A pawn shop is simply a place where you bring your personal belongings, in most cases treasured ones in exchange for secured loans.

The pawn shops keep these treasured possessions pending the time agreed on for redemption of such items through the payment of the loans. However, after the expiration of the agreed time, the pawn shop owner reserves the right to sell these personal effects to raise his/her funds.

Here is a sample business plan for starting a pawn shop.

  • Executive Summary
  • Products and Services
  • Mission Statement
  • Vision Statement
  • Business Structure
  • Market Analysis
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Financial Projection
  • Sustainability and Expansion Strategy


Providing fast and reliable financial aid to its customers, Bond Pawn shop is strategically placed to offer unparalleled financial services in the form of loans to clients in need, with the condition being the deposition of their personal effects to qualify for such loans. These effects will have to be up to the value of the loan needed.

With Queens New York being our main area of operation, we intend to offer unmatched services to clients with this area. As experts in this area of business, we intend to examine personal effects brought to us, (mostly valuables) to determine their true worth and in turn offer loans based on this knowledge.


Taking advantage of the opportunities for business (pawn) in Queens, we intend to accept valuables ranging from electronics, Jewelleries, amongst other personal effects for loans to be offered to the parties in need. However, these loans will have an expiry period of 20 days after which these valuables will have to be sold to recoup our money.

It is expected that the return rate for our loans will be 30%, hence there will be more profitability in the sale of these valuables that could not be reclaimed. This will be done in adherence to state laws.


Our mission statement at Bond Pawn Shop is to offer the best services in the pawn loan industry and also to create trust and bonds of friendship and mutual respect for our customer. This is in line with our beliefs and values at Bond Pawn shop.


Our Vision at Bond Pawn shop is to expand our operations from Queens, New York to cover the entire United States, providing unparalleled services nationally.


Having a workforce in place that understands the vision and mission of our business model is key to our success.

Hence, careful selection of the best hands will be made. Being part of the business structure, they will be trained and retrained to provide professional services to our valued clients.

This is in a bid to attract continuous client followership after they might have had a pleasant experience with our staff.


It has been examined that the clients that would seek the services of pawn shops locally and nationally are steadily on the increase. This is true especially with those who can no longer afford the lifestyles they lived and would like to sell off some of their effects or trade them for loans. The issue of the purchase of stolen goods has created a dent on the image of pawn brokers.

However, this has not totally ruined its operations as there are still good pawn shops, especially those in high-brow neighbourhoods.


The sales and marketing strategy to be adopted by Bond Pawn shop consists of the creation of an excellent client relationship to keep our clients always coming back for our services. Clients are so crucial to our survival, hence special dates and events held dear by our clients will be held dear by us too. This information will be gotten through the deployment of forms to be filled by our clients making available these basic information’s.

Other marketing platforms to be deployed in the marketing of our services include advert through the internet, radio and TV adverts, printing of fliers and posters among several others.


We at Bond Pawn shop have made our financial projections based on findings on research carried out on the viability of a pawn shop business. During our first four years of operations, we expect to see our profits growing steadily, that is without any interruption from factors like recession or natural disasters which might distort our profitability growth plans. Hence the figures below say it all;

– First Financial Year $200,000
– Second Financial Year $550,000
– Third Financial Year $1,100,000
– Fourth Financial Year $1,660,000


The sustainability and expansion strategy at Bond Pawn shop consists of a high level of motivation of our workforce.

Here, necessary actions need to be taken to encourage our staff to always abide by company objectives and also to encourage them through motivation and encouragement and to put a reward system in place to make them strive to achieve this milestone, thereby creating healthy competition amongst them which eventually benefits the business.

Also, periodic meetings will be held to acquaint our workforce with the goals of our company in the event that they start to lose track. This is to enable them rededicate their efforts to helping Bond Pawn shop reach its set goals within the shortest possible time.

These are essentially what a business plan for a pawn shop should contain. I have tried to highlight some of the most basic information required in writing a detailed pawn shop business plan and hope it will achieve its purpose by providing detailed guidance on how to construct a sound business roadmap.

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