10 Winter Business Ideas for the Season

Winter Season Business Ideas & Opportunities

Is the winter season arriving and you are looking for profitable business ideas that you can launch during the winter season? Do you know you can make a little extra money during winter season if you really want to?

The winter season is a season that comes with unique needs for some special items that would ward off the cold.

Smart entrepreneurs can take the opportunity to start up a profitable small business for the winter seasons and make good money.

There are plenty of business ideas out there that one can start and profit from. Whether it is snow clearing or selling of sweaters to anything, it can help you launch a seasonal business just for the winter season.

Without wasting much of your time, here are some profitable small business ideas for winter seasons for you to think about and plan a launch of your first seasonal business.


1. Selling of Winter Clothes and Accessories

You already know that winter is the period of the time when cold is very heavy and people will always wear thick clothes so as to ward off the cold, and one good idea is to deal in winter clothing business.

The demand for snow and cold weather clothes like sweater, gloves, hats, snow pants etc. usually goes up. So, starting a winter clothes and accessories business won’t be a bad idea for the winter season.

2. Snow Shoveling

This is another profitable small business for the winter season that can fetch huge money for a smart entrepreneur.

During the snow season, some people are unable to shovel their snow and prefer to hire the service of one that can help them do that.

The best way for you is to open a snow plowing service as this does not involve too much additional investment or training. As you can always get lots of clients because there will be many people who will be needing your service on a daily basis.

This is a winter season business that you can really profit from if you have the strength for the job, or you can hire more hands to assist you so as to get more jobs done faster to acquire more clients.

Marketing this business is not a difficult thing, you need to ensure that people are aware of your service by going door to door knocking and telling them about your service and how they can reach you.

3. Winter Weather Basket

Aside the normal gift basket, another profitable small business for the winter season is the winter basket that contains what families will need during the winter period.

The idea is to provide what your ideal client would need for the winter season. There can be a winter basket for home, car and office and it has to contain necessary items that will be needed. Items contain in most winter basket includes canned foods, bottled water, blankets, warm hates, first aid kits etc.

4. Holiday Decorating Service

Most people always love their home to be decorated during the holiday period and if you are skill at decorating, then you can start a small business and start making extra income from decorating business offices and houses.

5. Coffee Business Service

The winter season is one the season where the consumption of coffee is very high due to the weather condition.

You can start a profitable small business for winter seasons by delivery fresh brew coffee at different offices. Lots of people are going to patronize you because it will save them the stress of walking out to the street to get it themselves.

6. Winter Camp for Kids

When it is the winter season, people hardly go outside, much less send their kids outside in the cold. During the winter break, kids get bored and want something exciting to keep them busy.

A smart entrepreneur can organize a winter camp for kids around a theme of learning so parent can be relief of having their kid being bored or disturbing, doing nothing at home.

7. Greeting Cards

During the holiday periods, greeting cards sell like hot cake because people normally buys them to send to their love ones and this will be a smart move if you venture into the business before that time.

Selling of greeting cards is one profitable small business idea for winter season that can make you rich because people will buy cards to wrap alongside their gifts to send to their friends and family members.

8. Liquor Delivery Service

This is another high demand product during the winter season due to the obvious high consumption. Liquor like McDowell, Brandy, Scotch and others provides warm to workers during this cold period.

Starting a liquor delivery service especially to homes is a very profitable business idea because both minors and seniors can place order to always get them stock up in the wine bar at home.

9. Christmas Tree Rental Business Service

If you are looking for profitable small business, starting a Christmas tree rental business service won’t be a bad idea because the demand for Christmas tree rises.

Most people knows that the Christmas tree is only used at Christmas season and after that it is of no use, so, they prefer to rent one than buy. You can start a business by renting out live Christmas tree out and after Christmas period, you get it back and keep it for another Christmas again.

You keep making money from one particular Christmas tree until it fade out or get out of style. You will make enough money if you can get many Christmas trees to rent out.

10. Exercise and Fitness Instructor

The winter season is usually a period where people hardly find time to exercise because either it is snowing or the weather is too cold for people to come out and exercise. You could make enough money if you can set up a winter fitness program where you go to client as a fitness coach or instructor.

You have to create awareness for the winter business by getting promotional materials like postcards and flyers to distribute along the street. And also find out the licenses required to start the business.