Marketing For Life Coaches – 7 Advertising Ideas To Sell Your Business

How do I market my coaching business?

Are you into life coaching but wonder how to sell your business to clients?  A lot of business owners are faced with this dilemma.

The truth is; your life coaching business can be very successful if you have what it takes to promote it.

This article is about showing you ways to sell your business to targeted clients.

How To Market A Coaching Business

Whether you’re running a life coaching business or any other type, one thing is central to its promotion; establishing valuable networks.

Connecting with targeted clients can be done in many ways among which include presenting or stating your value proposition,  as well as going further to establish one-on-one relationships.

Who are your clients? This is the purpose of communication.

You’ll need to know who your clients are and what they need. This enables you to address such needs more comprehensively.

At the end of the day, marketing coaching efforts produce a win-win situation for all parties involved.

Here is a sample marketing plan for a life coach.

7 Best Life Coaching Advertising Ideas

To successfully sell your life coaching business, you’ll need to take many deliberate and calculated actions.

These include early automation, branding, as well as networking with local businesses.

Other ways to promote your life coaching business include spreading the word through daily communication with your target market.

Another way to warm your business into the hearts of prospective clients is by making positive contributions in forums and groups. What more?

You can make people interested in your business by creating and publishing exciting, engaging & informative content within your niche area.

Such content can be published on your blog as well as a guest post on other highly visible blogs and magazines. One other way of effectively advertising your life coaching business is by having interview sessions.

Such sessions could be on a podcast, magazine, or radio.

There are lots of options available.

With this said, it’s time to discuss each of the points stated above. All such points fully reveal how your life coaching business can be sold to your targeted clientele.

When properly implemented, you’re bound to have the results you so desire. So without further delay, let’s begin our discussion.

  • Early Automation

Early automation is one way to have an edge in marketing coaching services. This has to do with setting up a system where information can be easily accessed by interested persons.

A functional website is one effective way to do this. A website with adequate input in terms of thoroughly researched content does a lot to sell your business.

Early automation also includes setting up a system that fetches you passive income. Here, a video course could do the trick. You’ll need to make or create highly informative content that stays relevant.

While you earn from your life coaching sessions, you also earn from the continued sale of your content.

  • Branding

Branding is a broad term that involves a whole lot of actions all aimed at projecting the desired image about your business.

Here, you’re looking at your coaching business name, the logo, your central message, as well as the story about how it all started or began. You might require expert or professional help to be able to make the most impact.

With the right messaging and image, your life coaching becomes a magnet for clients seeking reliable and expert knowledge regarding their chosen paths.

  • Networking with Local Businesses

One effective business promotion strategy that’s often overlooked by entrepreneurs relates to networking. In this case, cooperating with local businesses can do a world of good to your life coaching business.

Speaking of life coaching, this can be achieved by getting into mutually beneficial agreements.

Such agreements have to do with making vital referrals to the businesses of those involved. Networking in this case doesn’t have to be restricted to those in the same line of business.

You can still enter into mutually beneficial agreements with businesses outside of your niche with significant outcomes achieved.

  • Spreading Word Via Daily Communication

When it comes to business promotion, a lot of work has to be done. While certain marketing actions typically have long-term results, others are meant to drive up immediate patronage and sales.

This involves talking to prospective or targeted clients daily. One effective way to do this is through social media networks.

By leveraging the power and reach of social media, you’re able to get access to a large market.

Popular platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, and the likes easily offer a launchpad for your coaching business promotion.

  • Making Positive Contributions in Forums & Groups

Whenever you go online, you’d find tons of highly engaging forums and groups on social media.

These consist of general, as wells as niche-based groups. Of course, you must be knowledgeable enough about your area of interest to be able to make positive contributions.

Such positive contributions easily serve as magnets that attract people to you. By demonstrating you have a grasp of the subject matter, you’re able to easily convert your new followers to paying clients.

More importantly, you get to create an image and impression about your expertise.

  • Creating & Publishing Content within your Niche Area

One of the basic ways to promote your life coaching business is by publishing content related to your area of expertise. This action has to be sustained and regular.

More important is the need for such content to be informative and engaging to readers. With this action, you shouldn’t have a shortage of clients patronizing your business.

  • Have Interview Sessions

Have you ever considered having interview sessions where you get to sell your life coaching business?

By collaborating with media personalities in the formal and informal sector, you’re able to achieve this easily. You could start by being interviewed on a popular podcast.

Of course, you’ll need to make arrangements for such with the podcaster.

In all, the goal is to spread the word about what you do and how your business impacts the lives of clients. Also, having some testimonials to back up your claims will be a great idea.


This is as far as we’ll go on promoting your life coaching business.

There’s never a shortage of people/clients in need of your services. However, the right messaging can help attract them to you.

Looking for how to get clients for a life coaching business?

We hope you have your answers now.