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With the increasing spate of armed robberies, acts of terrorism, kidnappings, and abductions, a great need confronting mankind today are seeking protection against these security threats and this has initiated the birth of many private security business start-ups.

As more businesses and individuals become more aware of their need for private security guards; especially as the organs of state, saddled with the responsibility of security provision, seem overwhelmed and overburdened, there lies a great opportunity for business startups dedicated to the offering of private security services.

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Starting a private security company requires the correct training and licensing, as well as possessing sound business knowledge and excellent networking and coordinating skills.

As a startup, the security company must draw up a good business plan and find out how to secure a current private security company license registration.

The business plan for a private security company should guide the entrepreneur along the following lines:

1. Assist the investor in knowing if the start-up private security business has a competitive advantage by way of the services it plans to offer.

2. Make projections about the future potentials of the private security firm. While it is standard to start small, several potential clients will only deal with a small list of private security companies that have grown big and are still growing, with a period of excellent service delivery under their belt.

3. Help in deciding whether or not to take on a partner. The private security business plan should state the long-term goals of the security service business, especially as regards the engagement of a partner, who can bring expertise in some desirable area.

4. Clearly show the niche services the home security company startup will be offering; whether it will sell security products and devices or one that proffers security services or both.

Starting a Private Bodyguard Company

Are you thinking of starting a bodyguard business? There is no better time to starting a security-based business than now. This is due to the prevalence of criminal acts in this present time. Innocent citizens get kidnapped, robbed, assaulted, and abducted daily.

The National Bureau of Statistics reported a total of 58,566 crime cases in 2016. This statistic is just for two locations in one country, now imagine what the record would say about every other place and country.

Hence, the need for a bodyguard business is in high demand. This is not to say that the security agencies have not been discharging their duties, the crime rate just doesn’t go below average or justify their effort.

However, it should be noted that to start a bodyguard business, of business, certain things have to be put in place. Some of these things are very essential to the success of the business.

They are explained below:


This is very essential in starting a bodyguard business. Anyone who intends to venture into this business must have had an experience with any of the security agencies- say a retired soldier, a retired policeman, among others.

Although it is not the only requirement it is important because a prospective client is likely to inquire about the security experience of the business owner. The same goes for other personnel who would be used as bodyguards.


Starting a bodyguard business will require some requisite licensing from necessary bodies. This includes the license to use some types of ammunition, license as regards uniform to be worn by the personnel.

Licensing goes a long way in showing the credibility and seriousness of the company to prospective clients. As a prospective client, I would rather go for a company that has a license to do some things related to security than a company that doesn’t.

Get an Office

It is good to go virtual especially in the digital age that we are in but with the nature of this kind of business, it is better advised to get a space as an office. This, among other things, would ensure the believability and trustworthiness of the company.

Although it depends on individual taste, an average client would prefer to meet in an office to discuss his type of bodyguard than make such a discussion virtually.

Recruit Personnel

The demands of the business cannot be singlehandedly handled. It would be highly impossible for you as the business owner to be a bodyguard to Mr. John and Toby at the same time. Hence, there is a need to employ more hands who are capable to handle the task.

Employing personnel if not done carefully could affect the business as time goes on. It should, however, be noted that not every Tom, Dick, and Harry can be recruited. By the nature of the service rendered, it is not everyone that applies that should be employed. There has been a requirement that should be set by the business owner.

Train and Retrain Your Personnel

This also is very important to the success of the business. All personnel to be used as bodyguards must be trained on what to do and at what time to do what to do. They need to be trained in human relationships, security reasoning among other relevant things.

This implies that they need to be professional in their work. If possible they can be made to go on a special security training.

Advertise Your Bodyguard Business

Here, the business is not just advertised in any way like other businesses. The advert method used has to be targeted at some people both artificial and natural. This means that although everyone is in a world that is not secured (so to say) but not everyone can afford the cost of getting a bodyguard or a special guard to follow them.

Therefore, your security brand name and adverts should be targeted at some class and category of persons.

Make It Affordable

Even though it has earlier been discussed that the service is not meant for every Tom, Dick, and Harry to request, it still has to be affordable. The affordability will bring more clients and ensure that the existing ones keep coming.

The point is that it doesn’t have to be too expensive to afford and or too cheap considering the number of personnel that would be paid at the end of the month.

Always Conduct a Follow Up

Doing a follow-up with a client will help in determining what to do and what not to do regarding the personnel. This will also show to the client the level of seriousness in keeping the business going.

Conclusively, as seen above, like starting any other business, dedication, diligence, and hard work are mostly required both by the business owner and the personnel employed in discharging the service.

Starting A Private Security Company

The entrepreneur interested in starting a private security business should have had some experience serving as a police officer or in the Armed forces.

The simple logic guiding this requirement is that perception counts, and clients will only feel confident in committing their safety into the care of suitably trained and conditioned ex-officers.

Also, the years of experience garnered in security establishments will serve as the template for the operations of the newly set up security guard company, especially in drawing up security protocols for individuals and large corporations.

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For individuals desirous of establishing a new private security contractor company but who do not possess the requisite law enforcement/security background, attending a legally accredited security training school or academy will be important.

Such programs will expose the entrants to rudiments of security training and conditioning such as firearms use and safety, intelligence gathering and interpretation, counter-terrorism practices, and so on.

The next action in establishing a private security company is to obtain relevant permits and registration, certificate of practice, and other documents from relevant authorities. The provision of security to individuals and corporations outside the services of the state is regulated in most parts of the world and the security company must comply with the laws of the land.

The next critical step for the about to be established private security company will be the recruitment of security personnel. This action must be thorough and professional, as this front-line staff is the first point of contact with the public and they must display sound conduct and excellent human relations in the discharge of their duties.

Ideally, to set up a private security company, you could employ ex-police officers and servicemen. Where these kinds of applicants are unavailable, other entrants can be made to undergo a period of internship at a security guard training school.

Acquiring necessary tools and equipment such as mobile phones, headsets and two-way radios for employees will naturally follow suit. As much as startup costs will permit, the private security company can institute an insurance policy for employees, in the discharge of their private security jobs.

Another important step to start your own private security company will be to evolve appropriate marketing and advertising strategies. Less expensive means will include the distribution of flyers, word-of-mouth marketing, and referrals by friends and family.

Concurrently, the owner of a start-up Security Company could pursue an education in criminology/criminal law.

This is to enable a sound grasp of laws and the rights granted to individuals. Besides, when setting up a private security company, there must have a proper location where customers/clients can be received and where training and seminars can be held for employees.

While it is ideal to secure a befitting office space, considerations for costs could make the private security guard business pragmatic, whereby the owner can set up shop in his/her home or reach an agreement with some benefactor to share office space.

To make money proffering private security services is a competitive line of work, as individuals and corporate organizations will only accept bids that come at a reasonable cost and proffers quality in service.

Therefore the startup private security company must be able structured to deliver on these expectations, continuously.

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