Are you into manual labor or hourly-paid jobs?

Are you seeking to start a blue-collar business but wonder what exactly to commit your efforts into? This article can be of immense help for interested persons seeking to establish a thriving blue-collar business.

Best Blue Collar Businesses To Start

The ideas we’ll be looking at are viable ones with considerable potentials.

Blue-collar businesses today are considered high-paying jobs and offer a whole lot of opportunities for persons seeking to establish their businesses around this concept.

So, what skills do you have or wish to get? Such skills will likely determine your niche.

In most cases, the niche area influences what business ideas you find interesting.

What Benefits are there in Blue Collar Side Hustles?

Before starting any business, you want to find out what advantages or benefits it offers. Blue-collar businesses are increasingly getting attractive due to a number of these benefits.

Such include the satisfaction that comes with handling and completing a job with your hands, as well as the low startup costs involved.

With a blue-collar business, it won’t take long before you see your first income. In other words, you’re likely to get paid upon completion of a project or job.

Technology can be leveraged to sell your business to your target market. Plus, it’s quite easy to market using traditional channels.

Blue Collar Business Ideas

Without taking much of your time, it’s necessary to get into details about blue-collar business ideas to try out. These are viable opportunities that can be brought to fruition through the adoption of effective strategies.

Such ideas include lawn mowing, pressure washing, flea market flipping, and gutter cleaning.

Other great blue-collar business ideas include pool maintenance, handyman service, gardening service, pest control, carpet cleaning, moving service, painting, camper van renovation, snow removal, residential & commercial cleaning, trash bin cleaning, and pet waste removal or cleaning.

Additional blue-collar business ideas to try out include grout cleaning, knife sharpening, parking lot cleanup, moving service, window washing, and junk removal.

You may also want to offer Christmas light installation & removal services in addition to parking lot stripping.

Best Labor Business To Start

Let’s take a look at some of these blue-collar business ideas.

  • Lawn Mowing

One of the easiest blue-collar businesses you can start is lawn mowing.

A lot of homeowners need such services to keep their surroundings tidy. The startup costs for such aren’t steep.

However, you can earn a decent income and move on to a more thriving enterprise.

  • Pressure Washing

Pressure washing has wide applicability. It can be used for roof cleaning, walkways, walls, and many other areas where there’s an accumulation of dirt.

There aren’t many tools to purchase for this business. With a pressure washer and a few other tools, you’re ready for business.

  • Flea Market Flipping

If you can easily spot valuable items, you can earn a good income by visiting a flea market.

Here, lots of things are up for sale consisting of used or antique items. By buying and selling these at a higher rate, you get to earn a decent amount of money.

  • Gutter Cleaning

Gutters usually accumulate debris over time.

These have to be cleaned periodically to allow for free passage of water. You can offer such a service to homeowners for a fee. Part of the tools you need include ladders, brushes, etc.

  • Pool Maintenance

Pools have to be maintained at all times to allow for proper functioning.

If you’re skilled in this area, you might want to start a pool maintenance business. Of course, your target market will be homed with pools.

  • Handyman Service

Homeowners will need help with fixing minor damages around the home. Sometimes, a little modification may be needed and who best to call for such if not handypersons?

If you’ve got such skills, you could get the tools necessary and launch your business.

  • Gardening

Gardening is another type of blue-collar business you can start.

You can help people with their gardening needs especially when they have little time on their hands to maintain their gardens.

  • Pest Control

Pest control is one huge sector you might want to take advantage of.

Each year, homeowners have to deal with a variety of pest problems including termites, rodents, wildlife, and insect pests. With the right expertise, you can launch your pest control service.

  • Carpet Cleaning

Are you interested in cleaning businesses? If you are, carpet cleaning is one you can consider. Most homes have one or more carpets that will require cleaning at some point.

By selling your business, you can take advantage of the huge market available.

As people move from one property to the next, they’ll need the help of a moving service.

If you have what it takes in terms of equipment and an eye for detail, you might find this idea interesting.

  • Painting

You can turn your love for painting into an income-generating venture by starting a painting business. Here, you can offer your service to both residential and commercial clients.

One place to connect easily with clients is in construction.

  • Snow Removal

Snow removal services perform a great job of clearing up piles of snow.

If this is an area that interests you, you can begin by getting the necessary tools in addition to setting up other aspects of your operation.

  • Residential & Commercial Cleaning

Cleaning is a vast area of business that covers different parts of a home or structure.

Based on your capacity, you can offer your services to either residential or commercial clients or both. Industrial cleaning is another niche you might find interesting.

  • Trash Bin Cleaning

Trash bin cleaning is essential and a job that needs to be frequently performed. You can help homeowners improve their hygienic conditions by cleaning their trash bins for a fee.

Persons with pets always have to deal with waste or feces.

There’s also the problem of pet urine that could stain carpets and other areas. Your business can serve as a response to such needs.

These are a few of many blue-collar business ideas you can try out. While also such ideas are viable, success will largely depend on how well your preferred business is planned and implemented.