Sample Mobile Coffee Cart Business Plan


Mobile coffee cart business is an enjoyable business for those who have interest in coffee and also like relating with the public through which you can earn a living.

This is a business that makes provision for both hot and cold coffee depending on the customer’s preference at occasions such as festivals, private events, outdoor events, company functions, wedding receptions and so on.

To start the business, you do not require a storefront, shop or space. The requirement for starting a mobile coffee cart business is much lower than a traditional coffee shop. Below is a business plan sample of a typical mobile coffee cart business for other entrepreneurs to follow in writing theirs.

BUSINESS NAME: Tasty Coffee Business

Here is a sample business plan for starting a mobile coffee cart business.

  • Executive Summary
  • Business Objectives
  • Target Market
  • Mission Statement
  • Vision Statement
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Marketing Strategy


Tasty Coffee Business is a business with a new system where hot and cold coffee drinks will be provided to customers in an efficient way.

Tasty Coffee Business is a specialty beverage retailer that will provide customers with opportunity to drive up to its facility and order their choice of coffee and other drinks.

Tasty Coffee Business specializes in blended tea, specialty coffee and other custom drinks while offering the best hot and cold drinks to its customers.

Tasty Coffee Business will be operating a cash business which will make its initial cost of starting business less than other startup businesses.


Every business has its objectives to achieve; that is the reason why the business was started. Below are the objectives of Tasty Coffee Business:

(1) To develop a business that is sustainable enough and also contribute to the employment rate and economy of the community where the business is located.

(2) Establishing a business that goes beyond the expectations of its clients.

(3) To achieve healthy and good profits in the early years of the business’ operation


The business will be focusing majorly on two types of customers which are:

(1) Captive Consumer: Customers who reside in a restricted environment that does not allow convenient departure and return when searching for refreshments and environments where refreshments are an important part of the environment are known as captive consumers.

(2) Daily Commuter: This refers to customers that goes to and from work, customers that deliver goods and services, customers that go for shopping and those that are just out for a drive.

These two markets will be penetrated to increase sales and patronization by deploying mobile facilities and drive through facilities in the most accessible and logical locations.


The mission statement of Tasty Coffee Business is to become one of the best and most popular mobile coffee cart business in the whole of California and in neighboring cities.

Also, to provide customers with the finest quality beverage in the most efficient way.

The business vision is to establish a very good coffee cart business to stand as a one stop location coffee business patronized by all citizens. Also, we will try our possible best to offer products and services at affordable prices.


There are four major competitors in the beverage industry; local coffee houses and cafes, the national specialty beverage chains, fast food restaurants, and convenience stores and they all have a dramatic distinction among them.

However, when looking at head to head direct competitors; Tasty Coffee Business has none in the metropolitan area. Though there is still competition with the traditional coffee shop ideas.

The Tasty Coffee Business has a significant competitive advantage over these competitors because of the following benefits:

  • Drive-through Service
  • Effective Customer Service
  • Beneficial to the community
  • Mobile Cafe
  • Higher Product Quality


For Tasty Coffee Business marketing, the drive through facilities will be put in places of high visibility and accessibility. They will be located on commuter routes known for high traffic and also close to shopping facilities in order to catch shoppers, people going to and from work. The business will also ensure that the drive through(s) are unique to help the brand of the business.

The Tasty Coffee Business will implement a low cost advertising and promotion campaign which will involve drive-time radio. Also, the business will focus on building relationship with charities, schools, and corporations to provide free publicity because of its community support program.

Giving charitable contributions to these institutions will get the word out to their students, faculty, employees, partners about the mobile coffee cart business and word of mouth can be said to be the greatest advertising program a business can adopt.

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