One of the businesses that an entrepreneur can engage in and make a lot of returns is Tissue roll production.

Setting up a tissue paper factory is so much lucrative and one will wonder why there are not so many players in that industry. The industry is not as saturated as others and gives a very high return on investment as well as providing an investment opportunity for tissue paper suppliers in Kerala, India and other parts of the world.

Tissue roll is mostly utilized by almost 80% of people in every country and its use is almost on a daily basis as it is an essential commodity. And to also make it much viable business, the Federal Government placed a ban on the importation of tissue rolls to encourage local production.

This has actually boosted the returns of investments in the business as entrepreneurs have fewer competitions to make with the foreign producers.

Here is a sample business plan for starting a toilet tissue paper manufacturing company.



This is very common in Africa. Used mostly in the toilets for sanitary purposes. It is very viable to produce in terms of returns on investments as it is utilized in almost every home and even commercially in hotels, restaurants, hospitals and so on.


This is quite different from the toilet tissues in that it is stronger and used mostly industrially. It is laced with conditioners that give it strength when we.


This is quite softer and made from 1 ply of tissues roll. Utilized mostly in homes, cars and restaurants.


This is mostly used by ladies for sanitary purposes. Quite handy and can be carried about in bags. Can also be utilized to clean up hands and as well as dirty surfaces

There are some production processes, steps and strategies that need to be put in place to start the tissue roll business and we are going to highlight them as follows:

How to Start a Toilet Paper Making Business


It is highly imperative to carry out a thorough research on the business before going deeply into it. An entrepreneur needs to be equipped with the adequate information and knowledge about the business: information about the markets and the types of tissue rolls that will thrive in such environment. Make visit to factories such as Rose tissue paper and crown tissue mill and do a case study on how things are being run over there.


Another essential thing to equip yourself with is training. Tissue paper manufacturers need to have an in-depth knowledge of what it entails to succeed in the business. Get technical training as well as management training and even leadership training as you will be involved in managing people which is also essential to the success of toilet roll manufacturing companies.


He who fails to plan, plans to fail. Just as the popular saying goes. A comprehensive feasibility study for tissue paper factory will not only guide you at the start of your business, it will also assist you to develop yourself in the course of the business. A very good plan will indicate to you if you have derailed from the core values of the business.


Now that you have drawn up your concrete plans, the next thing to do is to get a very good location to site your business. This is very important, especially when it comes to nearness to the source of raw materials as well as your markets.


The next thing to get is your machinery (through the best tissue paper making machine suppliers) that will be utilized in rolling out your products. You will want to note that the following tissue paper making machine parts including getting them at good price are essential to run a tissue roll company.

• The core making machine
• Band saw cutter
• Rewinding machine
• The perforating machine
• Embossing units
• Raw materials

Go online to get current cost price of tissue paper making machine and its accessories.


You will definitely need to hire both skilled and unskilled employees to kick start your business. Skilled workers will save you a great deal in the cost of training newbie’s. They will definitely bring in their loads of experience they have gathered from previous employers and at the same time train your newbie’s on the job and mandate project report writing. With this, you are saving yourself a great deal of production cost that is supposed to be incurred in training.


After productions have started, the next thing is to develop a solid marketing strategy to push out your products. Being a new player in the industry, you will need to develop tactics to make your products stand out from others and give your potential customers the reason to drop their previous clients.


This toilet tissue paper production business plan has been written with the would-be entrepreneur in mind. In this plan, we will discuss the processes involved in setting up the business as well as the machinery or equipment required. If you know little or nothing about toilet tissue paper production, you are at the right place.

By the end of this article, you should have a much better understanding of how the process works.

What Should Your Plan Contain?

Business plans consist of blueprints which are to be implemented. It should be comprehensive and should include the executive summary section, a description of your toilet tissue paper business, and your organization management structure.

Other sections include a market analysis, sales strategies, financial projections and funding requirements. All of these sections are expanded on and should be as comprehensive as possible.

What Raw Materials are needed?

Before establishing a toilet tissue paper production business, you need to know your sources of raw materials. This is an important decision to make and is vital to the success of your business. But what are the most basic raw materials? They include deinked waste paper, wood pulp and cane syrup. Knowing where to get these is important at the planning stages of your business.

Types of Toilet Tissue Paper Production Machinery

Machines are an integral part of commercial toilet tissue paper production. You need to know which machines are needed in order to avoid purchasing the wrong ones. There are the semi-automatic toilet paper making production lines as well as the fully automated toilet paper roll production lines.

  • Semi-Automated Toilet Paper Making Production Lines

As the name suggests, these machines are not fully automated, yet are efficient and will get the job done.

Manufacturers of these machines supply useful information on their production capacities. Human effort is needed at different points during the course of toilet tissue production.

  • Fully Automated Toilet Paper Making Production Line

These types of toilet tissue paper production machines are best for enhanced production. These require very little or no human effort at all. The efficiency of these machines are much better when compared with semi-automated machines.

  • Toilet Tissue Paper Production Machines and Spare Parts

This is critical to the success of any toilet tissue paper production business. These machines include the cutting machine, the rewinding machine and the packing machine.

Production line spare parts include toilet paper core spiral tube making machine, the toilet paper cutting machine, tissue paper printing machine, and log saw machine for toilet paper rolls. You need these machines and spare parts if you want your business to run smoothly.

The Production Process

Different procedures are involved in the production of tissue paper. Starting from the jumbo tissue rolls, there is the need to cut and process these into small tissue rolls for the market. The jumbo rolls are fed to the rewinding machine. Depending on the type of machine, it offers different functions in addition to rewinding. These include perforation and embossing among several others.

From the rewinding machine, the tissue is fed into the cutting machine which does just that. This then ends with the packing machine. This is the last stage of production. Here, the tissue are packaged and sealed; ready for the market.

What is the Ideal Location for a Toilet Tissue Paper Production Business?

This is an important question every interested entrepreneur needs to ask. Although location is important, it works differently for different types of businesses. For a toilet tissue paper business, the ideal location will be in a non-residential area. This is because the noise generated by the machines can be unsettling especially when there are residential buildings nearby.

Another important location factor to be considered is availability of power as well as efficiency. Industrial clusters offer the best deal in relation to power efficiency.


No successful business overlooks this aspect of business. As such, you shouldn’t. Marketing is all about selling your tissue paper business. Many businesses have ignored this with mediocre performance in terms of growth in sales.

The more the awareness about your tissue paper production business, the greater sales you will attract. The secret to achieving your goals is to promote your business and bring it into the consciousness of your target market.

The Edge Factor

Before starting your business, you need to know that there are tons of similar businesses. Many toilet tissue paper businesses boast of quality products. Hence, what is your business doing better than your competitors? You need to find this, and if there isn’t any, try to create one or more. By identifying these and telling your target market about your edge, you will be able to flourish.

Never Compromise Quality

While most toilet tissue businesses kick off with enthusiasm and quality products, they eventually lose steam and become complacent. This leads to churning out of substandard products. You should avoid this as much as you can.

Quality should never be overlooked.

Business Registration

Your tissue paper production business needs to be fully registered. Before registering your business, you need to have chosen your preferred business structure. Different countries and states have their business registration guidelines. You need to find out what is required of you

This toilet tissue paper production business plan has focused on different aspects of planning a business. These are some of the basic things to consider when starting. Your possible sources(s) of funding should be clearly identified. Your business plan will need to capture these.

At this point, you are expected to have gained a greater understanding of how things work in this line of business. The information will guide you to take informed decisions and actions.

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