The Liquor industry is a multi-billion dollar market that continues to expand and also seeks more players to join in.

The retailing industry is so vast as to accommodate almost every saleable commodity. The liquor store falls under the retailing industry just like a smoothie drink business. A working business plan is necessary to the success of any business one can think of. Hence, it is an invaluable document no business can do without.

With this sample, it is believed that the difficulties encountered in the writing of a comprehensive liquor store business plan will be surmounted.

Here is a sample business plan for starting a liquor store.

– Executive Summary
– Our Products
– Mission Statement
– Our Vision
– Market Analysis/Trends
– Target Market
– Competitive Advantage
– Source of Income
– Product Sales Forecast
– Publicity and Advert Strategy
– Available Payment Options
– Startup Capital
– Expansion drive and Sustainability


Exquisite Liquors LLC is a fully registered and licensed liquor store to be located in New York with projections to widen its operations to cover the entire state and even beyond within its first 3 years of operations.

Being a retail liquor store, the products on sale will include a variety of brands including assorted alcoholic wines.

This will be driven by a professional and friendly customer service that will make customer satisfaction a top priority.


The products on offer at our liquor store are carefully selected brands that are popular with the drinking public and are of assorted types that include wines, liquor, spirits and even non alcoholic beverages among a wide range of drinks available for sale to our clients.


Our Mission at Exquisite Liquors LLC is to have a liquor store that provides unbeatable services to our highly esteemed clients through the availability of the widest range of drinks to accommodate the needs of all our clients and also ensure that they always come back to our pampering arms.


Our vision is to spread our liquor outlets across the entire United States and within the next 8 years, to have an Exquisite Liquor store in located in every state.


Our market analysis has brought up important areas of where we would be concentrating on, such as having competitive prices for our products which have shown to move sales than those liquor stores with higher prices, as consumers are more likely to go for cheaper products.

Also, we will ensure we scale through every strict control imposed in every state. This we will achieve by ensuring that we meet up with every license and control requirement, including restricting the sale of products to the under aged.


At Exquisite Liquors LLC, we already have a target market of clients who we intend to serve and treat with hospitality. These cut across a wide segment of society; from the military, to sportsmen and women, tourists, college students among other segments of the society.


Our competitive advantage over our competitors is our unique services which include the sale of cheaper, but high quality liquor, wine, beverages etc. Also, our customer care service will be among the very best within the industry.

We are emphasizing that because of the important role clients play in the success of any business venture, especially, the liquor store business.


Our source of income will be through the sale of various brands of liquor and other drinks as wine and beverages. Among a few of these are organic brews, Hebrew beers, Martinis, bud light lime, wines, spirits etc


From the date of commencement of business, we have a three year sales forecast that will see a huge jump in our revenues. This of course discounts any major economic change.

– Year 1 $80,000
– Year 2 $300,000
– Year 3 $700,000


The publicity and advert strategy to be deployed by Exquisite Liquors includes an aggressive awareness campaign on the services on offer. We intend deploying the latest technology such as the use of the internet, social media, the printing of fliers and banners and also, the mounting of huge billboards displaying our services.

The local TV and radio will not be left out as we go all out to drive the message of our unparalleled services.


At our liquor stores, we intend to embrace clients from diverse backgrounds who might have different preferences on how they pay for services. Hence, such payment options as POS, mobile money, cash payments, cheque etc will be made available.


The startup capital for the commencement of this liquor store will be sourced from these options; savings which have been reserved for this purpose, and loans that will be sourced from the bank.


As earlier stated, Exquisite Liquors LLC intends to embark on an expansion drive to eventually have our liquor stores in all states within the United States. This will be sustained through the provision of unparalleled services in the liquor store business.

We believe our matchless services will speak for us in convincing clients, who will in turn convince friends and acquaintances about the quality of service available to them.

Although brief, these are some of the contents a well laid out business plan should include and how it should be structured.

This liquor store business plan sample covers all the vital areas a well written business plan should contain.

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