How to Become a Toy Tester – Product Review Jobs for Kids

Toy testing is one activity that’s full of fun. For the most part, this wouldn’t be considered an adult activity.

In this article, we look at toy testing and how to become a toy tester. If you have kids, this is one of the best kid business opportunities you’ll want to take advantage of.

Your kids are happier for it and earn rewards at the end of the process. So, are you seeking toy testing opportunities? We can help.

How To Become a Toy Product Reviewer

Some decades ago, specific opportunities did not exist as they do now.

This is due to several factors, including the advent of the Internet. Since then, work has changed, and people can better use their time. Better use of time for many includes any earning opportunity.

This is made even better when the job is considered fulfilling.

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Specific engagements are more beneficial to kids. These may vary by intensity and level of engagement. Certain activities require some form of detachment and focus, while others might be more fun.

Toy Manufacturers Need Data

Data is a vital resource in every industry. It must design products and services that meet the consumer’s needs. With toys, the primary consumers are kids.

Of course, toy testing is incentivized because kids satisfy their curiosity while earning free toys as wages for hours spent.

This tells of the importance of the testing process to the manufacturer. So, how does the process go?

The testing process involves designers, researchers, engineers, and market professionals. These observe the reaction of kids to different toys.

The data obtained from such interactions include a firsthand understanding of play habits.

Testing is usually done within a controlled environment to allow for closer observation. In recent times, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, testing sites have been discouraged.

This procedure is done virtually and has different time lengths. Gifts are offered to participants at the end of the testing session.

Challenges of Becoming a Toy Tester

One thing you need to know about toy testing jobs is that they don’t come easy.

You wouldn’t readily find toy testing job offers like other job types. This can be frustrating if you’re desperate about the situation. We advise that you calm down and take things as they come.

Amid many challenges, there are steps you can take to boost your chances of getting accepted. We said these opportunities aren’t as visible as others.

So, you might have to be more direct in inquiries about open positions.

Becoming a Toy Tester

To become a toy tester, you must explore as many options as possible.

One includes signing up with toy manufacturers like Hasbro’s Funlab and Mattel. Other options to try out include TV toy testing and sifting through social media for such opportunities.

A blog can be a powerful tool for becoming a popular toy tester. A YouTube channel can be created and dedicated solely to toy testing. You can also apply to companies that do market research.

Any of these options could land you the opportunity. Let’s discuss each of these.

i. Signing up with Toy Manufacturers

Have you considered signing up with toy manufacturers? This might sound unbelievable, but it pays off when you do it right.

Certain toy companies like Mattel and Hasbro’s Funlab have provisions for people to sign up for product updates and possible testing of their products.

For the most part, you might be unable to get a toy testing role. However, taking this action enhances your chances of getting picked when the opportunity presents itself.

ii. TV Toy Testing

TV toy testing isn’t as widespread as you might assume.

However, there are TV shows that present such opportunities. One such TV show is the Ellen DeGeneres show, which features celebrity toy testers. These kids come to the show to test toys and give feedback.

You might have to search for more such opportunities from the many available shows. A little research might be all you need to realize your dreams.

iii. Searching for Opportunities on Social Media

On social media platforms like Facebook, toy manufacturers occasionally advertise toy testing roles.

It’s important not to get your hopes too high, as such opportunities hardly come by. You can follow these toy companies to be in the know when such opportunities become available.

iv. The Right Blog might be All you Need

Blogs can help launch your toy testing career on the right path. These are increasingly becoming influential in shaping consumer habits.

Here, mom’s blogs will be a great place to start from. You might want to target those with many following to determine if any collaborative arrangement can be made.

Such blogs might have toy sections. It has been observed that manufacturers, including those for toys, target these blogs to promote their services as they’re known to influence purchase habits.

v. Starting a YouTube Channel

They say if you can’t find a job, create one. This perfectly fits this option.

A YouTube channel can become a powerful tool for starting your toy testing job. For such a channel to be successful, it requires putting in the work needed to grow it.

Of course, you’ll have to create engaging toy-testing content to grow your subscribers. It won’t be long before toy testing companies notice and seek collaboration.

Consider reaching out to them as well.

vi. Apply to Companies that do Market Research

Toy companies do a lot of research through surveys and focus testing. Here, toy companies outsource most of their research needs to these companies.

There’s no certainty that you’ll have a toy testing role by signing up with these research companies. However, it increases your chances.

If you dedicate enough time to seeking toy testing jobs, it might pay off handsomely. It must be said that a lot of work is involved.

These are tips on becoming a toy tester.

They include multiple approaches, including signing up with toy manufacturing companies and starting your own YouTube toy testing channel, among others.