SITESWAN Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

SiteSwan is a private label website building company. The website industry is a huge industry by all standards. The website and web design industry produce income for individuals and people of all class monthly.

Web design services industry is worth more than $25 billion (U.S. dollar) and the industry still has a lot of room for growth.

If you are an IT person, an entrepreneur or business person, there is money to be made in the web design industry.

In this article, we are going to look at SiteSwan as a company and the franchise opportunities which it presents for entrepreneurs and business people.

We are going to start by looking at the history of the company. We are also going to look at the start-up cost required to start a SiteSwan franchise. Also to be considered is the franchise fee required of the company’s franchisees.

We shall also be considering the training and supports which the company provides for its franchisees.

This article will also be looking at the terms of the initial franchise agreement for a SiteSwan franchise. We shall also be discussing the franchise agreement renewals which the company makes available to its franchisees.

Is SiteSwan a Franchise?

SiteSwan is a franchise. The company is a private label web design platform for building websites. The company is centered on the building and creation of websites for small businesses.

The company is built to take advantage of the high demand in the web design industry. Because of the ease of business which websites provide for businesses who desire to go online.

The concept of the company’s web design business is for its members to create and build websites which they sell to small businesses within their locality. The company currently has franchise locations in the United States of America and Canada.

Through the SiteSwan platform, members are not required to have any website development expertise to be able to use the SiteSwan private label website building platform. No coding skill is required and educational background does not matter.

The websites which are built on the company’s platform are also responsive. The websites also come with beautiful designs and fully optimized for search engines. Part of the strategy of the company which has helped it to grow is its pricing strategy.

The company’s pricing strategy allows its franchisees to set their own price according to the peculiarities of their environment.

Through the company’s website reseller program entrepreneurs can work part or full time while still making money.

The company offers more than 100 professionally well-designed web design templates for its website builders. The themes and templates are also fully customizable to suit the needs of customers.

Note, however, that the opportunity at SiteSwan has an age restriction which restricts only people up to the age of 18 to be able to take advantage of the opportunity at the company. Websites at SiteSwan can be created just in minutes.

How Much Does SiteSwan Franchise Cost?

SiteSwan does not require a franchise fee from its intending franchisees. The entrepreneurs and business people who desire to take advantage of the SiteSwan franchise opportunity are required to show a liquid asset of $3,600 (U.S. dollar). There are however other fees that would need to be paid by the intending franchisees.

SiteSwan Franchise Fee

Entrepreneurs and franchisees who desire to take advantage of the franchise opportunity presented by SiteSwan are not required to pay any franchise fee. The company does not require any royalty fees from its franchisees. Franchisees are also not required to pay any advertising fees.

SiteSwan Franchise Start-up Cost

For entrepreneurs who are interested in pursuing the franchise opportunity at SiteSwan a minimum start-up cost of $300 (U.S. dollar) is required. A maximum start-up cost of $10,000 could also be required.

SiteSwan Franchise Training and Supports

SiteSwan provides training and support for its franchisees.

The support which franchisees receive from the company includes;

  • SiteSwan provides online support for its franchisees.
  • The franchisees also receive marketing support from the company.
  • Franchisees also receive website support from the company.
  • There is also field operations support for all franchisees at the company.

SiteSwan Franchise Terms of Agreement/Renewal

The intending franchisees at SiteSwan are required to contact the company directly on its website at to obtain information on the company’s terms for the initial franchise agreement.

The intending franchisees should also contact the company for information on the available franchise agreement renewals at SiteSwan.

How Much Does a SiteSwan Franchise Make?

It really cannot be stated, how much a SiteSwan franchise makes. The amount of money which a SiteSwan franchise can make is dependent on the location of the franchise and the concentration of small businesses within the location.

However, due to the level of growth experienced in the web design industry, franchisees should expect to make good money with the SiteSwan franchise opportunity.

How to Open a SiteSwan Franchise

Entrepreneurs who desire to open a SiteSwan franchise are required to contact the company directly on its website at to fill out the company’s franchise request form and also for all franchise inquiries. The company can also be contacted by telephone at (800) 462-9814.