Life Coaching Marketing Plan Sample Template

Here is how to write a life coach marketing plan sample.

Marketing is central to doing business. Without this activity, your products or services hardly get access to the marketplace. It is all about the creation of awareness. A plan will be needed to do this effectively. Hence the marketing plan.

This article brings you a life coaching marketing plan sample you can work with.

Life Coach Marketing Plan PDF Sample

If you’re planning on creating one for your life coaching business, this should help. Implementing your marketing plan is also of the essence.

A good plan as represented by this should be able to define your target market and clearly understand its needs.

  • Mission Statement

NPowr is a business that inspires and supports people to dream, create and achieve their life goals. We believe in a world where people can confront their fears to reach their full potentials. That is what we at NPowr stand for.

We serve the motivational and public speaking industry by inspiring leaders to attain heights they previously thought impossible.

Our self-assessment class seeks to detoxify the mind against long-held harmful beliefs. This helps our clients to begin to envision new possibilities. At Npowr, we don’t only lead, but also inspire. This is seen in practice from our life coaches who, themselves overcame limiting doubts to become huge success stories.

  • Our Target Markets

At Npowr, our niche consists of people within the 20 to 38 age group. People within this age category form the bulk of persons willing to pursue a career in public speaking. We are strategically positioned to help them realize their goals. Segments within this market include persons with a flair for speaking as well as those with interests of holding a public office in the future.

  • Our Services

As a life coaching company, we are more inclined to the public and motivational speaking angle. These services are delivered by high achieving and inspirational speakers. These are partners we take pride in. Their services have proven invaluable to the growth of our business.

However, we won’t be restricting ourselves to public and motivational speaking alone. We plan on expanding to more areas such as lifestyle and wellness as well as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Providing these additional services will require recruiting more staff. There is also a cost angle to it.

Nevertheless, a full takeoff of our additional services will be in the medium term (5 years). This should be driven by a growing demand for such services. We are upbeat about existing potentials in lifestyle & wellness as well as NLP life coaching sectors. The opportunities will be fully exploited in due time.

  • Marketing and Promotional Strategies

At Npowr, our life coaching goals will only be successful with an elaborate marketing plan. This consists of well-thought-out promotional strategies that understand market needs. Industry trends have played a major role in choosing our niche. The following marketing strategies will be employed in reaching our target market;

i. Writing Articles

The need for life coaching services in our chosen niche areas has risen significantly over the years. Nevertheless, we aren’t resting on our oars to further promote our business.

One way of promotion is by writing articles for professional journals and newsletters. These will contain details about the services provided.

We are banking on the fact that such professional journals, newsletters, and media programs serve as convergent points for people within our industry. Through our articles, they get to learn about our public and motivational speaking life coaching classes.

We’ll also include ample information about our intended expansion plans.

ii. Publicity and Press Releases

Our life coaching business will frequently send out publicity and press releases. This will be done through local radio and TV stations. Newspapers and magazines won’t be excluded. This will be done to create awareness about our business.

Another aim of such press releases is to help people see reasons why they should enroll in our classes. This action will eliminate the erroneous tendency to view life coaching as a distant and irrelevant field of endeavor.

iii. Trade Shows

Periodic trade show events will be organized. This will be done in partnership with relevant organizations. The central message of such trade shows will be to project life coaching as an endeavor that everyone needs. Our particular niche will be promoted to ignite interest in young adults.

iv. The Social Media Space

Our marketing drive will target social media space. This tool provides a huge online audience we can leverage on.

Therefore, we will be making use of the most popular platforms. These include Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. YouTube will also be leveraged to reach a wider audience.

Contents will include video and other forms of info-graphic materials. These will be uploaded frequently to keep our audience coming back for more.

  • Our Competition

To operate a thriving life coaching business, we have deliberately sought out our competition. The sole aim of this action was to compare our strengths as well as finding and emphasizing our areas of strengths. Currently, there are several life coaching services within our niche areas.

Although these are well-established businesses, we will offer more value to our clients. This includes our pricing structure in addition to the value-added services we offer. These areas will be promoted to let our potential clients know about the edge we have.

  • Our Marketing Goals

We have set definite goals on what we will be achieved through our marketing campaigns. These will include attaining a yearly enrollment threshold of 40 students. Our online life coaching platforms will have a yearly enrollment of 100 new students. This number will increase with our soon-to-be-launched an expansion drive.

  • Close Monitoring

It isn’t enough to set these strategies in motion. There is also the need for close monitoring. Monitoring in this sense has to do with measuring the impact of our actions as well as implementing measured adjustments when the need arises.

Here is a sample life coaching marketing plan you can use for your business. This looks into key areas of marketing and provides a template you can include in your marketing campaign.

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