Sample HR Consulting Business Plan Template


In a bid to start an HR consulting firm, all areas of your operations must be figured out. The only way to get this fully worked out is through your plan. Your plan organizes your entire business which in turn promotes productivity and growth.

It is necessary to note that not all plans lead to success. Badly written plans won’t do much in helping a business grow.

It’s because of this that we’ve written this sample HR consulting business plan. This guides while serving as a template to enable you to figure out the process.

Executive Summary

Alpha Consult is an HR consulting company located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We specialize in a variety of hr related services such as drafting policies, training & development, recruitment, and organizational structuring just to name a few.

The demand for our services places us in a strategic position to further expand and improve on our service delivery. We are located at the heart of Albuquerque’s business district and provide hr services to businesses and clients from different industries.

Our focus is mainly on providing far-reaching solutions and paying close attention to client needs. As a forward-looking business, we are paying close attention to shifting trends in a bid to adjust our services to cater to emerging needs.

  • Products and Services

We are specialists in HR consulting and offer a variety of services. These range from vendor management, management training, recruitment, and payroll administration.

Other services include benefits administration, employee and labor relations management, and organizational structuring.

We’re also involved in constant research on new trends of hr consulting to ensure we’re always top of our game. Our goal and desire are to provide exceptional services to clients that surpass their expectations.

  • Our Vision

At the Alpha consult, we seek to become the go-to hr services provider. Becoming the preferred hr consulting company will come with a lot of work which we’re committed to. We hope to break into the top 5 hr consulting businesses in New Mexico within 5 years.

  • Our Mission

We are a business that seeks to improve the way business is done.

By guaranteeing efficiency, we hope to be drivers of transformation and growth within the world of business. We are aware of stiff competition within the industry and will be adopting innovative approaches towards making our business more competitive.

  • Capital Requirement

We have been in operation for the past 5 years and are ready to take on the first phase of our expansion plans. This will result in the creation of more offices across multiple locations within and beyond Albuquerque.

Our expansion drive will require the injection of additional funds to the tune of $1,500,000.00.

Out of this amount, we’ll be providing about 50% of the amount. The remaining half will be sourced from a loan facility through ABC bank at a yearly interest rate of 5%. This amount will be used to pay for renting office spaces, purchase of office equipment as well as running costs.

  • SWOT Analysis

One of the things we’ve sought to find out about our operations is how well we’ve performed thus far. A SWOT analysis was carried out to examine key areas. The results obtained have been more than revealing and show areas we need to improve upon. The following are findings made;


Our operations as a business have been strengthened by the caliber of professionals under our employ. These are trusted hands that have demonstrated immense professionalism in providing consulting services.

Our employees come with different specializations that contribute to the smooth running of our hr consulting business. Such specializations include employee assistance plan managers, human resources information system analysts, and employment, recruitment & placement specialists.

Others include training and development specialists, and compensation & benefits managers among others. These are highly experienced experts that offer a wide range of vital services, thus helping our business grow.


Areas of weakness have also been identified in the way we do business. Such weaknesses include the size of our clientele and our area of coverage. These two are related and will require breaking into the big league. To ensure we attract big clients, we are expediting action on our expansion and marketing plans.


As more businesses outsource their hr consulting needs, we are well-positioned to take advantage of them. We have also created a system that encourages repeat patronage and referral. This relies on the provision of excellent and world-class consulting services.

The amount of money being set aside by businesses to improve their human resource management tasks and decisions has improved significantly. This presents a unique opportunity for our business to flourish by providing corresponding excellent services that guarantee growth for our clients.


Economic recession halts and badly affects the growth of businesses. In many cases, such businesses go bust. This points to one thing; a drop in demand for our services. Although this isn’t a frequent occurrence, we’re preparing for such events to ensure it doesn’t take up unawares.

  • Sales Projection

Sales generation is central to the success of our operations. The more clients we have, the better it impacts our operations. With our current expansion drive being implemented, we hope to see a marked improvement in our revenue generation.

We’ve carried out a projection of sales from the time the expansion drive is fully implemented to the third year. The results obtained have been encouraging as summarized below;

  1. First Fiscal Year   $400,000.00
  2. Second Fiscal Year $950,000,00
  3. Third Fiscal Year $2,500,000.00

Competitive Advantage

HR consulting is a highly competitive industry that requires the adoption of cutting-edge strategies to promote growth. We’re doing just that by using using the latest technology and tools to impact positively on our operations.

We are also investing in the training and retraining of our workforce to ensure they keep up with the best practices within the industry.

There you go! This hr consulting business plan sample can be used in a variety of ways to improve your plan.

Writing a business plan for your consulting business shouldn’t be rushed. You should take as much time as you need to piece together a solid plan. This will guarantee success.

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