Starting a mobile Disc Jockey (DJ) business is surely a good idea, especially since our society today is one that loves and appreciates music.

A Disc Jockey business is one that we will continue to see springing up, as long as we will always have events and parties, or the need to play music to a large audience.

By now, you should be familiar with the steps necessary for starting a mobile DJ business, and are set to write a good and simple business plan for your mobile DJ business.

Here is a sample business plan for starting a mobile DJ business.

BUSINESS NAME: Emcee Mick Mickey DJ Services.

  • Executive Summary
  • Our Products and Services
  • Vision Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Business Structure
  • Market Analysis
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Financial Plan
  • Sales Forecast
  • Conclusion

Executive Summary

Emcee Mick Mickey DJ Services is a fully registered mobile DJ business which will be carrying out its business operations in Los Angeles, United States.

The business will be concerned with providing music related services to its clients.

Emcee Mick Mickey will be the owner and CEO of Emcee Mick Mickey DJ Services. He has contributed a total of $150,000 towards starting up the business, while plans have been made to secure the remainder from the bank to complete the total startup capital of $300,000.

Our Products and Services

Emcee Mick Mickey DJ Services is a mobile DJ business in Los Angeles, United States which will be particularly interested in providing its services to clients in the United States.

We are a fully equipped DJ and musical equipment rental service business whose primary aim is profit-making.

Our business is a mobile one, and we will be going around offering our services to our clients, rather than them coming to us.

The following are the products and services which we will be providing to our customers:

  • Handling the affairs of our clients’ events as regards music and entertainment such as wedding parties, birthday parties, corporate events, graduation parties, etc.
  • Fully running a standard musical equipment rental service.
  • Retailing mixed records / music.
  • Advisory and consultancy services as regards entertainment and disc jockeying.

Vision Statement

Our vision in the industry is to become a standard disc jockey and musical equipment rental services company that will become a major force in the industry in the whole of Los Angeles, and other major cities in the United States of America.

We want to make sure Emcee Mick Mickey DJ Services becomes a household name before our tenth anniversary.

Mission Statement

Our mission in the industry is to become a very reputable mobile DJ business that will be vital to promoting quality music services in Los Angeles and the whole of the United States and Canada as well.

We want to grow a profitable business that will be vital towards providing quality services.

Business Structure

The business structure of any business goes a long way towards determining the success of the business. This is the reason why we will pay maximum attention to our DJ business structure.

We will take very seriously our recruitment process. We will make sure to hire professional hands that are very skilled and proficient in their respective fields.

They will occupy the following positions in our business:

  • Manager (CEO and owner)
  • Sales and Marketing Executive
  • Accountant / Cashier
  • Disc Jockey (Deejays) (5)
  • Truck Driver
  • Customer Service Personnel

Market Analysis
Market Trend

One notable trend in the industry is that any disc jockey company that wants to stay relevant and on top of the game has to always keep abreast with the latest changes and developments as regards technology in the industry.

Target Market

We have identified the following groups to constitute our target market:

  • Event Planners
  • Facility managers
  • Individuals and Households
  • Restaurant, bars, Hotels, and Motels
  • Camp grounds
  • Government
  • Music producers as well as concert organizers
  • Casinos
  • Lounges
  • Schools and Institutions
  • Night clubs
  • Residential Places

Sales and Marketing Strategy

Our business will primarily be promoted by great customers’ services as well as quality delivery.

We well know how important developing a good sales and marketing strategy is to the success of a business; hence, we have done well in creating a good sales and marketing strategy and programme which will help us fully promote our DJ services to clients.

The following ways are how we have intended to implement our sales and marketing scheme:

  • First, we will go around introducing our DJ business to everyone in our neighbourhood in Los Angeles. This, we will fully carry out by means of our introductory letters and fliers.
  • We will encourage friends and family as well as our esteemed clients to help spread the word about our DJ business.
  • We will particularly advertise our DJ business on relevant magazines, newspapers, radio and TV stations.
  • We will use the social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram to the full in promoting our business.
  • We will keep abreast and connect with top stakeholders and prospective clients alike, by attending expos, seminars, business fairs, etc.

Financial Plan
Source of Startup Capital

If you intend to really make it big in this industry, you must put in enough resources.

So far we have been able to realize a total of $150,000 from the owner, Emcee Mick Mickey. We will however need to obtain a loan of $150,000 from the owner’s bank to complete the startup capital.

Sales Forecast

Below is the sales forecast for our DJ business, Emcee Mick Mickey DJ Services.

This sales forecast is for the first three years after launching our mobile DJ business. It is however based on credible statistical data which we were able to obtain in the industry.

First Fiscal Year $250,000
Second Fiscal Year $500,000
Third Fiscal Year $900,000


This article contains a DJ business plan sample which bears the name, ‘Emcee Mick Mickey DJ Services’. The business will be carrying out its operations in Los Angeles, United States.

It will be owned and headed by Emcee Mick Mickey.

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