250 Cool Bar Name Ideas Around the World

Here are the coolest bar names in the world today. Get naming ideas that make your bar stand out.

One of the most important decisions you’ll make as an entrepreneur is finding a suitable name for your new bar. This helps give an identity to your business.

Also, your new business name will help with the creation of a new segment of value for your customers.

In other words, your target customers are able to easily identify the services offered by your bar. It’s common knowledge that the choice of a name may seem easy on the surface.

However, that is quite the opposite when you have no idea or tips on how to go about it.

We are after making this process much easier for you.

Hence the inclusion of creative name ideas you can adopt when opening a bar.

While it’s still possible that you might not find one which suits or fits your needs, you can play around with the multiple name combinations to get that perfect name for your juice or cocktail bar.

Getting A Bar Name Isn’t Enough

This is bad news, right? Well, it depends on how you look at it.

After searching and finding a preferred name for your bar, you’ll need to ensure that it’s not taken. Millions of businesses exist and each of these bears a name. It is very likely that your preferred name might already be taken or isn’t available for use.

No two businesses go by the same name.

As such, you’ll need to either adjust the name or choose a different name and still perform an online name search.

One way to make this process less difficult is by coming up with at least three names. Your most preferred, preferred, and least preferred. One or more of these are likely to be available for use.

Popular Bar Names List

It doesn’t matter if you’re seeking cocktail bar names, catchy karaoke bar names, or lounge names, here, you’ll find all sorts of cool names you can use. This section provides a long list of such names.

However, the name(s) you choose should undergo a name check. This cannot be stressed enough.

