Best Point of Sale System Software and Equipment for Businesses

What is the best POS system app, equipment and machine for startups and existing businesses? Small business owners seek to understand tools both on-line and offline that will positively help in growing their business.

Technological advancement has also alerted so many businesses in selecting the best tools available to make more sales.

The point of sale system for small business is one of the many technological tools that will make most businesses’ dream come to reality in line with their daily activities regarding efficient and fast transactions.


It is important for a business man to know why the point of sale system should be used, when it can be used, the types of point of sale system for small businesses available and the best to be picked.

What Really Is a Point of Sale System for Small Business?

A point of sale system(POS) is designed for small business that will enable a business man process every sale in a secured manner using the most appropriate software in handling administrative task in a more defined way. It accepts payments and gather sale in an organized manner.

Although, sales and tasks type solely depend on what form of business you are running. For example, the restaurant business will have its task different from a boutique, same as the gym center.

Thus, if a small business would love to use a restaurant POS system for its small business, the cost of purchase as well as the on-going cost should be the primary factors that will be considered before getting one.

It is also important to consider the business payments processing cost, the cost of purchasing the equipment, the software fees and many more. Most retail POS system has three basic components; hardware, software and the payments.

  • The Point of Sale System for Small Business Hardware

This is an electronic machine that accepts payments, the part that can be touched and felt. That machine should be capable of printing receipts, storing of cash and also withdrawer of cash and finally should have the ability to scan bar code.

Therefore, if your small business is seeking for a hardware for point of sale system for small businesses, you must be sure that the one you are getting will accepts all payments forms which includes credit cards and cash.

  • The Point of Sale System Software

The POS System software is the command center. Functioning like a library, where users can interact with. It features the customer management software and the sales report. The part that cannot be touched or felt.

  • Payment

Which is the third part in the point of sale system for small business handles funds that goes into bank accounts at the completion of each sale.

Therefore, the best form of Point of sale system for small business will not only make it possible to manage all sales, but will also reduce administrative time consuming tasks.

The Best Point of Sale Systems for Small Business

The preceding paragraphs highlighted that there are many Point of sale system(Pos), however, choosing the best form will be the most rewarding for a small business. I will be highlighting the best five point of sale system for small business.

There will be reference as to what type of business it can be used for.

Square Point of Sale

There are impressive offers built in this POS system. Designed for small retailers. The array of sales, the management and the cost of purchase is extremely quite impressive.

Unlike some of the point of sales system, square has no monthly charge but could accept tracking of inventory, a free on-line store and access to multi-locations.

Square’s point of sale also features a more advanced employee management, email marketing and customer loyalty program. Square Point of sale system also support mobile payments. This make accessibility easier either on your tablets or smart-phones, for instance their iPad POS system.

Vend Point of Sale System

Vend is designed to run a brick and mortar store. Vend is also defined for processing transactions and also have a reporting and inventory function. It saves time and also boost sales income. This can also be used for different types of stores opened. It could be used for car washing business, clothing stores and other service based business.


Shopkeep is one budget-friendly, designed for an i-Pad. It is fully packed with everything that a small business should need for a time and stress free transaction operation. If you sign in for Shopkeep contract, you are opened to discounted rate, however you are under no obligations to sign on the contract. And this can be used to for retail shop.


This point of sale system is designed for restaurants. It centers attention on restaurants needs including the delivery and management features. All forms of food establishment such as cafes, casual eateries and other dinning can effectively use TouchBristo. it supports iPad and 24/7 customers support via E-mail and video tutorials.


If a small business is managing large inventory either with single or multi-locations, Lightspeed point of sale system should be picked.

With light speed thousands of items can be handled, you can effectively manage parts, make orders and many more offers.


It is very important that a small business choose the best point of sales system for small businesses. A business must first need to know that which form of service is being operated. Out of the ones briefly mentioned, you can make detailed research into them.