9 Remote Jobs to Work From Home Anywhere in the World

Here is a guide on working from home from anywhere in the world.

Quite a lot of employees and job seekers are looking for remote jobs. We mean jobs that allow you to work from home and anywhere worldwide.

With the rise of technology in recent years, many companies have created work opportunities that don’t require physical attendance.

9 Best Jobs to Work From Anywhere in the World

However, finding a company that lets you take advantage of this opportunity is a great challenge. Most of them demand extensive skills and proficiency.

Do you have one? Then keep reading this article. We’ll highlight some work from home anywhere in the world. Just stay tuned.

Work From Home Anywhere in the World

Below, we’ll highlight some jobs you can do from home and anywhere worldwide. These jobs suit your lifestyle, travel, relocation, and family obligations.

Additionally, you’ll be paid handsomely.

  • Virtual Assistant

If you’re looking for a lucrative remote job, you can consider becoming a virtual assistant.

You’ll be assigned administrative duties such as managing files and emails and coordinating schedules. Moreover, you’ll screen phones, arrange meetings, and sometimes assign tasks relating to social media.

Meanwhile, to become a personal or executive virtual assistant, you’ll need either a high school diploma or an associate’s degree. Then their annual salary is about $63,317.

  • Software Developer

This job will suit you if you are passionate about coding/programming.

Here, you can work from home and set your working hours. The primary duties of a software developer are to create apps for computers, mobile devices, and tablets.

But that’s not all; you’ll have a daily routine of testing computer codes, troubleshooting systems, and performing quality control checks.

To become a software developer, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in software engineering, computer science, and programming. Their annual wage is around $93,809.

  • Medical Billing Specialist

A medical specialist primarily works in hospitals, doctor’s offices, insurance companies, treatment centers, and more. But you can also work from home.

Your job will be to calculate and collect payments for a medical procedure. These experts also input data, prepare invoices, and use medical billing codes.

You can successfully become a medical billing specialist with a high school diploma. Additionally, you’ll earn around $35,245 per year.

  • Freelance Writer

This is another excellent job for those who want to work from home. As a freelance writer, your primary duty is writing content for clients who need it. It could be an individual or company.

However, you’ll need creative and analytical writing, grammar, and editing skills. Some projects they work on include blogs, articles, and fictional stories.

While freelance writer earns around $58,507, they often charge per word, item, Diem, or contract roles.

  • Remote Customer Service Agent

The job title shows you can typically work from home.

Your task will be to provide customer service for a company. For you to work efficiently, you’ll need an environment that’s entirely free from interruption.

Moreover, you’ll also need to be technically equipped to handle multiple phone calls. The annual pay for a remote customer service agent is around $42,580.

  • Recruiting Coordinator

Recruiting coordinators can also be called human resource specialists. If you love organization and problem-solving, you’ll find this job fulfilling.

You’ll serve as a mediator between recruiters, businesses, and employees.

Other than these, they can also coordinate the recruitment process, maintain communication with candidates, and work with hiring managers and interviewers.

The academic qualifications for recruiting coordinator is a bachelor’s degree in human resources or business administration. You can take home around $44,456 as an annual salary.

  • Mental Case Manager

Do you want to work with clients with mental health issues? If yes, this is the right professional you should embrace.

You will assist your primary duty to clients in managing their mental illness and setting and achieving goals with diverse resources. You can also liaise between therapists and patients with a brain disorder.

To become a mental case manager, you’ll need a bachelor’s or master’s degree in social work, mental health, psychology, and other related fields.

Apart from private practice, you can work in the hospital, recovery homes, correctional centers, and more. The salary of experts in this field is about $57,345.

  • Mortgage Processor

This is another fantastic job you can take from home. Your job will be to prepare mortgage documents and assess the eligibility of applicants.

Beyond these roles, they also make recommendations regarding loans amount, approvals, and interest rates. The essential academic requirement to become a mortgage processor is an undergrad degree.

  • Social Media Manager

If you have skills in marketing, becoming a social media manager will be right for you.

Some tasks you’ll be assigned include developing and implementing social media marketing campaigns. You can also manage brand presence and curate and distribute materials for social media platforms.

To become a social media manager, you typically need a bachelor’s degree in marketing, journalism, public relations, etc., then experts earn around $60,101 per year.

Remote Jobs Anywhere in the World – Top Companies

Here’re some companies that can hire you to work directly from home. You can do more research on them to know about their job description.

  • Atlassian

This is an Australian software company that creates tools that are essential to project managers and software developers.

For instance Trella and Jera. They give people more control over their work, residence, and the choice to support family, personal goals, and life priorities.

  • Deel

This company makes it easier for other companies to hire whomever they want, regardless of where they live.

Their FlexWork program will allow you to choose where you’d like to work, whether from home, office, beach, etc. Meanwhile, their roles include project management, customer success, immigration, and mobility.

  • Hotjar

You can also count on this company for your freedom to work from home. They primarily deal with analytic tools to assist businesses understands their user behavior and how it impacts a product.

They have employees in Europe, Africa, and America. However, it’s not 100% work from anywhere. Most of them have dedicated time zones or regional requirements.

Many companies support work from home other than the ones mentioned above. They include Pleo, Spotify, Remote, PowerToFly, TestGorilla, Toggle, and more.

You can check on either of them and enjoy working from home anywhere in the world.

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