14 Middleman Business Ideas That Convert Sales Easily

Here, all of our discussion will be directed at providing you with helpful tips on middleman business ideas to try out. Luckily there are lots of these to try your hands on.

With the help provided in this article, your desire to launch a business in this line should be achieved much easier.

Best Middle Man Businesses

In the world of business, middlemen serve an important function.

One of several vital roles played by middlemen has to do with enabling manufactured goods to reach the end-user or consumer. It’s a type of self-employment which, when done properly can fetch you lots of profits.

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Names May Vary but Functions are Similar

If the term “middleman” sounds confusing to you, there are several others that mean the same thing.

Other names that can be used in place of middleman include agent, wholesaler, mediator, intermediary, go-between, broker, dealer, liaison officer, interdealer broker, distributor, and frontman.

We’ve included such information to allow you to discover the broad applicability of the term “middleman”.

From the multiple name options supplied, you can begin to easily discover and assess the different business ideas middlemen are engaged in.

Now, let’s get into some of these ideas, shall we?

Middleman Business Examples

There’s no shortage of business ideas in which middlemen are engaged. The good thing with being a middleman is that you get a lot of options in terms of the niche you can engage or do business in.

Such ideas include bounty hunting, art brokerage, construction brokerage, and referral service business.

Other middlemen business ideas include export management, freight brokerage, artist agent, business brokerage, and lumber brokerage.

There are others like elderly recruitment businesses, boat brokerage, human resource agency, travel agency, lease brokerage, antique business, and entertainment booking agencies.

You might also find these middleman business ideas interesting; prospecting agent, distribution warehouse, mortgage brokerage, and commercial loan brokerage.

Any of these ideas when well implemented has the potential to earn you decent profits. To know what they’re about, let’s briefly discuss each.

  • Bounty Hunting

Under this type of business arrangement, you’re going to work closely with law enforcement. Here, fugitive recovery is the objective.

Escaped fugitives could pose significant risks. As such, you’ll need to be fully aware of the risks posed and have what it takes to successfully launch your operations and get the job done.

  • Art Brokerage

As an art broker, there are lots of things you can do in line with your passion.

Some aspects of your job descriptions will include advising auction houses as well as helping museums with the assembly and exhibit of artworks. What more?

An art brokerage also helps provide a safe platform for the sale of arts.

  • Construction Brokerage

Middlemen also play a crucial role in construction. These are known as construction brokers. Here, both the homeowners as well as the contractor are brought together by the broker.

As a construction middleman, you get to protect the interest of both sides by ensuring that agreements are signed and stuck to.

  • Referral Service

Referral services perform the vital task of linking individuals and organizations to the right sources when seeking a particular service.

Just like it applies to other similar mediator roles, a lot of research and networking is required. Your ability to provide solutions will attract more patronage.

  • Export Management

Through export management, you’re able to harmonize and incorporate an export business to make it easier for both exporters and buyers.

Here, all details regarding export are taken into consideration with lots of data collection and processing involved.

Under this type of middleman business, you’ll serve as a go-between for both the freight service provider as well as the shipper.

This type of business doesn’t require taking physical possession of goods. Nevertheless, you still facilitate the transport and delivery of such goods.

Here, third-party carriers are normally used.

  • Artist Agent

As an artist agent, you get to sell and represent the artist.

This is achieved through many ways such as commissions, events, licensing deals, individual sales, and publicity.

Of course, you’ll need to have appreciable networking skills to be effective as a middleman.

  • Business Brokerage

If business brokerage sounds interesting to you, the rewards can be quite significant when done right. This middleman business idea involves the purchase and sale of mostly main street businesses.

  • Lumber Brokerage

Here, you’ll serve as the middleman between lumber buyers and lumber mills. To be a successful middleman or broker in this field, you must have in-depth knowledge of the lumbering industry.

Asides from lumber buyers and mills, you’ll be involved with growers and lumberyards.

  • Boat Brokerage

Boat sellers work closely with middlemen or brokers to help advertise their boats or yachts.

If you’re interested in this line of the brokerage business, then you might want to find out how to go about the whole process. Your job here is to find interested buyers while getting your commission for sales made.

  • Human Resource Agency

Another middleman business idea you might find exciting is the human resource consulting agency.

Under this type of operation, you’re mostly involved in the management of the employee lifecycle.

Most human resource agency roles include recruitment, hiring, training, onboarding, and firing of employees.

  • Travel Agency

As a travel agent, you’re the middleman that stands on behalf of travelers to make necessary travel arrangements.

Here, you get to charge a fee for your service with different destinations influencing the costs.

  • Lease Brokerage

Have you ever thought about lease brokerage?

As a commercial real estate professional, you get to establish a company that represents building owners in the lease and sale of commercial properties.

  • Antique Business

With an experienced middleman, the antique business is a lot easier due to expertise and a deeper understanding of the market. This is one middleman business idea that might be of interest to you.

We’ve listed some viable middleman business ideas you can try out. While these are profitable businesses, it’s important to have the drive and desire to grow the business.

More important is the need to have the needed skills.