How To Sell Coffee Beans Wholesale

Selling coffee beans wholesale is a lucrative business.

It is exciting to coffee lovers and people looking to profit from agriculture, specifically cash crops.

Guide To Selling Coffee Bean Wholesale

Coffee itself is a popular export commodity in many African and Asian countries.

According to Statistica, about 166.6 million bags of 60kg coffee were consumed globally in 2020/2021 alone. This means coffee consumption increased by 1.2% within twelve months.

The article also mentioned an increased sale of single-cup brewers across the U.S and a new trend of cold brewing.

From this, it is clear that selling coffee beans wholesale will mean entering a growing international market, so why wouldn’t you?

What is Coffee Bean?

The coffee bean is a varied brown or black bean seed processed to make coffee. Depending on your preference, you can grab finished coffee powder or whole coffee beans or get served at a café.

If you do the first, you would likely need some hot water and a couple of minutes to have your coffee ready. Getting whole coffee beans, however, requires that you brew them all by yourself.

There are over seven different types of coffee beans out there. Among these, Arabica and Robusta are the most popular and widely available. Liberica and Excelsa coffee beans come in next on the list.

Arabia coffee bean is used in over 80% of the world. It offers low caffeine and a smooth, delicious taste. On the other hand, Robusta coffee bean produces low yields, while Liberica has more caffeine and a more robust flavor than most others.

The different coffee bean types all have an unmistakable flavor. In addition to this, they produce solid or weak tastes depending on how they are brewed.

Many people, including businesses, enjoy the flexibility of flavor, texture, and taste that comes with personally buying their coffee beans and brewing their coffee.

This drives the consistent boom in the coffee bean wholesale business as more and more shops spring up to cater to the ever-growing number of coffee drinkers.

How to Sell Coffee Bean Wholesale

If you want to start a business with the potential for international sales, it should be this one. Coffee has long found acceptance in many physical workplaces.

It also proves relevant to the recent remote and hybrid work trends where companies encourage their off-site staff to take a cup or two for hydration, alertness, and motivation.

This widespread acceptance makes it possible to grow your coffee bean wholesale business if you know what you are doing. But that is where the catch lies. Many people do not know how to start or where to even begin.

If you fall within this category, then keep reading. This article will surely help you rev up your business skills.

Here’s how to get started with selling coffee beans wholesale:

· Know Your Potential Customers:

Starting your business on the right note will require you to do some fact-finding and analysis.

This is called market research. The purpose of this is, first and foremost, to give you an idea of the people most likely to buy your product.

For a coffee bean wholesale business, your potential customers will include individuals looking to buy a bag or two for use at home, small coffee shops looking to buy a little more than individuals would, and big companies that could purchase your entire stock.

You would want to look into all of these categories of customers.

· Find Out What Products Will Sell Faster:

This is another research point. After figuring out who would likely purchase your coffee bean, the next step will be to determine what coffee products these potential customers love the most.

This step usually involves raking through product reviews and websites of similar brands. In addition, you might want to ask your friends and relatives for their opinions while also reaching out to strangers.

It is important to note that the type of brand you are building- local or international- will determine the research level you need here.

Once you find out what products sell most, the next step is to determine if you can consistently get your hands on them-and in large quantities.

· Choose A Trusted Supplier:

Just to let you know, wholesale coffee suppliers are the backbone of your business.

Their performance is critical to yours and will directly or indirectly affect the quality of your products and services.

However, while others may want to build a brand before thinking about getting a trusted supplier, we recommend doing it the other way round.

This is because the brand-building process is intensive and will be a waste if it becomes impossible to find a trusted coffee bean supplier.

By finding a trusted supplier, we mean getting someone you can rely on to deliver on time, every time. The supplier must also be dependable when providing the quality and type of coffee bean you request. Furthermore, they must be easy to reach.

· Develop your Brand:

A good brand calls out to customers by portraying a desirable feature or list of features such as high-quality ingredients, seamless order and transaction processes, and quick deliveries.

This could be achieved through a creative or attractive logo image, a well-thought business plan, or a one-of-a-kind e-commerce website.

Developing your brand will require your attention and creativity. It will set you apart from others in the coffee bean business in a productive way.

As much as selling coffee beans wholesale is concerned, building a solid brand is non-negotiable.

· Launch and Build a Strong Online and Offline Presence:

Your business is ready to take off now. However, in addition to launching your e-commerce website, you must be visible in the digital space.

This boils down to utilizing social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

A solid profile on any of these platforms will help push your brand out. You can also invest in paid advertisements and use Google business listings.

These will help improve your search engine appearance and ranking further.

The other thing to do is to build an offline presence. You do this by talking to friends, colleagues at the office, and anyone who cares to hear about your shiny new coffee bean wholesale business.

You could even decide to create small flyers to hand out whenever you take a walk at the park.


Selling coffee bean wholesale may not sound easy, but following these simple steps will prove it is. We hope this article leads you to take that first step, and we look forward to ordering from you.