How to Start a Primitive Campground Business

Starting a primitive campground isn’t something a lot of people want to do, as there are pros and cons.

Therefore, this presents a unique opportunity especially if you own large swaths of land. This venture can also be challenging as there should be some provision for easy navigation. Navigation is essential and highly desirable if campers lose their way.

If you’re interested in this campground business opportunity, chances are that you love the challenges it presents.

In any case, the fact is, there will never be a short supply of adventure lovers.

Starting a Primitive Campground Business – Checklist

You might get a sense of what this stands for from the name. However, most people confuse this term with having to live a primitive lifestyle such as hunting for food and using primitive tools.

But, it is interesting to know that there are some aspects of uncivilized life to this.

Such include the unavailability of toilets (pit toilets may be available) and bathrooms and unprepared camping grounds.

Nevertheless, this isn’t for the faint of heart.

Getting Back to Nature

As a primitive campground owner, you are allowing your clients to get back to nature.

For many, this is highly desirable as well as a chance for adventure. But, ideal primitive campground locations are generally removed from the city. This means you’d have to either live in the outskirts or away from cities.

If you meet all such conditions, then this might just be the opportunity you’re looking for.

Business and Permit and Registrations

There are specific types of registrations that apply to primitive campgrounds. These are necessary and a precondition to start the business.

However, the specific types of permits, as well as registrations, vary from state to state. There may also be federal or local laws that are applicable.

In any case, we recommend you contact local authorities for further clarification.

No Need for Maintenance

Is owning a campground profitable? Yes. The profit margin is wide. This is because primitive campgrounds are largely maintenance-free.

In other words, existing conditions need to be almost pristine. This gives adventure seekers an added excitement.

Natural habitats provide the perfect conditions.

So, if you’ve wondered what use to convert your large expanse of land to, this might just be the answer.

Mapping out the Area

Maps are important tools to have around. These are required for easy navigation of the camp.

Therefore, before such camps are open for business, there should be a detailed map. These are handed to campers to enable them to know their exact location as it relates to their starting point.

Is there wildlife considered dangerous? This is a question you should find answers to. Some states may deny you the right to start a primitive park if there are.

On the other hand, other states may approve. Although such approval may depend on the need to adequately warn campers of likely dangers lurking by.

Such of course will be included on the maps.

Running Costs

Running costs are crucial to the smooth operations of any business.  However, such may differ from business to business.

In the case of a primitive campground, these may be minimal. This is because, asides the initial investment of purchasing the land (if you don’t own one already), maintenance takes little or nothing. Recall that we’d earlier mentioned that such campgrounds require no maintenance.

As a result, running costs are largely reduced.

  • But what about the wage bill?

Wages form an important part of running costs. Therefore, this is a likely question that may arise. As regards the wage bill, there aren’t a lot of expenses that result.

In other words, running a primitive campground requires minimal hands. Hence, you need a few employees, if any at all.

Sale of Equipment

It is expected that primitive campers usually come prepared. However, you can open up a shop that sells primitive camping equipment and gear. This is a great way to expand your income.

Hence, over time, adventure seekers come intending to buy such gear and equipment for hiking from you.

Your website should also have information on the sale of such equipment.

This is a creative marketing strategy that sells your business. You are likely to perform excellently well in this area if you love primitive camping too.

If you don’t, you can ask friends or family what types of gear to sell. The internet is also a perfect place for finding information on these.

But you need not stress yourself when starting. This is even more important when operating on a tight budget.

Precautionary Measures

Establishing a primitive campground comes with a lot of responsibility. These ensure the safety of adventure lovers.

Therefore you need to ensure that such precautionary measures are adhered to.

But what are these measures? They include the following;

  • Encourage Gear Testing

Primitive camping equipment isn’t fail-proof. There are times when these may develop faults.

So, to prevent this, it is very important to warn your clients. They should test all equipment including those purchased from you. This little action can turn out to be a lifesaver.

  • Primitive Campers Should Move in Groups

There’s a greater level of safety when novice adventure seekers go with experienced campers. This is very important especially during an emergency.

Uncertainties are likely to result. But these can be better handled collectively than individually.

Therefore when running your primitive campground, you can decide to group campers. This will reduce the likelihood of danger befalling them.

Sell the Benefits of Primitive Camping

Primitive camping isn’t for the faint at heart. However, its benefits are highly rewarding.

So, as part of your marketing strategy, you’d need to sell the benefits to your target market. These can be done through the business website as well as its social media accounts.

What are some of these benefits? These include acquiring survival skills, as well as a life-changing experience.

These are ways to start a primitive campground. We have tried to include as much information as you need.

However, for a better understanding of what’s required, your state or local authorities will need to be consulted.

By following these steps, you’d be well on your way to realizing your dreams.

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