  1. Highbar
  2. Happy Daze
  3. Ace Bounce
  4. American Social
  5. Bar One
  6. Bandits Bar
  7. Gypsy Bar
  8. Fireside Bar
  9. Dirty Habit
  10. Better Days
  11. Black Market
  12. Clock Bar
  13. Boycott Bar
  14. Blue Bungy Pub
  15. Blue Mates Bar
  16. BarCode
  17. Barry’s Bar
  18. Bloodhound
  19. Blue Archies
  20. Beer and Loathing in Dundee
  21. Beer Me Up!
  22. Blind Pig Pub
  23. Billy Goat Tavern
  24. Black Paradise
  25. Beyer Bee Pub
  26. Drink And Delight
  27. Top of The Mark
  28. Sparrow
  29. The Broken Record
  30. The Boardroom
  31. Tavern Law
  32. Seven Grand
  33. The Fainting Goat
  34. The Whistler
  35. The Tasting Room
  36. The Old Monk
  37. The Milk Room
  38. The Sitting Room
  39. The Lost Leaf
  40. Hot Bird
  41. Kill Your Idol
  42. Last Call Bar
  43. The Rustic Roof
  44. On the Rocks Bar
  45. Purdy Lounge
  46. Phone Booth
  47. Magic Lounge
  48. Nowhere Lounge
  49. Level 9 Rooftop Bar
  50. Cloud 9 Bar
  51. Lone Palm
  52. Eager Sidecar Pub
  53. Fressy Pub
  54. Friends Bar
  55. Fieston Fry Bar
  56. Fengy’s Bar
  57. Feiendy Episode
  58. FalconFest Bar
  59. Fat Angel
  60. Elixir
  61. Drink And Delight
  62. Fireside Bar
  63. Early Essence
  64. First Round
  65. Five Flanga Pub
  66. Fado Irish Pub
  67. Scarlet Lounge
  68. Secret’s Bar
  69. Men At Work
  70. Hi Dive Bar
  71. Noble Experiment
  72. Open Sesame
  73. Pi Bar
  74. Quarter Lounge
  75. Lost Weekend
  76. Lost Boy
  77. Last Rites
  78. Kings Beer
  79. Horsefeather Bar
  80. Happy Hour
  81. Hard Water
  82. Aero Club Bar
  83. Bar Alter
  84. Angels And Kings Bar
  85. Big Easy
  86. Bar Alter
  87. Bitter And Twisted
  88. Bonus Round
  89. Coach House
  90. Brotherhood of Thieves
  91. Floor 13 Rooftop Bar
  92. Double Wide Bar
  93. Growler USA
  94. Galaxy Domain
  95. Fun Intersection
  96. Giant Ville Pub
  97. Gasto Gary Pub
  98. Galway Hooker
  99. Ginsillity Pub
  100. Golden Bronze
  101. Ginty Great Pub
  102. Golden Moose Brew
  103. Golden Jewel Palor
  104. Good Fusion
  105. Good Bar
  106. Grateful Gatherine
  107. Wine And Wine
  108. Grackle Grub and Grob
  109. Great Brandy
  110. Grateful Gathering
  111. GreatVista Bar
  112. Griffin Bar
  113. Green Pride
  114. Heartbeat
  115. Happy Toast Lounge
  116. Grumpy’s Joint
  117. Gypsy Cobbler Club
  118. Hamilton’s Tavern
  119. Tempest Bar
  120. Stock & Stable
  121. Whistle Top
  122. Under Tow
  123. Third Rail
  124. The Tipsy Cow
  125. The Mix Up Bar
  126. The Pastry War
  127. The Hidden Vine
  128. The Mason Bar
  129. The Grizzled Wizard
  130. The Corner
  131. The Crescent Lounge
  132. Duchess Tavern
  133. Heaven Spoon Bar & Grill
  134. Hexa Ray
  135. Hell Club
  136. Hot Bird
  137. Hop Scotch and Bourbon Too!
  138. Hip Honey Pub
  139. High Bay Bar
  140. Hi Heron Eatery
  141. Kettle Of Fish
  142. Jumping Jack
  143. Hawaii Lava Tiki Hut Lounge
  144. Joe’s Pub
  145. Jake’s Dilemma
  146. Conga Bar
  147. Duchess Tavern
  148. Comet Tavern
  149. Bond Bar
  150. Break Room Bar & Grill
  151. Bender’s Bar & Grill
  152. Beer & Loathing In Dundee
  153. Angel’s Trumpet Ale House
  154. Atomic Liquor
  155. Bar of the gods
  156. Loan Palm Tropical Cocktails
  157. Lorenzo Spark
  158. Long Breezy Pub
  159. Lusty Laren Bar
  160. Magic Tones Pub
  161. Magic Feel Bar
  162. Magic Anchor
  163. Madison Pub
  164. Mecca Cafe
  165. Merlin Motive
  166. Madison Bar
  167. Mocha Bicycle Bar & Grill
  168. Moe Without Curly Bar
  169. Marie’s Crisis Cafe
  170. Mario’s Trophy Room
  171. Lucky Spot
  172. Float at Hard Rock
  173. Unforgettable
  174. The Yard
  175. The Tower Bar
  176. The Snug
  177. The People’s Republik
  178. Streamline Tavern
  179. Thai & Mighty
  180. The Dirty Drummer
  181. The Cask
  182. Shorty’s
  183. Pizza Bar
  184. Royal Lounge
  185. Raised By Wolves
  186. Pacific Cocktail Haven
  187. Original Gravity
  188. Oasis Lounge
  189. Mustard’s Last Stand
  190. Met Cafe & Bar
  191. Lava Bar
  192. Howl at the Moon
  193. High Side Bar
  194. Hamilton’s Tavern
  195. Unphogettable
  196. Wine Vault
  197. Noc Noc
  198. O’Brien’s Irish Pub
  199. Palmer Place
  200. Bar Smith
  201. Ballard Aloft
  202. Kush
  203. Lucky 13
  204. Mama Tried
  205. No. 3 Social
  206. Oven + Vine
  207. Heaven Spoon Bar & Grill
  208. Hip Honey Pub
  209. Hi Heron Eatery
  210. Magic Tones Pub
  211. Marie’s Crises Cafe
  212. Lorenzo Spark
  213. Magic Feel Bar
  214. Jumping Jack
  215. Joe’s Pub
  216. Kettle of Fish
  217. Magic Anchor
  218. Magic Horse Eatery
  219. Martini
  220. McGee’s
  221. McGillin’s Olde Ale House
  222. North City Pub
  223. Quick Queen
  224. Quarter Lounge
  225. Ray Lees
  226. Ray’s Happy Birthday Bar
  227. Real Club
  228. Pub Stuff
  229. Playaz Pool Pub
  230. Pedron Palace Bar
  231. O’Brien’s Pub
  232. Pluto Piano Bar
  233. Plenty Space
  234. Pencil Factory Bar
  235. Open Sesame
  236. Red Hyne Pub
  237. Red, White & Brews
  238. Red Breezy Saloon
  239. Reben Flago Bar
  240. Dunes Lounge
  241. Double A
  242. Triple A Bar
  243. Mother’s Bar & Grill
  244. Round Table Sports Bar
  245. Red Bar
  246. Side Bar
  247. Silver Grapes Pub
  248. Hooverville Pub
  249. Kush
  250. Hop Sing

Bar name ideas are inexhaustible. There’s always a name you can come up with.

The names listed here provide guidance and serve as tips. You’re likely to find a perfect name here or simply use the names provided to come up with something unique. There’s no limit to what you can do.

All you need is some creativity.

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