How to Sell Coffee on the Streets

Selling coffee on the streets might not be an issue for some investors.

One the other hand, there are readers who have no idea and really want to know. If you belong to this category, this article is meant for you.

Coffee is a beverage people love to consume be it at home, at work or any place else they find convenient enough.

From the business side of things, this is an opportunity you can exploit. A lot of times, people want to buy a cup of coffee on the streets.

Which is why we’ve set out to show you how to sell coffee on the streets.

First Obtain the Required Licensing and Permits

Selling coffee on the streets has its own sets of rules you must abide by. Depending on your state, licensing and permit rules may differ.

To be more specific, you may require a sales tax permit, vending license, and resale permits among other things. These are useful documents that give legitimacy to your street coffee business.

Failure to get all or any of these requirements will result in an infraction. You never want to run foul of the law as it will attract heavy sanctions such as huge fines. This is something you’d rather avoid.

A Mobile Coffee Cart May Be Necessary

To sell coffee you’ll need to make a decision between a stationary kiosk or a mobile cart. It all depends on what serves you best. A mobile cart is likely to be more convenient.

However, this may require a different type of permit or license. You’ll need to find out what applies to your preferred option. Operating a mobile coffee cart means that you’d have to move back and forth.

Mobile coffee carts should be fancy and easy to operate. To sell your coffee, you’ll need to have a clearly marked sign. This markets your business and makes it more visible to potential customers.

Where to Sell

In order to sell coffee on the streets, you will need to carefully choose what location best fits the business. Location for a street coffee business must be quite busy. So many locations fit this description.

Such could include campuses, car parks, shows and events as well as sports arenas among many others.

How profitable you become will depend much on which location you operate from. This wouldn’t be a big issue for mobile coffee cart operators. Which is why you should consider this option.

With a mobile coffee cart model, you are able to move to certain locations you feel will attract higher sales.

This advantage is absent for street coffee kiosks because their business is stationary. Hence, patronage will depend on how busy the street is as well as its population etc.

Having a Friendly Disposition

Being able to convey warmth to potential customers is a major way to have them buy your coffee. This is one of the easiest ways to market your business. People are likely to flock towards a street coffee business whose owner that more often than shows that they matter.

Although being skillful matters, being able to connect with your customers will help in selling your coffee.

Time of Day is Vital

What does this mean? It means exactly that! In order to attract patronage to your street coffee business, you’ll need to operate during peak hours.

By peak hours, we mean selling at the time of day when people need coffee the most. Most times people need to grab a cup of coffee on their way to work.

Some other people may prefer to buy shortly after they’ve resumed work. Generally, this points to a specific time of day which is during the morning periods. Therefore, you may want organize your coffee business in a way that you hit the streets early enough.

After your sales, you might have time enough to do other equally important tasks.

Identify Your Edge and Exploit It

Selling coffee on the streets brings up several scenarios. One of them is the presence of competition. The same situation applies to all types of coffee businesses. However, you must be able to identify your edge. This will greatly enhance your ability to sell. Your coffee business must be about one or several things. These include having a great service, selling a more premium product or having a more competitive pricing structure.

You’ll need to understand you operations as it relates to your competitors. This will be key to how much sales you attract.

By structuring your coffee service to align with your strengths, you become almost unstoppable in the volume of sales you generate.

Customer Loyalty Should Be Your Aim

Starting out as a new street coffee business can be challenging at first. However, your initial challenges should fizzle out once you get to understand your market better. Creating loyalty can be difficult too. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t let this discourage you.

Customers are bound to return if they felt your service was exceptional.

As such, its best you create such exceptional experiences for both first time and repeat customers. Consistency is vital to achieving this. If you aren’t consistent if you quality of service, you hardly attract the loyalty of customers. Once loyalty is created, it helps in bringing in more customers to taste your unique coffee.


Great sales is a direct product of effective marketing. No matter how small your street coffee business is, it will need effective marketing strategies to become profitable and maintain it. One of the most common, yet effective marketing strategies involves word of mouth marketing.

Your services need to be exception to be considered worthy of telling.

The points given here are all effective methods you can deploy to increase your street coffee sales. More so for these to have the needed effect, you must love what you do. A higher level of commitment helps you wade through difficult times with ease.

This also enables you push your business forward by reaching greater levels of sales.

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