Sample Wine Consultant Service Business Plan Template


Basically, a wine consultant is an individual that is saddled with the responsibility of ensuring that there is an increase in the sale of wines in restaurants and wine stores. A wine consultant is also needed by newly established restaurants. This is because they help newly setup restaurants choose their wine list.

If you have what it takes to be a wine consultant, but do not want to work for any firm, then you should set up your own independent wine consultant business. An independent wine consultant business is a business that not require so much money to set-up. It is a great business for anyone that is a lover of wines.

Basically, an independent wine consultant business is a business that involves tasting wines and selecting the best wine that should go with a particular menu without being a paid staff of a restaurant. However, that is not all the job of a wine consultant is.

Here is a sample business plan for starting a wine sales consulting business.

A wine consultant also offers advice on spirits and wines, they help promote wine and spirits. If you are looking to set up an independent wine consultant business but are not sure how to go about it, then you are on the right page. This article contains simple tips that can help you start an independent wine consultant business from the scratch.

There are a lot of things that are needed to start a wine consultant business. They include:

1. Wine

If you must set up an independent wine consultant business, then you will need wine. As an independent wine consultant, you can offer two categories of tasting. They are varietal tasting and horizontal tasting.

Varietal Tasting: This involves tasting samples of the same type of grape but from various areas. This plays a role in helping aspiring wine consultants get to know about the characteristics of grapes from various regions. With this, you can easily tell where a wine is from.

Horizontal Tasting: This involves tasting wines from the same area.

2. A Scorecard

A scorecard is another requirement for any aspiring independent wine consultant. With a scorecard, records of various wines can be kept. Some of the categories on a scorecard are clarity, length of taste, intensity, and texture.

When making use of a scorecard to assess the quality of a wine, the clarity of a wine is very dependent on the brightness of the wine. Brighter wines are regarded as having better clarity

The texture of the wine is dependent on the feel in the mouth as well as the intensity of the wine’s aroma.

3. An Independent Wine Consultant Should Know About the History of Wines

A lot of individuals attend wine tastings to know more about wines, the history of wines and what wine will be suitable for a particular meal. All this information should be contained on a sheet and ready for guests to go home with after attending a wine tasting event.

4. You Will Need a License

It is common knowledge that before any business can be done on a major scale, a permit will be needed. A wine consultant business does not defer from other businesses as a license is also required before it can be set up.

Although in most cases a permit is needed to start a wine consultant business, there are cases where you do not need a permit. Just as various states have different laws, they also have different requirements for a permit.

In a state such as Vermont, if you are setting up a wine consultant business just for retail customers, then you will need a second class license permit. With this permit, you will be eligible to sell vinous check beverages to customers.

In a state such as Washington, when setting up a wine consultant business and your target market is a non-profit organization, then a special occasion license will be required. A special occasion license is a license that is required for a non-profit organization to sell alcoholic drinks at a certain date and time.

However, if you are not selling any wines but all you are doing is taste wines for private use only, then you will not need a license.

5. Certification

Now, you do not always need a license to practice as an independent wine consultant. However, there are certain certifications that are needed before you can become a qualified wine consultant. There are quite a number of certifications that can help you in your career as an independent wine consultant. One of them is Sommelier Certificate.

There are classes available for aspiring independent wine consultants at American wine school. These classes are approved by one of the most trustworthy wine certifications in the United States and the rest of the world, the wine and Spirit Education Trust.

Basically, there are three levels of classification that are offered by this institute. With this certifications, you can practice as an independent wine consultant.

6. A Business Plan

A wine consulting business, just like other businesses will require a business plan. As a matter of fact, if you must run your business very smoothly, a wine consultant business plan is perhaps the most important requirement for this business.

An independent wine consultant business is not one that can be established by just anybody. If you do not love wines, then there will be no point setting up this business.

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