How to Start a Transportation Business with One Van

Are you interested in small one-van transportation business ideas? If YES, here is how to start a transportation business with one van.

Starting a Transportation Business with one Van

Have you ever traveled by car before? The answer is yes.

Traveling is one thing all humans engage in. It has a long history since humans have always engaged in this process long before some of us were given back.

A transportation business will always pay, so no matter your location, age, or sex, going into it is a good idea. But with just one van, you may start to wonder if it is possible to start a transportation business.

In this article, I will discuss how one can combine measures to achieve much success in the transportation business with just a van.

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Step 1: Develop a savings plan

If you don’t do this in business, you will not make plans to improve yourself.

Granted, you currently have limited resources, and you must survive using the only van you have. Still, you must also ensure you’re saving a reasonable amount of money daily, weekly, or monthly to increase your van from 1 to many.

We’ve heard numerous stories of those who started with just a van and now have become gurus building a transportation business with thousands of vans.

Save for rainy days is another philosophy that would help you; your rainy days in this context are specifically the need to grow your transport business.

If you don’t get another van as an addition when that one breaks down, you’re definitely out of business.

Step 2: Affiliate with a Transport Company

One will argue right if they say starting a transportation business with one car is complicated and close to impossible. However, when you become attached to an existing transportation company, you tend to suffer less stress and enjoy more.

Yes, established transportation industries like Uber, Maersk, etc., have what it takes for you to succeed in the industry. After you attach yourself to them, they give you a certain amount for the services you render, and most of those industries might even help with covering other expenses incurred while working for them.

Step 3: Start your Own Private Transportation Business

Another viable option is starting your own private business. This will make you more money than you could ever imagine. You tend to define your price, pay no bill to anyone, and define how you’ll work yourself.

Starting your own private business will only be successful with some steps put in place, and these steps are very important. You need to get a good business name that will catch the attention of your prospective customers. It would be best if you also took good care of the car by keeping it in perfect condition, as this will help improve your sales.

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Step 4: Advertise Yourself by all Possible Means

One famous African saying says if Muhammad doesn’t go to the mountain, the mountain will come to Muhammad.

That’s true. You’re running your business alone, and competition in the transport industry is high.

The only way people will get to know you is by advertising yourself. Explore all possible means, from the internet to the news media and other means possible, and use them diligently.

You may have heard, “Advertisement is the soul of business.”

Step 5: Register with the Right Authorities

It doesn’t matter if you have a single van or more; registration of your van with the proper authorities is very important.

If all your documents are incomplete, you might spend considerable money when you eventually get arrested by the appropriate authorities. This will either slow your work or drain you financially, so why take such a risk?

Step 6: Decision on Who Would Drive

The success of the business depends on just one van. If done well, the one van can, in years, turn into two or three. One thing that may define this also is the one handling the car.

Driving yourself is somewhat advantageous owing to the following facts:

  • You record exactly how much you made; at least you won’t deceive yourself.
  • You are more cautious with how you drive; at least, that is only an investment.
  • You take note of everything happening to the car.

There are times, though, when you might need to hire others to drive the van. At those moments, make sure the person you’re hiring can be trusted. Make sure he has the necessary documentation and the necessary documents to drive.


As earlier discussed, starting a transportation business with one van is not very easy neither is it impossible.

When you have a good financial plan, and when possible, become affiliated with a reputable transportation company, handle your van in the best way, and decide to either drive or hire others, then you can be sure that your success is guaranteed.