Poultry Farming Business Plan Sample Template Executive Summary Sample

Executive Summary of a Poultry Farming Business Plan

This article provides a sample for the entrepreneur who has little to no knowledge of what it takes to write one successfully.

This executive summary section is the most important part of a poultry business plan and should be given the maximum attention it deserves.

By using this sample, you are adequately guided on the necessary things to include in the executive summary section.

The Executive Summary

Acorn poultry farm, LLC is world-renowned for the best poultry products and services. We provide high-quality poultry meat and poultry eggs of different varieties.

At Acorn we export not just dressed chicken and eggs but also different types of live birds. The name Acorn is synonymous with quality. Due to our size and capacity, we service not just the end-users to provide table meat and eggs but also a host of other poultry farms and other industries.

We have carried out a very thorough feasibility study on a wide range of poultry products and have carefully studied different business models for this agribusiness.

Given this, we have only adapted the best model for not just for our business but also to enable us to serve other industries well.

Our handpicked business strategies adequately address the issues of quality as it relates to the genetic makeup of different bird species and hatchery technologies to make sure that only the best and finest bird products are out from our farm.

It is imperative to note that we cannot achieve such a feat without highly trained and qualified hands on deck. That is why we have state of the art laboratories and hatcheries.

As mentioned earlier, this is to incentify us to achieve great results and give the best quality.

Our well-trained professionals take into consideration every little detail. Yes, you heard me right, every little detail because we have a reputation to protect.

Acorn sits on two hundred hectares of land on the outskirts of Santa Fe, New Mexico. From there we service the whole of Mexico and the United States.

Our birds, meat, and eggs are exported to 56 different countries across the world. We are adequately registered and have obtained full licenses to produce and export live birds, poultry meat, and table eggs. We have also carried out detailed market research to enable us to address the different problems peculiar to different environments.

Especially when it comes to living birds, we have researched that different climatic conditions have various health implications on birds. That is why we invest a fortune in research to raise genetically modified disease-resistant bird species which could also adapt easily to different climatic conditions.

As the big brother we are, we also carry out disease control in the event of an outbreak of an epidemic.

From the above explanations, it is easy to see that we play a very key role in the global poultry industry. Our activities have a long bearing effect on global poultry farming. For this reason, the services we provide are gradually outstretching the capacity of our facility. Instead of being stunted, growth is a very sexy option for us.

Yes, we need to expand our facility to contain the increasing global demand for our products and services.

The increasing awareness of the health implications of red meat makes people globally to opt for poultry meat, which is healthier to consume. This single factor has spiked the demand for poultry products and hence we have to adjust our production facility and review our business model to meet this increase in demand.

As earlier stated since other poultry farms also rely on us for a good breed of chicks and eggs it is needless to say it is inevitable for us to increase the capacity of our production lines.


We will need to set up standard branches in several states to boost our production capacity. Since we will be involved in hatching, raising, processing, and marketing of poultry birds and eggs we will be adapting the battery cage system for our expansion.

Battery chicken poultry will enable us to produce quality brown table eggs and also quality white battery chicken table eggs for consumption.

We will also be rearing free-range chickens to produce chicken eggs on a commercial scale for our customers to have an option on what to consume. More about our eggs are our fertile free-range poultry eggs for hatcheries.

As we normally do, we will make sure only very healthy and quality parent stock are used to fertilize these eggs to have a good breed of hatchlings.


We have research and engaged in this stream of business to leverage the enormous opportunities presented by this agric sector. We do that not only for the money but most importantly for the passion to grow the US economy and provide healthy dieting for our teeming customers.

Well, it may surprise you that we also advocate healthy living lifestyles.

Good dieting coupled with healthy living would surely keep the doctor away. As can easily be seen, our target is not to be just one of the leading poultry farms in the United States but to be the best global poultry farm to increase global annual food production at an affordable price.

Even though over and all as any other company our goal is also to make a profit, we enjoy the fact that we are key players in tackling the problem of global food security.

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This poultry farming business plan executive summary offers the necessary guide to writing your poultry farm executive summary section.

Through the use of this article as a guide, you are adequately guided in doing a good job in your executive summary section.

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