Do you need up and coming franchises that guarantee great returns? Here are some good opportunities to invest in.

Since franchising became a trend, it has enabled entrepreneurs partner with major brands. This has led to greater success as franchisees have gone on to become success stories.

The franchisors have also benefited immensely. This is largely through expansion as well as royalties and returns from sale of their franchises.

In view of this, we are going to discuss some up and coming franchise opportunities you can invest in.

These are some of the fastest growing franchises you’d find. Also, they offer significant returns on investment.

So, we hope as you read on, you’d find one that aligns with your interests.

Best Up and Coming Franchise Opportunities

  • Live 2 B Healthy Senior Fitness

This is an up and coming health fitness opportunity for seniors. It’s niche stands it out from its competition. What’s more, as its franchisee, you get the chance to become a part of a dynamic brand. It’s common knowledge that lots of illnesses (especially those related with ageing) can be managed through fitness related activities.

Therefore, with a minimum cash requirement of $34,000, you can begin your promising journey as its franchisee.

  • Postal Connections

Are you fascinated by postal services? If you are, Postal Connections gives you a chance to own part of a growing business. As its franchisee, you get all the training and support you need.

In addition, you have the chance to follow its template in setting your business on the path of growth. With a minimum of $75,000, your partnership is cemented.

Postal Connections stays with you through out your franchise term. This is meant to enhance your productivity as well as your chances of success.

  • Robots.Education

If you’re tech biased, then you may find the Robots.Education franchise appealing. So what does it do? This up and coming franchise provides robotics and programming solutions. It has successfully established itself as a world leader in this area.

Hence, as its franchisee, you get to sell related educational products. This is in addition to related services such as teaching and training. To start, you need to meet its benchmark cash requirement of $37k.

  • Home Helpers

For persons interested in care-giving, Home Helpers provides the perfect opportunity. Its services include the provision of non medical assistance. However, this is not all. Home Helpers also provides in-home care services to persons recuperating from injury.

Its other category of recipients include new moms as well as seniors. This up and coming franchise offers a growth opportunity to exploit. You only need a minimum cash requirement of $84k to start.

  • City Publications

Do you love to own a media franchise? City Publications gives you such an opportunity. This is coupled with the boom the industry has, and continues to witness.

As its franchisee, you benefit from comprehensive training. This is in addition to support services. Support covers a wide range of areas necessary for success. But it all starts with its financial requirements. City Publications has a minimum financial requirement of $100k.

  • Mosquito Terminators

Mosquito Terminators is a pest control service. However, they don’t only specialize on mosquito extermination but cover other types of pests.

As a Mosquito Terminators franchisee, you get to use only natural methods. These are environmentally friendly techniques with excellent results.

What more? You also get to invest with a promising company. However, you need to fulfill its minimum financial requirements. The franchisor puts it at $32k.

  • DVDNow Rental Kiosks

A look at the name reveals a lot. This is an up and coming franchise opportunity with huge potential rewards.

Franchisees get to own and operate automated DVD rental kiosks. These are stationed at strategic locations.

Such strategic locations include shopping centers, and anywhere with considerable foot traffic. Its minimum financial requirement is 22k.

  • 5-Day Kitchens

This is a kitchen remodeling franchise opportunity. With a minimum cash requirement of $96k, you begin your journey of building a successful business. 5-Day Kitchens trains and supports franchisees all the way.

Existing franchisees are offered ongoing training and support as well. This is to ensure maximum productivity.

Thereby, creating a win-win situation for both parties.

  • Assisting Hands Home Care LLC

Assisting Hands Home Care is a non-medical care provider. Franchisees get to provide such services to the elderly.

Other client categories include persons recovering from injuries as well as new moms. As its franchisee, you get all the necessary training and support.

Also, you get to use its template. This guarantees your chances of success. Hence, all you need is to show full dedication. To become its franchisee, you need a $15k minimum investment.

  • Extreme Pita

Have you been on the lookout for a successful food franchise? Extreme Pita gives you that opportunity. As its franchisee, you get a unique opportunity to grow your business. This in turn expands your investments significantly.

This can get started with a $160 minimum investment. However, there are other investment categories which may interest you. This franchise stays with you all the way to guarantee your success.

  • Nurse Next Door Home Healthcare Services

Join a world class franchise with expertise in home healthcare provision. This is one of North America’s foremost healthcare franchises with a wide network of units.

The recent rise in demand for such services has resulted in the creation of exciting growth opportunities. Your journey begins once you meet its minimum financial requirements.

This stands at $75k. Also, you get to benefit from detailed training as well as support.

  • Firestorm

Firestorm is the right choice for persons interested in disaster management. This franchise gives you the chance to offer as well as sell services and products which guarantee proper disaster control.

Are you worried about experience? You need not. This is because you get all the training you need. This is in addition to a full range of support services.

There you have them! These are up and coming franchise opportunities which have proven to hold a lot of potential.

But first, you need to find one you love. You also need to contact it for further information on the type of services on offer. You are also provided a range of benefits you stand to enjoy too.