9 Business Ideas To Start In Florida

What is the best business to start in Miami? What are some profitable business opportunities in Florida to start with small capital? Let’s find out.

Florida is a state in the United States of America.

9 Profitable Business Ideas To Start In Florida

It is a very large state, it has a very large population which makes it a perfect place for business due to its population There is a vast low-cost business opportunity one can undertake in Florida.

Where are the top business opportunities in Florida?


One thing that makes Florida business ideas exceptional in the United State is that there is no local or state personal income tax and a good and strong local economy and also there is a great number of tourists visiting Florida yearly.

If you live or plan to live in Florida, here are the best small business ideas in Florida you would love to undertake.

1. Tourist/Visitors Guide

Florida has more than ten thousand visitors a year, this is a huge number if you know your way in and out of the city, and you can undertake this good startup business idea in Florida with high-profit returns.

You must be a very friendly person to undertake this viable business idea and you may start it as it is one of the best part-time businesses in South Florida (if you are starting alone) but if it an enterprise, you may start full time at once.

Are you looking for new business ideas in Miami Florida requiring low investment? This is it!

2. Transport Service

Florida is a tourist hot zone. There are lots of great business investment opportunities for sale. Florida needs much transport service to transport tourist and locals alike from one part of the state to another if you have a four-wheeled car and have a driving license, why not make a daily paycheck with it, even if it during the weekends, you may decide to go around and you carry tourist and locals to their destination and you make money.

Though you may be planning to start as a company, that means you have to be registered as a transport company to set up any of these good trending business opportunities in Tampa Florida.

3. Translation

Florida is a multilingual and multicultural state just like most states in the United States. Due to this fact, the language translation is always required and because tourists visit Florida in their thousands yearly, especially in its capital city, a translator is always needed to translate from the tourist language to the locals’ language and vice versa.

So locals who sell to the tourist must hire a translator that can translate what his/her prospective customer wants, the requirement for this unique business opportunity in Naples Florida is the ability to speak English and at least one other major language like French, Spanish or Arabic fluently, then you are good to go.

4. Export Business

Florida especially Miami has a very large port from which goods can be shipped efficiently to any part of the world, so even if you are into agriculture, or arts or food processing, and you understand the technicalities involved, you can undertake this creative small business opportunity.

5. Errand Services

These days, people have a very tight schedule which makes them unable to do most things they want to do in a day, because of this they need someone to do that, things like school runs (Picking up children from school), baby-sitting, walking the dog, etc. and Florida is not an exception to this.

If you live in Florida, why not grab one of the best small business opportunities for beginners in Florida, USA?

6. Smartphone Repair

By statistics, out of ten people in Florida, nine have a smartphone. But the requirement for this business is that you must have the technical know-how on how to fix smartphones, with this large number, you must beat me that you won’t go a day without having ten peoples phones to repair.

7. Restaurant / Food truck

Eating food is inevitable by any person alive and because most people have tight schedule and most of them are tourist, they don’t have time to cook and they must eat, so they would pay to get good food to eat if you have a good cooking skill, why not try running a “mobile food vendor enterprise” a name I coined.

8. Baby Sitting

Most people that live in Florida especially Miami, do not have time to take care of their babies, which they would gladly pay for.

Ensure you have a clean criminal record before you apply for this job, because most people do a background check before giving the custody of their child to you, and this innovative offline business opportunities are booming in key west Florida right now and are much suitable for women.

9. Event Planning

As has been said before, due to a tight schedule, most people don’t have time for themselves, or for planning their event, and also most people don’t have organizational skills.

So if you have organizational skills, why not try this out, it would not require much capital, just a little money to print your business card, which is your office. Just a call and you are on the call.

Note: All these cool business ideas in Florida are just suggestions, you have to be very dedicated to making money from any of these you choose to. Adequate money is needed to meet our daily needs and carry our individual and social responsibilities.

The good news is that there are several Florida business ideas one can venture into to generate additional income.

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