How to Make Money in Las Vegas

What is the best way to make money in Las Vegas?

If you live in Vegas intending to move there soon, you might want to partake in its booming economy by seeking ways to make money.

We’ve provided helpful tips by including creative ways to make good money while living in Vegas. One thing that’s key is the need to deliver value.

Ways to Make Money in Vegas

Call it the City of Lights, the Gambling Capital of the World, or the City that Never Sleeps, Vegas means different things to different people.

It’s a favorite destination for many around the world. There’s an aura about the city that makes it one of the best destinations in the world for many.

With its many attractions attracting tourists worldwide, the city’s economy thrives, with revenues in the billions generated by hotels and casinos.

People are always ready to exchange money for perceived value.

Making Money In Las Vegas

Money-making is all about being creative. You can leverage many things you take for granted to make money.

Examples of things you can do for money in Vegas include ridesharing, food delivery, running errands, becoming a dancer, Becoming a DJ, and signing up as an Airbnb host.

Money can also be made by becoming a school crossing guard, pawn valuables, city guide writer, and gambling your way to riches.

Other earning opportunities in Las Vegas include being a fashion consultant and becoming a valet. Let’s expand each of these points to give an idea of what they involve.

i. Ridesharing

If you live in Vegas and own a car, you can put such to great use by sharing your ride.

Because Vegas is a city with many visitors every time, ridesharing services are always needed. You can do brisk business by transporting tourists around the city for a fee.

One of the best aspects of ridesharing is that you can work on your schedule. Plus, the city of Vegas never sleeps, so there are many clients to cater to.

ii. Food Delivery

Las Vegas is a city where food delivery businesses thrive due to its dynamic nature. Restaurants need your services to reach clients unable to visit their physical locations.

Owning a car will be of great help in serving your clients. Food delivery apps you can register with include Uber Eats and DoorDash.

Other excellent food delivery apps include Grubhub, Postmates,, Caviar, Favor, Seamless, Waitr, Instacart, and EatStreet. Using any of these apps makes your business more visible and readily accessible.

This fetches you a decent income.

iii. Running Errands

When people cannot keep up with basic chores due to busy schedules, you could step in to make their lives easier while getting paid for it.

Here, chores and odd jobs are targeted by approaching homes and advertising your business. Examples of odd jobs you may be doing include mowing and handyperson services.

If this direct approach is challenging, you can adopt a different way to meet or get clients. One platform is designed to serve as a marketplace for clients and service providers.

Some of these include Express Errands & Courier and City VIP Concierge.

iv. Becoming a Dancer

If you’re good at dancing, you might want to convert such skills into a money-making venture.

Remember, Vegas is an entertainment city, and what better way to leverage such an opportunity than by providing entertainment through dancing?

Many shows and auditions are held across the city for your skills.

Move around or search for these shows and auditions online to know when they’re auditioning. This isn’t only restricted to dancing and other forms of entertainment like comedy, drama, singing, and more.

You can either perform solo or be selected to become a cast member.

v. Become a DJ

In a city like Vegas, one thing that’s never in doubt is the need for DJs.

If you have the skills, you can apply to become an in-house DJ for clubs, hotels, and casinos, among other entertainment venues.

This is one job you can steadily build a successful brand by innovating with sounds and the needs of your audience. Learning the ropes might take several months to a few years if you’ve not yet obtained the skills.

vi. Signing up as an Airbnb Host

Residents of Las Vegas have the opportunity to earn a good income by signing up as Airbnb hosts. While there are many luxury hotels, not all tourists will have a big budget.

Becoming an Airbnb host can convert your extra space into good use. It’s not difficult to figure out how to begin.

vii. Become a School Crossing Guard

School crossing guards perform the vital function of getting kids safely to school and back home.

You only need to dedicate a few hours during the day. There are usually openings for such kinds of jobs to apply for. However, the earnings are modest.

viii. Pawn your Valuables

Are you short on cash or wish to forget specific memories?

You can pawn items that remind you of such memories for cash. There are lots of pawnshops across Vegas to patronize.

ix. Become a City Guide Writer

Did you know cities and governments pay or hire city writers to promote their sites? You can leverage this opportunity as a tourist or resident of Vegas.

All that is needed here is your perspective about your experience and what visitors stand to benefit from.

x. Gamble your way to Riches

This statement can be contradictory in many ways. However, it doesn’t change that people make considerable winnings in Vegas casinos.

We must also state that there’s a bigger chance of losing your life savings through the same action. While you can make money gambling, it’s not a reliable way to earn.

Making money in Las Vegas is possible when adopting any of the abovementioned strategies. These are just a few of the many other ways to consider.