Best Places to Work at 15 – Jobs & Companies that Hire

What stores and companies hire at 15?

This article identifies some of the best places to work at the young age of 15. The experience can be exciting when you find the right teen opportunity or overwhelming when in the wrong type of job.

We’ve helped by providing the best places to work to make your experience exciting.

What Places Hire At 15 Year Old?

As a teen looking for income-earning opportunities, many places offer you the chance to achieve your goals.

This is especially true in a constantly evolving world where innovation and creativity drive growth. You’re likely to thrive under the right conditions.

  • Is it Right to Work as a 15-Year-Old?

As a teen growing up, some of the things you’ll start to notice are your increasing needs. Your parents may be able to meet such requirements fully, or they may not.

You’ll have to find earning opportunities to sell your labor if they cannot. As a teenager, you may be interested in saving for college.

Other basic needs may include the desire to gain more independence and learn money management skills. Also, you tend to take on more responsibility for yourself and others by getting a job.

These and many other benefits make it a great experience to have.

Best Workplaces for 15-Year-Olds

While there are job positions with minimum age limits, many of these accept 15-year-olds.

Now the goal is to work in the best possible job one finds. Such offers great experiences which may shape your future position or career direction. So, what are these workplaces for teens to try out?

Examples include grocery stores, restaurants, amusement parks, movie theaters, landscaping services, service jobs, and recreation centers.

At 15, you can also work at a library or start your own business. There’s so much opportunity for you to take advantage of. Let’s discuss those mentioned in more detail.

  • Grocery Stores

Grocery stores are among the favorite places for teens to find employment.

At 15, many grocery stores will be open to offer you a chance to join its workforce. This may not apply to all grocery stores as some have hiring policies that may come with age restrictions.

Whatever the case, it’s best to try your luck by visiting any grocery store.

Some top stores include Walmart, Amazon, The Kroger Co., Costco, Walgreens, Target, CVS, Sam’s Club, Publix Super Markets, and C&S Wholesale Grocers.

  • Restaurants

Restaurants and coffee shops are likely to employ you for 15 years old. Here, you get to perform a variety of roles like a busser, barista, hostess, etc.

Some form of training may be necessary for the role you’ll fill. Speaking of the best places to work, there are many reputable restaurant brands.

Top-rated restaurant brands include Karv Kitchen, VAGA, Higgins, Vera’s Backyard BBQ, Demi, Joule, Lucille’s, and Gautreau’s Restaurant.

More reputable restaurant brands include Mister Jiu’s Vetri Cucina, The Catbird Seat, Bar Dough, Carnitas Lonja, Stubborn Seed, etc.

  • Amusement Parks

At 15, one of the great places to work is in an amusement park.

There’s a lot to soak in, and it can be a rewarding experience for some. Thankfully, there are lots of amusement parks spread across the United States. To start, find one that’s closest to your location.

Some of the most reputable amusement parks you may wish to try to include Silver Dollar City, Knoebels Amusement Resort, and Cedar Point.

Famous amusement parks include Busch Gardens, Hersheypark, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Dollywood, and Knott’s Berry Farm.

  • Movie Theaters

Are you excited about movie theaters? If you are, you may want to inquire about open positions there.

Some movie theaters accept applications from 15-year-olds. Some reputable names include iPic Pasadena, Tampa Theater, Sundance Kabuki, and Grauman’s Chinese Theater.

More options include Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant, The New Parkway Theater, Arlington Theater, and Cinespia.

You may also wish to apply to Arlington Theater, Castro Theater, and Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, to name a few. Any of these could offer you an opening.

  • Landscaping Services

If you’re interested in landscaping, you might find working in a landscaping service a great idea. Here, you get the opportunity to learn critical aspects of the trade while earning a decent income as a teenager.

The skills learned can be highly beneficial, especially when you need to start your operations much later. You’ll need to begin your search within your area.

You’re likely to find job openings at such companies without much difficulty.

  • Engaging with Service Jobs

There are tons of service jobs that offer 15-year-olds opportunity to join. As a teen, such can be combined with other school activities as you can work part-time.

Examples include babysitting, youth league umpire, dog walking, pet sitting, concession stand worker, and lawn mowing.

You can also decide to sell crafts or make paintings if you’ve got the skill. These opportunities provide income sources, thus helping you meet your basic needs.

  • Recreation Centers

Recreational centers attract lots of people for various reasons.

The primary reason is basically to help people relax and have fun. There are all kinds of recreational centers you can work at. You only need to find such places to apply for available positions.

  • Library

If you love library environments, you might want to take things further by applying to work as a library assistant.

Even without prior experience, you’re provided essential guidance on how to perform your primary roles. All you need to do is ask or inquire about open positions.

  • Starting your Own Business

More independent-minded persons might find working in any of the settings mentioned above a bit challenging.

At 15, this might be deemed too early. However, it doesn’t still stop you from owning your own business. You’ll need to know what it is you want.

These are some of the best places to work at 15.

While you’re likely to enjoy the perks of working in such a location, you’ll be primarily limited by how much you’d grow within the business.

Significant education will be necessary to advance through the ranks to occupy managerial positions.