THE GROUND GUYS Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

The Ground Guys LLC is company that deals in professional lawn management, landscaping and snow clearing for either residential and commercial customers or clients. The company also provides irrigation and pest control. The company is currently looking for franchise units throughout all 50 states in the US and also in Canada.

If you as a business oriented individual or entrepreneur wish to operate a lawn and landscaping company, then you might consider The Grounds Guy franchise.

This article is going to discuss what The Grounds Guy LLC has to offer to those who wish to own franchise units.

This article would contain an overview of The Grounds Guy as an organization and brief information about its people.

Next, we will discuss the various cost that the franchisee has to incur, these cost include but are not limited to unit franchise cost, initial franchise fee, required total investment cost and royalty fees.

The training and support that will be made available by The Grounds Guy LLC to the franchisee will be discussed too.

Then information on the terms of agreement or renewal for a franchisee will be provided.

Finally, how to open or start The Grounds Guy LLC will be discussed.

Is The Grounds Guy LLC a Franchise?

Yes, The Grounds Guy LLC is a franchise. The company is a member of the Neighborly family which is part of the Dwyer Group. The Dwyer group is one of the largest and most prosperous franchise establishments in the world.

The Grounds Guy LLC was founded originally by Tim van Stralen and his nine male siblings in 1987. Although at that time, the name of the company was Sunshine Grounds Care. Relying on the experience and knowledge that Tim van Stralen and his nine brothers had gained from running Sunshine Grounds Care for almost 23 years they partnered with the Dwyer Group to start and franchise The Grounds Care LLC in 2010.

The company has been running successfully as a franchise now for 8 years. The present Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company goes by the name Mike Bidwell.

The Grounds Guy LLC is a successful franchise company and this we can tell by the numerous awards that they have won. They have featured as number one on the Forbes Franchise 500 list.

Presently there are about 215 units in operation.

How Much Does it Cost to Run The Grounds Guy Franchise?

Those who wish to become The Grounds Guy franchisees are obligated to be able to fund a minimum investment of USD$73,470. Depending on many factors, investments can rise to up to USD$200,700. The liquid capital requirement is USD$55,000. For more information on the cost of the franchise, kindly contact the company through their website at franchise,

The Grounds Guy Franchise Fee

Interested entrepreneurs or business men and women who want to own The Grounds Guy franchise units need to pay an initial franchise fee of USD$35,000. Payment of this fee allows the franchisee to have the license to operate under the company name.

7% ongoing royalty fee and 2% Ad royalty fee also has to be paid. More information is found on the website

The Grounds Guy Franchise Start-up Cost

Any interested individual that wants to operate the grounds guy franchise needs to have a net worth upward of USD$75,000. More information is available on the company website

The Grounds Guy Franchise Training and Support

The Grounds Guy franchise offers training and support for those that are fit to be franchisees. The training and support provided include:

  • 15% off initial franchising fee for veterans.
  • Regular supply of newsletter
  • Assistance in planning and coordinating the grand opening of the franchisee’s unit.
  • 24 hours online support.
  • Help in site selection for the franchisee
  • Franchisee intranet platform.
  • Security and safety procedures for when there are emergencies.
  • 4 to 80 hours of training at the franchisee unit.
  • 40 hours training at the company’s headquarters.
  • Additional training at National and regional meetings.
  • Toll free line. This is so that the franchisee can communicate issues and inquires quickly.

The Grounds Guy Franchise Term of Agreement/Renewal

The initial franchise term lasts for 10 years. The franchise term can however be renewed provided the franchisee meets ball the requirements. The new franchise term also lasts for 10 years.

The fee for a renewal is USD$5,000. For more information about this, check the company’s website at

How Much Does The Ground Guy Franchise Make?

A correct estimate of how much is made by a franchise unit is not known. Entrepreneurs however can be sure that income is recurring because rain keeps pouring and snow keeps falling.

As long as these continue to occur, then income is guaranteed.

Franchisees make money by charging customers for snow clearing and also for improvements or upgrades in terms of landscaping around their homes.

How to Open The Grounds Guy Franchise

Entrepreneurs or business-oriented individuals who have the desire to start and operate a lawn and landscaping business, and that consider The Grounds Guy franchise to be a good fit for them should make contact with the company directly through its official website at for all inquiries and due procedures.