15 Practical Water Based Business Ideas and Opportunities

Here, let’s discuss some profitable water-related business opportunities.

While it may sound great, there’s a need first to identify viable ideas that can be implemented into thriving water businesses. This article aims to help you find the perfect water business idea.

Water is a very precious resource that sustains life in various ways. Apart from drinking, water is needed for irrigation, cooking, bathing, and a long list of other activities.

It is no surprise that many water-related businesses are valued at over $20 billion a year. You can take advantage of the enormous opportunities presented by starting your own water business.

  • Most Water Businesses are Recession-Proof

When it comes to setting up a business, aspiring entrepreneurs are most interested in ideas that are recession-proof.

Such businesses thrive even in the face of an economic downturn due to their essential nature. Most water-related companies fall into this category.

Water supports life; hence it’s essential for everyday living. Coming up with a sound water-related business idea sets you up for success.

Here, it’s evident that coming up with a good idea sets the stage for future success. The opinions presented below make it a lot easier to achieve your objective.

Viable Water Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs

As stated earlier, many water business ideas have proven to be highly profitable when adequately implemented.

Examples include water aquarium businesses, retail water stores, small bottling plants, plumbing services, solar water heaters, and a water resort.

More water business ideas include irrigation consultant, water softener production, flavored bottled water, and plastic water tank manufacturing.

More ideas include water purification service, borehole drilling, mineral water wholesale, mineral water production, and water delivery service.

You can also go for any ice-block production, starting a public swimming pool, producing alkaline water, water heater installation, and commercial fishing.

Rainwater harvesting and the provision of lifeguard services are more ideas to try. Let’s discuss some of these points in more detail.

i. Water Aquarium Business

There’s a big market for mini aquariums as many homeowners include these as part of their interior home décor accessories.

You can leverage this opportunity by manufacturing these aquariums. The more unique your designs are, the more likely they’ll sell fast.

ii. Water Retail Store

Water retail stores help bridge the supply gap of safe drinking water.

Here, a variety of water products are sold. Examples include mineral water, alkaline water, and the like. There’s a massive market for these. You only need to decide on what you want to begin with.

iii. Small Bottling Plant

A water bottling plant is another water business idea that can be highly rewarding when started properly.

Starting this type of business will require getting the necessary permits and licenses. A small bottling plant will thrive best in some locations more than others.

iv. Plumbing Service

It’s common to find water fixtures in a state of disrepair or having issues. As a plumber, you can offer installation and maintenance services to homes and businesses.

Your skills will always be in demand as people seek to fix their lousy plumbing systems or replace existing systems.

v. Solar Water Heater

There’s a steady shift in focus from non-renewable energy sources to renewable ones.

Solar technology is one of the most popular renewable energy sources. You can start a solar water heater installation business or one that offers repair of faulty water heaters.

vi. Water Resort

The leisure industry is vast, with water resorts being a key component. You can start a water resort business if you’ve got the resources.

For this idea to be successful, you’ll need to research the concept while finding industry trends and raising the required startup costs.

vii. Irrigation Consulting

Agriculture is a critical sector of every economy as it guarantees food security.

You might want to try irrigation consulting if you live within or close to a rural community. As an irritation expert, you advise farmers about modern irrigation methods.

viii. Water Softener Production

Hard water is a problem lots of households and communities deal with.

These cause problems to appliances, among other things. Starting a water softener production business offers a ready solution to such a problem.

This type of business is most profitable in areas with challenging water problems.

ix. Flavored Bottled Water

Due to the many health benefits of water, more innovative products have been developed to promote water consumption. You can take advantage of this to start your flavored bottled water business.

Persons already in the industry have a greater chance of succeeding.

x. Plastic Water Tank Manufacturing

Proper water storage is a necessity for a lot of households. Here, a variety of holding tank designs are available.

You can take advantage of this need by starting a plastic water tank manufacturing business to meet the demand. As always, you’ll need to do in-depth research before launch.

xi. Water Purification Services

Water purification services are essential to everyday living as they remove all forms of impurities, creating clean and safe water for use.

An increasing number of people are beginning to avoid public water purification systems as they’re deemed inefficient.

xii. Borehole Drilling

Borehole drilling services are another water business idea to try. Your services will prove crucial in providing off-grid water supply to communities.

xiii. Rainwater Harvesting

Water conservation is a big business, and rainwater harvesting is a great idea.

You can help people install rainwater harvesting systems in their homes to help boost or recharge underground water levels.

Of course, you’ll need to be knowledgeable and experienced in this field to succeed.

xiv. Lifeguard Services

If you’re a good swimmer, your expertise may prove crucial as a lifeguard.

Here, places like public swimming pools, beaches, and water resorts should be a target. For your skill, you get a decent reward. You can also decide to start a lifeguard service for large operations.

These water business ideas discussed are a few of the many others you can take advantage of. As with any business, proper planning and execution of such plans are necessary for success.