Sample Moving Company Business Plan


Starting a moving company can be daunting especially during the initial planning stages.

However, approaching it with the right mindset would enable you to overcome these initial startup challenges. With an ever-changing economy that has witnessed a shake-up in the housing industry, a lot of movement has been necessitated.

The subjects consist of individuals who have defaulted in the payment of their mortgage loans, or those who have just acquired new property and need to move to their new homes.

Whatever the case, one thing common to all is the movement of people and goods from one location to another.

Properties need to be moved to new locations.

These need to be carefully packed in boxes (by the owners) properly loaded onto trucks and arranged in an orderly manner to prevent damage (by moving companies)

. It is a business that requires good organizational skills and attention to detail.

Possessing these characteristics is essential to the success and growth of your moving company.

Here is a sample business plan for starting a residential moving business.

  • First Things First

It is important that you first prioritize. The immediate needs of the business should be focused on.

Before any meaningful progress can be made, it is important that you first obtain the necessary licenses for operating a moving company.

Without this, your clients will not take you seriously, and you will certainly be infringing on state laws.

Before a license is issued, the business has to be registered.

Other requirements are permits which are an essential requirement for moving companies, especially those moving interstate.

  • The Moving Business Plan

The importance of this document cannot be overemphasized, as it unveils the paths and processes to follow in efficiently running the business. The moving business plan must be well written.

The services of experts are necessary to produce a sound business plan for your moving company. If you would be the one drafting your business plan, ensure you have good knowledge on this subject.

An important area captured by the business plan you would like to pay attention to is the cash flow.

First performing a cash flow analysis of your moving company will guard against financial difficulties that may arise in the future. An effective business plan will emphasize innovation.

The introduction of innovative services will likely set your moving company ahead of your competition.

  • Equipping the Business

Starting a moving company requires the right equipment to be purchased. The most basic requirement in this business is a truck or fleet of trucks depending on the size of the moving company.

To realize your dream of owning a moving company, at least a truck is necessary. This should be spacious enough to accommodate your client’s things.

Other equipment needs to be purchased. Some of these include packing boxes, duct tapes, and several other similar pieces of equipment.

  • Get Insurance Cover

Due to the delicate nature of running a moving company, it is necessary to get insurance cover. This will guard against incurring losses and possible damage claims by clients.

Clients will naturally prefer moving companies possessing insurance cover, as it allays any fear of unpaid damages to their things.

Being an injury-prone business, this is a must-have, as clients, passersby, and any other person might trip off and fall resulting in injuries.

Some clients or non-clients can go as far as suing the moving company, which is bad for business. That is after you might have incurred treatment costs for the injury.

  • Develop a Sound Marketing Plan

A sound marketing plan is essential to the success of your moving company.

You will be surprised to find out that there are a lot of potential clients looking for the services of moving companies notwithstanding the availability of these companies around.

Information is everything. Getting the word out about the services you offer can make the difference in attracting the much-needed patronage your moving company needs.

Several tools can be used to achieve this objective. Having an online presence is very important and creates the right impression among your potential clients of a serious company.

Placing adverts in print and electronic media is an effective way of driving demand for your services. An important feature of a good marketing plan includes developing innovative services that attract the interest of clients.

Word-of-mouth marketing should also be taken advantage of.

Generally speaking, marketing experts should handle the development of the marketing plan, as their services are invaluable to the success of the business.

  • Taking Note of Customer Preferences

To please your clients, an easy way to do this is to consider their preferences. By satisfying these needs, you would have fulfilled an important requirement for attracting and keeping clients.

Client loyalty is likely to result from this simple tip. This of course attracts further patronage for your business.

Customer preferences allow you to gain important knowledge on client psychology which cannot be gotten elsewhere but on the job.

A moving business is usually delicate and quite risky as likely damages and injuries might result.

It is important that before venturing into this area, the right skills on how to start a moving company are acquired.

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