9 Trucking Companies That Will Hire Anyone

What trucking company hires inexperienced drivers and trains them? In this article, we’ll be discussing trucking companies that will hire anyone.

Now it’s important to note that trucking companies offer different types of positions besides driving (drivers). Some of these have been mentioned below.

Do you need a list of trucking companies that don’t require experience?

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Trucking Companies That Will Hire Anyone

The transport industry is an essential part of any economy as it caters to the efficient distribution of products and services. The critical role played by trucking companies requires qualified personnel.

While valid, anyone with driving skills can apply to truck companies.

What Positions do Trucking Companies Offer?

For the most part, people associate trucking company jobs with driving.

In reality, this is partially true. Besides driving, there are other equally essential roles or positions. Some examples include account manager, safety coordinator, freight broker, and maintenance technician.

More positions offered by trucking companies include customer service representative, dispatcher, operations manager, etc. So, will trucking companies offer just anyone for these roles?

Not exactly! While some of these require some degree of specialization, others do not.

However, the focus here isn’t on the specific roles or positions that trucking companies offer to every. Instead, the objective is to provide a general outlook on trucking companies offering jobs to every interested applicant.

This is irrespective of the position.

Best Trucking Companies to Work for With No Experience

Having provided some insight into the topic being discussed, mentioning some of these trucking companies that will hire anyone is necessary.

Luckily, these companies aren’t in short supply. Good examples include renowned trucking industry players like USA Truck and Covenant Transport.

More examples are Schneider National, CRST International, Swift Transportation, Werner Enterprises, Western Express, and Knight Transportation. Other reputable names exist, like USA Logistics, Paschall Truck Lines, Prime Inc., and Swift Transportation. Let’s briefly discuss some of these.

i. USA Truck

USA Truck is one of many trucking companies that will hire anyone.

It offers many driving positions ranging from owner-operator, team, and solo. While this position is open to anyone, USA Truck will mainly provide basic training to individuals.

This is especially true for those without a CDL. Several benefits are attached to this, including sign-on bonuses applicable to qualified drivers.

If this option sounds interesting, you might want to contact the trucking company for details on how to start the application process.

ii. Covenant Transport

As USA Truck and other trucking companies mentioned, Covenant Transport often advertises various driving positions—solo, owner-operator, and team. You might want to explore the opportunities presented by each of these positions.

Also, there might be other open positions that this trucking company might wish to fill. All you have to do is find out what they are and apply accordingly.

Irrespective of the positions applied, in-house training is likely to be provided. Such hands-on training ensures the smooth execution of your role.

iii. Schneider National

Schneider National is another trusted trucking brand specializing in intermodal transportation, warehousing, and trucking. With multiple service categories available, there’s a higher chance of getting hired.

The good part is that Schneider National will train persons with no CDL.

So, is this trucking company ideal for you? The only way to know is by making inquiries. Also, check for advertised positions to see what accompanying requirements they have.

iv. CRST International

You can also explore CRST International’s advertised positions.

This long-haul trucking company provides a variety of opportunities to leverage. You might want to take advantage of this trucking company’s training if you have no CDL.

While there’s a chance that CRST International might hire just anyone, there’s no assurance that such will happen. You’ll need to check open positions to see what’s available.

Also, open positions won’t always be available.

v. Swift Transportation

Swift Transportation quickly falls among the largest trucking companies to work with.

As others discussed, it offers opportunities for anyone to work with it. However, you must determine your expertise and level of preparedness to find out if you can apply for open positions.

You can also choose from its range of full, part-time, or team driver positions. One of the key benefits you get as an employee is CDL training. While that is true, please do not take our word for it.

Explore the opportunities presented to find out the details.

vi. Werner Enterprises

Werner Enterprises is a trucking company with a large fleet of trucks and a growing workforce.

Its reach and expansion plans require drivers to service new routes. With such potential, it’s only logical to leverage the opportunities presented.

Will Werner Enterprises hire anyone for these positions?

Well, you have to find out what these positions are. As stated earlier, there are driving roles and a range of others. Explore these to determine your suitability.

Training may also be provided to give you a head-start.

vii. Western Express

With Western Express, there are solo, team, and owner-operator positions you can apply to.

These offer varying experiences and opportunities to help you significantly build on your industry experience. Also, multiple functions may be available.

Certain positions may be more appropriate depending on your specialty and experience. You’ll need to research available jobs and determine your suitability for these.

viii. Knight Transport

Knight Transport is one of several trucking companies that will hire anyone for its varied positions.

While in-house training is provided chiefly, having some form of expertise or experience may be required. It’s necessary to research these opportunities to find out what they are.

Training is also provided for persons without a CDL. Do you think you have what it takes? The only way to know is to find out what’s on offer. Also, advertised positions won’t stay indefinitely.

In other words, these may be available periodically.

ix. USA Logistics

Does the prospect of working with a trucking company offering sign-on bonuses excite you?

If it does, USA Logistics is one such option to explore. However, these bonuses are only available to qualified drivers. Other perks enjoyed include retirement benefits, health insurance, etc.

Have you found any of these trucking companies interesting? They will hire anyone if their expertise or experience meets company expectations.

Using this list of trucking companies, you can compare to determine which company offers the best deal.