Sample Snow Removal Service Business Plan


Is snow plowing profitable? Do you know how to start a snow removal business in Canada? Snow removal businesses are seasonal. If you have considered establishing one before, you should know that it requires proper planning.

This snow removal business plan provides you with helpful tips on what is required to start one. We consider some of the basic needs such as tools and equipment as well as business structures that contribute to its success.

Using this sample, you are able to organize your business to run effectively.

Here is a sample business plan for starting a snow plow business.

A Seasonal Business

You need to know that this is a seasonal business available during the winter season. This is unlike many other businesses which are open all year round. Understanding its complexities is necessary to its success. When the winter season is over, and Spring commences, demand for your services will dry up. What you do with your time is totally up to you.

If you interested, here is what it takes to secure snow removal contracts.

Have an Implementable Plan

Your business plan is highly important and will determine how successful your business turns out. It should be such that its contents are easily implementable. A well written plan eliminates all forms of second-guessing and sets the tone for robust and sustainable growth.

Do you have the Required Funding?

This is a crucial part of doing business. Adequate funding is a major determinant to its success. For your snow removal business to take off, capital is needed to purchase equipment as well as getting an office. This can be substantial depending on the scale of the business. However for a new snow removal business, it is assumed that you will be starting on a small scale.

  • Apply for a Loan

We said funding is crucial to the success of your snow removal business. Hence it is necessary to apply for a loan.

Banks are willing to provide credit for businesses. You can take advantage of this to establish your business. Your business plan is an important document that will be required by the bank. Before accepting a loan, you should be wary of the interest rate on such loans.

Getting the Right Equipment

When planning to start a snow removal business, you need to consider this as very important. Getting the right equipment can make a world of difference. There are several brands you can choose from. Each of these brands equipment brands have proven to be reliable.

Some of them include Troy-Bilt, PowerSmart, Honda, Cub Cadet, Briggs & Stratton, and Ryobi among others.

  • Snow Removal Equipment you will Need

The following are some the basic equipment required. These include; Snow Ploughs, Snow Plough Mounts, Salt Spreaders, Snow Blower Tractor Attachments, Shovels and Work wear. Others are Tire Chains, Traction Control, Ice Melt, Snow Blower (cordless, gas or electric powered), Snow Blower (Single-Stage, Two-Stage or Three Stage).

These are some of the basic equipment you need. However before purchasing any, you will need to do some assessment as well as a little online research to determine which type or brand to purchase.

  • Equipment Upgrade

As demand for your services grow, and as you handle larger clients (businesses), you will need an equipment upgrade. This increases efficiency and significantly reduces the time required to get the job done. Such include bigger ploughs among others.

Get a Good Insurance Cover for your Business

Obtaining a good insurance cover is one of the major requirements for starting a successful snow removal business. This protects your business from liability. It is important that your take your time to choose the best insurance partner. There are those with excellent plans that will fit your business needs.

Planning for Off-Season

This is the off-peak season when supply is down. Thus, you need to find creative ways to prepare for the next season.

During such a time, you can carry out maintenance jobs on your snow removal tools and equipment. Also, this is the best time to get good deals on winter supplies. You are able to cut down on cost while getting premium equipment as well as keeping existing equipment in good condition in readiness for the next winter season.

Apply for a License

To start a snow removal business, you need to obtain necessary permits and licensing. Different cities and counties may have varying requirements for this. It is necessary to find out from your city what the requirements are for a snow removal business. By filling the necessary paperwork, you will be ready to launch your business.

Location Counts

The winter season is synonymous with snow. However sparsely populated areas do not have high demand as compared to densely populated cities. There is greater demand for snow removal services in densely populated cities.

You may want to consider the viability of your business idea. If your preferred location is in a sparsely populated town, then you know that demand for your services will be much less compared to a city.

Choosing the Right Legal Structure for your Business

There are different types of business structures that confer certain advantages and opportunities to businesses.

You need to consider what type of structure fits your snow removal business plans. The good thing with choosing a business structure is that it is never fixed. You can change to any structure when circumstances demand.

The most common of these are Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies and so forth.

Having a well-written snow removal business plan can determine the success of your business. The less complicated your plan is the better. When writing your plan it is necessary to not only look at the present, but to also consider where you want your snow removal business in the short, medium and long term periods.

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