitness and personal training experience, your skill will be in demand.

You only need to advertise your services while also taking advantage of your contacts. By helping people set and attain their fitness goals, you’ll never be in a short supply of clients who in turn refer your business to others.

  • Tutor

If you like helping or providing assistance with academic work, then you might want to consider becoming a tutor. Your expertise can be offered in a wide range of areas such as the ACT, general schoolwork, or SAT among others.

The most important thing is you’re helping people adequately prepare for their academic tasks. You can either provide personal or group tutoring. The decision is entirely yours.

If you’ve read to this point, you should have a better understanding of what business ideas help solve common problems. As mentioned earlier, businesses are generally about problem-solving.

Being able to create solutions for existing problems will generally attract paying clients.