8 Business Ideas To Start In Bangalore

Do you need small business ideas in Bangalore? Do you live in Bangalore or have an interest in the place and you are still looking for business ideas in Bangalore?

In this post, I will be sharing numerous business ideas that any serious entrepreneur can venture into and build a successful business in the long term.

8 Profitable Business Ideas To Start In Bangalore

Bangalore is popularly referred to as the “Silicon Valley” of India because when you want to start a tech company, Bangalore is the first place you will want to visit.

Wait a minute, do you know that there exist many business ideas in Bangalore apart from tech?

Blessed with a good climatic condition, natural lakes, a mixture of various cultures, shopping malls, good restaurants, occasionally hosting concerts, Bangalore is a good place to do business.

If you are ready to start up a business in Bangalore (one of the fastest-growing cities in the world) and make a good profit over the lifespan of your business, here are 8 top profitable business ideas in Bangalore that can make you rich in the long term.

1. Grocery Store with Deliverable Service

If there say Bangalore is a busy city that means, the people are also busy. Starting a business with a time-saving service option will be a very good business idea.

Starting up a grocery store where people can order for products either by phoning or filling a cart on your website will certainly become a profitable business because it will help people saves time and stress and make them spend time on more productive things.

2. Delivery Service Business

Do you know that there are so many e-commerce companies in Bangalore and India as a whole that uses courier services to deliver products bought from their e-commerce website? These e-commerce companies don’t have their delivery service. They outsource the job to service companies to do that for them.

You can be of service to these companies and the general public by letting them know that your service is available and can be trusted to deliver better than your competitors.

3. Healthy Fast Food Shop

Bangalore is filled with people who are craving for healthy foods. If you are ready to invest in this niche of business, you will certainly get lots and lots of customers trooping in to your shop daily.

The only expense is procuring the right inventory. Most people have keyed into this business and are making good returns monthly. The busy life in Bangalore makes it a normal habit for people to patronize fast food and not just any fast food but organic foods.

You can quickly skyrocket your sales if you can find a fitness studio or gym to partner with.

4. Bicycle Rental Shop

This is one passive rental business ideas in Bangalore that don’t require huge capital investment.

Are you aware of the number of tourists trooping in and out of Bangalore? You can set up a bicycle rental shop to encourage tourists to take a look at the beautiful city of Bangalore. You can also make money by the side by offering tourist guide services if you know your way around Bangalore.

Apart from making money with your bicycle rental shop from tourists, you can also make money from the people of Bangalore. If you have noticed (if you based in Bangalore), there is always a problem of traffic mostly in the morning when people are going to work and evening when they are returning from work. You must have been seeing people with bicycles going to work when most of them have a car.

These bicycles you see them ride to work are mostly rented from bicycle rental shop for sometimes a week or two. Some do rent it on the day that they know the traffic will be bad or don’t want any delay on their way to work.

Some people use cycling as their way of exercising to keep and stay fit. You can see that you have potential customers for this business. What are you still waiting for?

5. Event Management Business

This business idea doesn’t involve large capital. If you have a good network relationship with caterers, decorators, and DJs, you are already half-way good to start the business. Bangalore is a place where events like birthday parties, fashion shows, fundraising events normally take place most weekends.

Most of the people in Bangalore hosting events and concerts do outsource to event management companies. This is a market you need to penetrate if you are an entrepreneur that knows how to make people happy with events and concert activities.

6. Coffee Shop or Café

Coffee is a universal drink that people can’t do without.

If you are coffee savvy and know how to brew different types of coffee, you can open a coffee shop make good money doing what you love. You have to invest in promoting your coffee shop so people can know that you exist.

7. Fashion Boutique

If you have an eye for fashion, you can start a fashion boutique. People of Bangalore love staying stylish and will welcome any good fashion store that knows taste.

If you are a fashion designer who wants to be known for your work, do start a boutique. You can start one online even, work at home and display online. Advertise on Facebook and get your customers.

8. Real Estate Agent Brokerage

People looking for accommodation always make use of the service of a brokerage firm. If you have information on vacant places whether office place or residential places, you can start this kind of real estate business.

Though, there are very many already operating this kind of business in Bangalore but, you can choose to make your services different and unique that reduces their hassle. The amount of commission you will make depends on you. You can choose to take 20 or 30 percent on any deal you make with your client.