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Are you interested in starting a micro winery business?

No doubts, this article has presented an easy guide for you to serve as a template in writing that business plan for your micro winery business.

I need not remind you of the requirements and necessary criteria you need to fulfill towards starting that micro winery business; that, you are already familiar with. Without any further ado, let us head straight to the reason why you are reading this article.

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Here is a sample business plan for starting a winery.

BUSINESS NAME: Jeffersons’ Vines Group

  • Executive Summary
  • Vision Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Business Structure
  • Products and Services
  • Market Analysis
  • Target Market
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Financial Plan
  • Sales Forecast


The Jeffersons’ Vine Group, Inc. is a standard and duly registered and licensed micro winery business that is determined to serve its customers quality products that have great taste. We will produce and supply quality products such as Cabernet, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Zinfandel, Riesling, Chardonnay, and other fine and quality blends that American citizens love.

Jeffersons’ Vine Group micro winery business will be positioned in one of the industrial areas of Las Vegas. We will acquire a 2-acre farmland, and a standard facility through a long term lease, in strategic places.

We have obtained the necessary permits to localize the facility in the chosen location. Also, the facility location is such that is chosen on the basis of easy accessibility by our customers, and nearness to source of raw materials.

The Jeffersons’ Vine Group, Inc. will belong to the Jeffersons. It is a family business that will be led by Franklyn Jefferson and family. Franklyn Jefferson holds a B.Sc. in Micro Biology and an MBA in Business Management.


Our sole vision is to become the number one micro winery business in the United States. We want our products to be sold not just in Las Vegas, but in all of the United States. We will make sure to achieve this vision by employing the right employees for our business and by also applying the appropriate marketing strategies.


At Jeffersons’ Vines Group, Inc., our mission is one that is very simple and clear-cut. It is simply to become a standard micro winery business that focuses on producing a variety of assorted wines that cater for both high income earners as well as low income earners in the United States of America. We want our customers to be able to rank our micro winery business among the top 10 leading wineries in the United States, in terms of quality taste.


The Jeffersons’ Vines Group, Inc. is a micro winery business that will be established and nurtured into a very competitive micro winery business in the industry, not just in Las Vegas, but in all of the United States.

For us to be able to establish our business’ vision, we must do well to hire the right employees that will support the business to help grow it into our envisioned desire. Some of the qualities we will look for in prospective employees are honesty and good work ethic.

Franklyn Jefferson will be the Chief Executive Officer of the micro winery business. He holds a degree in Micro Biology (B.Sc.) and an MBA in Business Management. He possesses a wealth of experience in the industry from his 20 years of working in the industry.

The other positions will be filled by competent individuals who are ready to work for us. Some of the key positions include:

– Winery or plant manager.
– Warehouse manager.
– Sales and marketing administrators.
– Customer services managers.
– Human Resources Manager.
– Information technologist.
– Cashiers / accountants.
– Cleaners.


Our Micro winery business will produce quality taste products that will be sold all over the United States. Because our sole aim of being in the micro winery business is to make profits and produce quality taste products that will keep our customers happy, we will offer a variety of products and services. The following is a list of some of the key products we will offer:

– Growing and Blending of wine grapes.
– Bottling of wines.
– Retailing of wines.
– Production of brandy, cider and vermouth.
– Production of: chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc, Zinfandel, et al.

Market Trend

Over the past five years in the United States, it has become a very common trend in the winery industry that consumers have shifted their beverage preference from the typical beers to drinking of a variety of wines. This is due to the perceived health benefits in the consumption of wine, according to recent research. This trend will not, at any time soon, change over the years.

A second trend is that, so many wineries have now started producing a variety of high quality and expensive wines, and also regular wines for both the high income earners and the average income earners respectively. Going forward, this trend will definitely continue.


It is very true that the market for winery business is very large and it keeps increasing. We will therefore not put any sort of restriction to the scope of our market. We will not be limited to only a particular group of people. Our target market shall include the following groups of people:

– Government officials.
– Business men and women.
– Sports people.
– Tourists.
– Celebrities.
– People in bars and recreational centers.
– All adults in general that reside in the municipality where we will sell our wines.


One of the ways we will market our micro winery business is through the sending of introductory letters to places of residence, alcohol vendors, hotels, and even offices and business places in all of the United States. We will also throw an opening party for our micro winery business so as to captivate the attention of the residents in the region.

In addition, we will advertise our micro winery business in television and radio stations, reputable newspapers and magazines, and also list our business and products on the local directories. We will not leave out the online world.

We will open up a website for our business, and also advertise on social media platforms.

Pricing Strategy

In the first 6 months of establishing our micro winery business, we will conform to the conventional prices within the industry or even sell below the prices. This is a business strategy to encourage more customers to keep coming. After which, we will set into place appropriate prices for our products to cater for both the high end customers and the low income customers.

Payment Options

The following are the payment options that will be acceptable by the Jeffersons’ Vines Group:

– Payment in cash.
– Payment via bank transfer.
– Payment via online bank transfer.
– Payment via Point of Sales (POS) machines.

Startup costs

A total estimated amount of $1,000,000 will be needed to startup our micro winery business (including the salaries of our employees for the first three months).

Sources of Capital

$500,000 of the total startup cost will be generated by the Jeffersons (from their personal savings and investments).

The other part will be gotten by securing a loan from the family bank as well as obtaining soft loans from friends and relatives.


After carrying out a feasibility study and a market survey, we have been able to make a sales forecast for our micro winery business for the next few years. For the first three years, the following is the estimate of what we stand to accomplish:

First Year $450,000
Second Year $700,000
Third Year $1,400,000


This sales projection had been established without taking into consideration any future economic downturn in the industry, and/or the arrival of a strong competitor into the same region of operation.

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