20 Simple Business Ideas For College Students Without Investment

10 Profitable Small Business Ideas for College Students to Start With Little or No Money

Are you looking for simple business ideas with low investment for students? Do you want to invest in small-scale businesses so you don’t have to look for a job after school?

Education as a project costs a lot of money ranging from tuition, accommodation fees, association dues to costs of acquiring study, practice, and project materials.

A lot of students are self-sponsored while some others have only one source of income which is directly from their parents or guardian.

This is one reason why you should get investment ideas in school. This post is a list of the best small business ideas for university and college students.

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Starting a business while you are still in college is a step towards financial freedom after school life. There are several unique start-up business ideas for college that can be built into profitable wealth empires.

Check through this compilation of low-cost profitable business ideas for college students.

Top 10 Business Ideas for Students without Investment

1. ==> Organize Tutorial Classes

If you are very good academically as a high school or university student, you can make money teaching other students by organizing tutorials on subjects that others are weak at.

This is a cool way to make money as a uni student especially if such subjects are core courses or prerequisites to graduation or promotion.

A tutorial is one of the best money-making business ideas for students without investment.

2. ==> Barbing and Styling Hair

You will discover that many of the business ideas for students in university require you to obtain the necessary skills as most are low-cost investments.

Without renting a shop, some college students make hundreds of dollars every month barbing or styling hair for fellow students.

Another way to expand your source of income is to add sales of hair treatments, hair clippers, and wigs and extensions to the initial investment.

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3. ==> Article Writing

There are many freelance sites where you can post information about yourself and offer to write articles for bloggers, content markets, and even students.

To promote your business, you should create a blog and set up social media profiles that can be shared across the internet.

Writing articles is a side business idea for students in college anytime any day if you love writing.

4. ==> Planning Programmes

Do you know that strategic planning of campus events can generate income for you during seasons when social activities increase in school?

Many students look for people to help them plan matriculation, award night, Hall week, departmental debate competition, convocation, and fashion nights.

The major challenge to this start-up is convincing clients you can do a better job thoroughly. This could be achieved by doing the first few jobs for them free before introducing payment plans.

Event planning tops the list of ideas for profitable businesses for students who are studying business or management.

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5. ==> Home Cleaning Services

A commercial residential apartment cleaning service is a good business idea for students, especially during the holiday break.

You can make money by offering to clean homes and offices because many people don’t have the time to clean their places themselves. If you can offer to help out, you will surely make extra income as a student.

6. ==> Photography and Video Recording Services

Armed with a camera or video recorder, video, and picture editing tools, and a PC, you can start a business of taking and printing pictures and recording videos tapes of special events on the campus.

There is a good chance that you will make lots of money if you are good at what you do and also create time to build social contacts.

Photography is one of the ideas a college student can use to make money with his hobbies.

7. ==> Blogging

As high school students, do you know you can make money by setting up a blog?

There are many ways to make money online as students. Google Adsense and affiliate marketing are some choice methods to earn money online.

Armed with an idea you are passionate to start discussing online, a PC, and an internet connection, I can say you are good to go. Your efforts should be directed at increasing your blog traffic as this is where the money lies.

Blogging is one online business idea for a student without investment in India.

8. ==> CV Writing

You can make money as a school student if you are good at presenting information with words and obtaining resume writing skills. You may even offer to train other students to acquire this skill at a fee.

Many final years and MBA students are interested in developing compelling resumes that attract job offers and are ready to pay good money for such service.

9. ==> Web and Graphic Design

If you are equipped with the necessary skills, there are freelance sites where you can offer your services for sale as college students.

As a computer science or engineering student, asides from providing these services for other students and staff in exchange for cash, you can put up small posters in the community outside your school premises.

10. ==> Sell Products Online

One of the best business ideas for student entrepreneurs is selling products such as imported electronics and mobile gadgets in big online stores.

In some countries, there are many students selling watches, android phones, and fashion wears on e-commerce sites like eBay, Amazon, and Aliexpress.

Carry out intensive market research on hot-selling products you can sell online and upload descriptive information and products images to boost sales.

11. ==> Importation Business

This business is a good small business idea for college students. Ensure you carry out an extensive market survey to determine computer and mobile devices as well as accessories that sells fast on campus.

You can then sign up as a seller on popular e-commerce stores such as E-bay and Amazon where you will be able to buy these old and uses android phones and tablets, mini and notebook laptops as well as SD cards and USB flash drives at reduced prices.

Open an outlet in school or sell to your colleagues directly.

12. ==> T-Shirt Customization

Create funny and unique designs on T-shirts and market them. Look for associations on campus and partner with them to customize a t-shirt uniform for them.

You can also make money when you print t-shirts during hall and departmental week celebrations. If you don’t have what it takes to customize one, look for a printer with affordable charges and enjoy the commissions.

13. ==> Personal Coach

While in school, I had two friends, while one made money coaching newbies how to play lawn tennis, the other took people how to swim.

They charge their clients on an hourly basis. Whether you are using campus or a public facility, becoming a personal trainer in sports or bodybuilding is a good business idea for college students.

Are you still in school thinking of a business to start with little capital? I have included another five money-making ideas for college students. These additional low cost small business ideas for college students include:

==> photography and video coverage
==> helping with project writing
==> intra-campus transportation service
==> late-night food delivery
==> blogging (make money online college students)

Investing Tips College Students To Succeed

Have you compiled a good/creative college business ideas list? Below are some investment tips to succeed at such businesses. They are tested to make money fast college students tips.

1. ==> Although creativity is good, you don’t have all the time to start testing new ideas and products. Start a simple business with decent returns.

2. ==> Always go with a business that has a ready-made market that is eager to buy what you want to sell at school and in the neighborhood.

3. ==> Don’t keep adding money to your initial capital. This will make it easy to know if you are achieving success in your new business.

4. ==> Business is good but making money is not your primary objective of coming to school. You need to come out with good grades.

5. ==> Always be on the lookout for human resources and financial opportunities that may help improve your business.

On a final note, there are several lucrative small business ideas for college students you can start from campus and off-campus.

Such great businesses provide the necessary funds to meet students’ everyday expenses and also increase savings towards launching a bigger investment in the future.

What is your view on these good small business ideas for college students? Share what you think by dropping a comment below.