Sample Water Purification Plant Business Plan


The water purification business is one of the most lucrative businesses of the twenty-first century. Considering that water is a basic human need, then you can understand why water purification is a lucrative business.

The global water purification business is worth over $60 billion (U.S dollar). Global corporations are making moves for market share in the industry.

Because of the basic nature of water, access to good, healthy water is a necessity. Science and technology have come up with water purification methods and technology to ensure access to safe and clean water for human use and consumption.

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Here is a sample business plan for starting a water treatment plant.

In this article, we shall be guiding you on how to write a water purification business plan. Regardless of whether your business is s startup or an already existing business, you will surely benefit from this business plan guide.

In writing a business plan for a water purification business, there is a required format to be followed. The format for a water purification business should contain the following parts and chapters.

  1. The Introduction or The Industry Overview
  2. The Executive Summary
  3. Risk and Strength Analysis
  4. The Market Analysis
  5. The Competition
  6. The Sales and Marketing Strategy
  7. Financial Analysis and Forecast
  8. Sustainability and Expansion Strategy
  9. Conclusion

To prepare a worthwhile business plan, the above-listed parts of the business plan shall be discussed.

  1. The Introduction or The Industry Overview

The introduction or industry overview of the water purification business plan will discuss the global trend in the water purification business.

To be stated also is the role of the growth in human population and global need for clean, good and potable water.

A deep knowledge and understanding of the water purification business should be discussed in the introduction of the business plan stating knowledge of and an understanding of the water purification industry.

  1. The Executive Summary

On the executive summary of the business plan, the business structure of the company should be discussed.

Also to be contained in the executive summary chapter is details about the company and its people.

To be in this section also is a statement of the company’s vision statement and mission statement. These statements should be clearly stated in the business plan.

Also to be in this section is the roles and responsibilities of the company’s core officers and executives.

  1. Risk and Strength Analysis

The risk and strength analysis of the business plan will provide information on the risks which the water purification business faces.

It will also provide information on the strengths of your business. One of the risks to consider is government regulation and interference.

This section also discusses the weaknesses of the business such as lack of qualified workers. The strength of the business which can be stated in this section of the plan is its superior marketing plan.

  1. The Market Analysis

Market analysis of the water purification business plan will deal with the understanding of the market.

This includes the target market for your company. The target market for the company could include multinationals and blue chip companies, banks and other financial institutions, manufacturing companies, hotels, schools and the government.

Residential homes and apartments are also viable, though not as viable as the other market segments. You can also state your understanding of trends in the market.

  1. The Competition

Because of the lucrative nature of the water purification business, the business is a very competitive one.

This part of the business plan should provide information on the state of competition in the industry.

You should also be able to mention who the competitions in the water purification business are. Your competitions are the other well-known water purification businesses.

  1. The Sales and Marketing Strategy

On this part of the water purification business plan, you should provide information on the marketing strategy to be used by your business in gaining market share from the competition.

A solid tactic to adopt would be to present your business as a reliable brand in water purification and making use of social media as a marketing tool.

You should also discuss your pricing and how you intended to use a cost-effective approach to attract sales.

  1. Financial Analysis and Forecast

Financial analysis and forecast are very important for the success of the business. This chapter of the business plan should detail your financial position, such as your current cash flow and expenses.

You should also provide information on sources of funding for the business. To be contained in this section also includes revenue and financial projections for the future of the business.

  1. Sustainability and Expansion Strategy

This chapter of the business plan will detail how you intend to grow and expand the business.

Your sustainability strategy involves efforts to ensure that your brand remains relevant in the market. On the other hand, your expansion strategy deals with your strategies for growth such as expanding your target market.


This chapter of the water purification business plan provides a summary of the business plan and your remarks. In writing the summary, you can also make a highlight of the key decision points contained in the business plan.

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