Are you starting your own wine bar business but just have no idea on how to go about the drink business plan?

Starting a wine bar business is no easy task and having to spend valuable time on business plans does not make it any easier. This is where we come in as below is a wine bar business plan sample that can make writing yours way easier.

Here is a sample business plan for starting a wine bar.

  • Executive Summary
  • Our Vision 
  • Our Mission
  • Our Products and Services 
  • Business Structure
  • Market analysis
  • Target Market
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Financial Plan: Pricing Strategy
  • Conclusion


Pedro’s wine bar is a wine bar that will be located in Long Island, New York. At Pedro’s bar, all types of assorted wines including red wines, white wines, alcoholic and non-alcoholic wines, beer, spirits of all types, soft drinks, martinis of all flavors, and snacks for those who would need something to go with their wines.

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At Pedro’s wine bar, we have got the health and safety certifications, and every other local license needed to run a wine bar. We have designed our bar in such a way that it meets these requirements.

Pedro’s wine bar will be one that the atmosphere will be spiced up with good music of the different genres, ranging from Blues to pop, reggae, and jazz. There will also be room for a live band and karaoke weekly.

To attract customers of a wide range, Pedro’s wine bar will offer both local and foreign wine and old and new wines to its customers. This is would be done so everyone can find their favorite and be exposed to wines of different cultures and origins.

At Pedro’s wine bar, we aim at becoming the wine bar that is widely known in the densely populated city of Long Island. It would be the first point of call for celebrities, the rich, and even tourists who venture into New York.

We have our employees made up of a group of people who do not only know their wines but have passion and skill for the business. We would also train our staff regularly so they remain current on the happenings of the wine industry.

Pedro’s wine bar is owned by Pedro Miguel who is a lover of wines of all types and worked in different wine bars for fifteen years. This wine bar will be managed by his son Jose Pedro who takes after his dad when it comes to wines and holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration.


At Pedro’s wine bar, our vision is pretty straight forward. We hope to become the leading wine bar in Long Island and even in New York, serving standard wines that meet the demands of all our customers.


Our mission is to build a wine business that is a pacesetter among all other businesses in the industry. Within the first five years of opening, we will be not only the largest but also the busiest wine bar in New York.


At Pedro’s Winebar, our products and services would be provided in such a way that there would be no comparison.

We this in mind, some of our products and services will include the following:

• Red wines including; Gamay, Nebbiolo, Merlot, Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon among others
• White wines including Sauvignon blanc, Moscato, Pinot Grigio, Semillon, etc.
• Cocktail menu with different types of martinis
• Spirits of different types
• Beer
• Healthy drinks
• Snacks
• Wine catering services for weddings, birthdays, and other parties.
• Wine delivery
• Online order service
• Assorted wines of different origins


Pedro’s wine bar aims at not only serving the best wines in town but creating a conducive and attractive atmosphere for our customers. With this in mind, we have set up a business structure that will be made up of a team of people that would be dedicated and customer-centric and have our mission and vision in mind.

This is why our business structure just like that in other standard bars will be made up of the following positions:

• Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
• Manager
• Bartenders
• Cashiers
• Disc Jockey (DJ)
• Waiters
• Janitors
• Bouncers

Market Trends

For previous years, wine bars have been an industry that has had consistent growth. But with the growing concerns of living healthy and consuming fewer alcohols, the wine bar sector has slowly started feeling the brunt. The fact that the police are now taking DUIs more seriously, does not help the issue one bit as people now take in lesser alcoholic drinks.

This has, in turn, led to people preferring to buy wine or other drinks as takeout rather than consume in a bar. Wine bars owners have tried to meet up with this trend by creating an atmosphere suitable for socializing rather than just a spot for drinks.


At Pedro’s wine bar, our target market runs across a wide range of people that are residents of Long Island and even beyond. These officially include;

• Civil Servants
• Businessmen and women
• Tourists
• Politicians
• Socialites
• College Students


At Pedro’s wine bar, we hold sales and marketing to very high esteem and this is why we have developed different marketing strategies to help us achieve our mission and goals.

Below are our sales and marketing strategies

• Grand opening ceremony featuring the high and mighty in the society to enable widespread frame for our wine bar.
• Having an unbeatable and very active online presence to reach out to a wider range of customers
• Encouraging feedback and word of mouth advertising from our satisfied customers
• Have a clean environment that is attractive to customers
• Give out as much flyers and handbills as possible to increase our reach
• Hosting birthdays and other smaller parties to create more awareness

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In conclusion, the above wine bar business plan sample by Pedro’s wine bar is the one in place to guide the management on achieving the wine bar’s mission and goals. However, this business plan is subject to change depending on the market trend.