4 Plumbing Business Ideas for Service Companies

In this article, we’ll be discussing plumbing business ideas.

Plumbers provide a whole range of valuable services consisting of both domestic and commercial. It also has industrial applications. As such it’s quite a wide area that allows any plumber or entrepreneur to set up their business.

If you’ve been fascinated by plumbing in the past or still are, you’d find one or more of the several business ideas here interesting. These ideas are viable and can be pursued if you’re interested in them.

Here is a guide on the financial implications of setting up a plumbing service.

Types Of Plumbing Business Opportunities

Specialization is an important part of the plumbing and is closely related to our discussion.

To start a plumbing business, you’ll need to decide your area of expertise and write a business plan on it. Now, there are three types of plumbers. They consist of residential plumbers, commercial plumbers, and service & repair plumbers.

The viability of an idea begins with fully exploiting the opportunities available. Hence, we’ll be considering the different types of plumbing jobs and the opportunities presented.

  • Residential Plumbing

As a qualified and experienced plumber, you might want to set up a plumbing business that focuses solely on residential clients. For residential buildings, you’ll either be called upon to install the plumbing for a building or called to fix problems arising from faulty piping or leakages among others.

For new residential buildings or properties, an entirely new plumbing system is installed. This will result in a whole range of installations for both underground pipes as well as drainage among other things. Here, you’ll need to fully discuss every detail with the homeowner before commencing.

On the other hand, old buildings are likely to develop problems with the plumbing system. Common problems include dripping faucets, leaky pipes, running toilets, low water pressure, and leaking hose bibb.

Others are clogged or slow drains, sump pump failure, and water heater problems among other likely problems.

Creating a plumbing business that caters all sorts of residential plumbing issues is a viable business as there are lots of opportunities for well-run businesses. As the owner of a residential plumbing business, you’re unlikely to cater to the needs of commercial clients.

However, your operations can later expand to accommodate other client categories.

  • Service And Repair Plumbing

Although this is a type of plumbing, it can also double as a business idea. Service and repair plumbers provide valuable services to both residential and commercial clients.

In other words, they have broader expertise over residential plumbers who only focus on residential buildings.

You can establish a service and repair plumbing business to serve a much wider client base. Your expertise and experience will always be in high demand. Unlike commercial and residential plumbing businesses, you’ll be dealing directly with the client as a service and repair plumber.

This requires a lot of communication skills. Being able to connect with your customers will allow them to have faith in your ability to solve their problems. This also translates to more referrals as your services are likely to be recommended to friends and family by satisfied clients.

As a service and repair plumbing business, you’ll be called upon to fix a wide range of plumbing issues. These will include fixing dripping faucets, sewer system backup, leaky pipes, and jammed garbage disposal.

Other problems will include slow draining sinks, clogged toilets, clogged bath or shower drain, faulty water heater among others.

  • Commercial Plumbing

Commercial plumbing is another is to consider specializing in. The potentials of building a solid and successful business are quite significant. Having the experience of working in large scale public and industrial settings places you at an advantage to operate a successful business.

Your work settings will include areas like schools, shopping malls, manufacturing plants, universities, hospitals, factories among others. Here, the level of skill required is much higher than for residential plumbing.

You’ll be responsible for carrying out services like pipe and tank maintenance in public buildings, as well as providing installation and repair services

Commercial plumbing involves a much complex system of plumbing work that only well-trained professionals in this field can perform. In setting up your business, you’ll need to ensure that your location is suitable or favorable for doing business.

In other words, establishing a commercial plumbing business in a small town won’t be a great idea because there are few large-scale commercial clients if any at all. You’ll need to site such business in areas having a high concentration of commercial activity. Only then would you attract patronage.

It must be clear however that attracting patronage in large cities isn’t a given. In other words, success isn’t guaranteed because your business is located in an ideal location. A lot of work needs to be done in marketing your business to potential clients.

Doing so will create awareness about your presence which eventually leads to demand for your service.

  • Sanitary Plumbing

Sanitary plumbing is a sub-specialty of residential plumbing and is one idea you can utilize in setting up your plumbing business. You can either decide to focus solely on starting a sanitary plumbing business or include a wide range of residential plumbing services. It all depends on what you decide is best for you.

Sanitary plumbing businesses are often called for a variety of plumbing jobs.

These have to do with unblocking sanitary log jams, fitting suspended drains, installing bathroom and toilet pipes, and just about everything relating to plumbing systems involving tanks and sanitary pipes.

Promoting Your Plumbing Business

To succeed as a plumbing business, you’ll need to promote or market your business effectively. You want to create or portray a positive image in the minds of your targeted clients. Hence the adoption of highly effective marketing practices.

It’s best to seek the help of marketing experts to help you design effective strategies.

There you go! These plumbing types also double as potential business ideas for interested entrepreneurs seeking to build a successful plumbing service.

To succeed, you’ll need much more than skills. Commitment to achieving your goals, marketing your business effectively, and also having a great customer care service will go a long way in helping you establish a successful business operation.