Lemonade Stand Business Plan Sample Template


Starting a lemonade stand requires that the right things needed for the stability and profitability of the business be put in place.

This article will guide entrepreneurs on the skills of writing a good business plan for this particular business.

The business plan helps in realizing this and enables the business gain perspective on its current level and where it intends to be in the future.

Following this sample will ensure that the business owner is able to replicate these guidelines, only making changes to the contents and replacing them with the realities of his/her business.

Here is a sample business plan for starting a lemonade stand.

  • Executive Summary
  • Products and Services
  • Vision Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Marketing Analysis/Trend
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Target Market
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Sources of Revenue
  • Sales Projection
  • Payment Channels

Executive Summary

Francis Barnes lemonades is a lemonade stand to be located in downtown Florida and will be making available to the public high quality lemonade and other related products such as beverages, custom blended teas, Italian Sodas, coffees, soft drinks, among a long list of products we will be offering to the market.

These products will be produced under the supervision of state of the art quality control unit to ensure that only the best reaches our highly esteemed customers. We will be run by a dedicated and efficient workforce who will be properly remunerated to encourage dedication to service.

Products and Services

We at Francis Barnes lemonades apart from the providing premium quality lemonades will also have other related products such as the sale of soft drinks, custom blended teas, Italian sodas, a variety of beverage drinks and coffees among others.

In the area of services rendered, we will ensure that clients who want more than just a taste of our products, and are interested in training services, are adequately trained in the art of lemonade making. We will also have catering section where we will train students on catering.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to build a highly respectable lemonade brand that will be reckoned for excellent products and services. We have a goal of being among the top 5 lemonade brands in Florida within the first 5 years of our operations.

Mission Statement

Our mission at Francis Barnes Lemonades is to capture a good segment of the lemonade market within the Florida area. This we intend achieving by coming up with innovative services not currently available in the market to attract new clients. Also, we will have an efficient marketing department that will embark on aggressive marketing strategies to attract clients.

Marketing Analysis/Trends

We at Francis Barnes Lemonades have carried out a marketing research, and have discovered that the lemonade market which is quite competitive is mostly driven by innovations among the various competitors, each deploying its own unique marketing strategy to capture its market share. The introduction of other related services like bars, and soft drinks is also commonplace among lemonade companies.

We will be adopting strategies that include replicating the current trend in the market while at the same time providing our own unique set of services such as the production of our signature lemonade drinks with unique flavors.

Comparative Advantage

The advantages we have over our competitors include the fact that apart from the provision of premium lemonade services, our marketing department will be driven by committed and highly trained and professional personnel that will bring their expertise to the fore in driving the quest for growth through customer awareness.

We will be rewarding our workforce for dedication, thereby encouraging them to put in their best on the job. Also, we will have our own signature drinks which will be sold to the market. There will be continuous experimentation to bring out new flavors that is acceptable to the market.

Target Market

Our target market it’s a broad one. But we will mainly be targeting the most active segment of the society; these include chief executives, the corporate world, sportsmen/women, the military, students (all levels), and tourists, among other segments of the population.

Sales and Marketing Strategy

The sales and marketing strategy to be adopted will include entering into partnership agreements with store owners for the sale and distribution of our products. Also, we will have carts that will be taking our services outdoors to busy areas. All Francis Barnes Lemonade outlets will be located areas with high foot traffic.

Sources of Revenue

The main sources of revenue will come primarily from the sale of our products and the services we render clients. All the products produced by us will be sold; hence, all revenues generated will come from these products and trainings organized by Francis Barnes Lemonades.

Sales Projection

With the research carried out in the lemonade market, we have come to the conclusion that our sales projections will more than double with each financial year. So, using a three year period, we will have a steady increase in sales with the representation shown in the chart below;

  • First Year $210,000
  • Second Year $450,500
  • Third Year $960,600

Payment Channels

Francis Barnes Lemonades will provide broad based payment alternatives that will include several payment options to fit our customer preferences. This eliminates the worries associated with having to inconvenience themselves in a bid to pay for services rendered.

We will be accepting payment through the POS, acceptance of cash payments, mobile banking transfers, and acceptance of cheques among other options.

With this lemonade stand business plan sample, entrepreneurs should have little or no worries on how to write a good business plan, as all they have to do is to follow the guidelines laid out in this sample, while supplying information relevant to their own businesses.

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