Sample Smoothie Drink Bar Business Plan Template


A smoothie drink bar requires adequate planning before the business is launched. Entrepreneurs sometimes find themselves in a fix on how to organize their business. This is where a business plan comes in handy.

Because of the benefits accrual to a business through the writing of an effective business plan, this smoothie drink business plan sample will include all the vital areas to aid the entrepreneur in writing out his/her unique business plan.

This comes with brainstorming, as it is expected that the entrepreneur will supply his/her own experiences and reality.

Here is a sample business plan for starting a smoothie drink business.

– Executive Summary
– Products and Services
– Our Vision Statement
– Our Vision Statement
– Market Analysis/ Trends
– Publicity and Advert Strategy
– Payment Channels
– Sources of Funding
– Marketing and Sales Strategy
– Competitive Advantage
– Sources of Revenue/Forecast

Executive Summary

Set to provide the best services in the smoothie beverage drinks industry sector, Tasty Smoothies is a budding smoothie drink business outlet with a strong desire and passion to provide exceptional services within this sector.

Making use of the best cutting-edge technology and a well motivated and highly professional workforce, this smoothie outlet, located in New York, intends to expand its operations within the first two years of its operations to cover the whole of New York.

Products and Services

Products from Tasty Smoothies will include varieties of smoothies, juices, protein bars and signature smoothie drink flavors from our stable.

Also, services to be rendered will include training which will not only be for Tasty Smoothie staff, but also for those clients interested in learning our production techniques and other services. These products and services will be very affordable and pocket-friendly to our clients.

Our Vision Statement

Our Vision at Tasty Smoothies is to provide premium products and services that will be satisfactory to all our target clients and to expand our operations within the shortest possible time. We have the vision to open more Tasty Smoothies outlets to provide services covering the whole of New York.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is the total satisfaction of our highly esteemed customers while at the same time making profits, thus, creating a win-win situation for both our business and our customers. This will be achieved through the hire of the best hands in the industry and also business strategists who will be coordinating our operations.

Market Analysis/Trends

The smoothie drink industry has shown a huge potential to grow, this is evident by the growing number of outlets opened yearly within New York alone. Each of these smoothie bars have adopted unique strategies to serve their clients through innovative services such as the introduction of new smoothie flavors while retaining the standard smoothie flavor for those customers who will not like a change in flavor.

Also, there has been a growth of outdoor mobile services provided in sport arenas, holiday resorts and other public spaces recording a high number of foot traffic.

Publicity and Advert Strategy

The mode of publicity to be used by Tasty Smoothies will cover a wide variety of options to achieve the widest reach possible. We will be deploying technology which includes the use of the local radio and TV stations to advertise our products and services.

Also, the internet will be exploited, and a website setup to give us an online presence. Billboards bearing our services will be mounted at strategic places with high foot traffic and also fliers distributed to ensure that we increase our visibility.

Payment Channels

Customers and clients of Tasty Smoothies will have no worry having to pay for our services as there will be variety of channels for payment to accommodate the widest range of clients with varied choices of payment. Among the different channels of payments are the use of POS, the acceptance of cheques, cash payments, mobile banking among the several others.

Sources of Funding

Tasty Smoothies will be funded through two main sources of funding, the first source of funding will come from savings already made, representing 40% of the startup capital needed, translating to $40,000 while the remaining 60% of funding will be solely sourced through dept financing option. This loan will be sourced from the financial institution used by the proprietor.

Marketing and Sales Strategy

The publicity and advert strategy to be adopted by Tasty Smoothie includes the creation of distribution channels through the creation of distribution agreements with store owners to market our products in retail stores, department stores, mobile trucks, and the use of experienced marketing specialists to help in effectively marketing our products to achieve maximum market penetration.

Competitive Advantage

Our competitive advantage in this industry is the hiring of the very best hands to handle our production and marketing procedures. Because we know what a motivated workforce can achieve, we will be focusing on providing the best motivation, including an attractive remuneration package to enable them perform optimally, thereby providing satisfactory services to our clients at the long run.

Sources of Revenue/Forecast

Our source of revenue will come primarily through the marketing of our products and services. We will be profiting from the sale of our products and services and also from the training fees charged trainees for training. We have forecasted that within the first 3 years of our operations, we will have achieved financial inflows reflected on the table below;

– 1st Year $100,000
– 2nd Year $210,000
– 3rd Year $500,000

Provided above is a smoothie drink business plan sample with all the necessary areas stated. With the above information, the entrepreneur only needs to brainstorm and bring out information relevant to his own business using this sample guideline.

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