A lot of times, people are paid money to test such websites and apps. Seeing such an opportunity, you’d naturally want to know more about how to take advantage of such an opportunity. This is the purpose of writing this article.

The tech industry has greatly improved the quality of life in a lot of ways. One such way includes how people do business. As websites and apps are built, they need to be tested to determine how effective and efficient they are.

We’ll discuss what this entails to enable you to get its entire concept. How do you get paid for testing apps?

What A Website And App Tester Does?

There are specific responsibilities for testers to perform. They test the functionality of the website or app as well as finding out if there are technical issues that need to be fixed.

The findings of the user tester or bug tester are then forwarded to the developer in return for cash or payment.

Steps When Reviewing Websites And Apps for Cash

Testing a website or app follows several processes. Each of these processes looks into the internal workings of the app or website to discover a problem if any. The purpose is to ensure users encounter zero difficulties when using them. These steps include the following;

  • Functional Testing

Functional testing borders around the functions of the system. During functional testing, the input is fed into the app or website. This is followed by examining the output of such action

  • Usability Testing

With usability testing, the aim is to test both a website’s or app’s functionality as well as the overall user experience.

This is one of the responsibilities a developer transfers to the tester who is paid for their job.

  • Interface Testing

Interface testing deals with interactions or communication processes between the web and application servers.

  • Compatibility Testing

Compatibility testing has to do with ensuring that an app or website is compatible with all browsers as well as devices.

Apart from browser compatibility, other finer details of this test include operating system compatibility and mobile compatibility.

  • Performance Testing

A website or app being developed will need to be taken through a performance testing process. Here, the test aims to determine how the website or app will perform under heavy load, peak loads, and internet speeds among others.

During this test, more load is increased until it reaches a point where it becomes overwhelmed and ceases to function.

  • Security Testing

Security is paramount in building a website or an app. Here, the developer ensures it is protected from unauthorized access as well as from malicious software and viruses among other tests.

As a tester, you’ll be checking if restricted files can be downloaded without authorization, verifying the apps SSL, and also testing if secure pages are accessible without authorization.

Tools For Website And App Testing

Whether you’re a user tester or bug tester, there are certain tools you cannot do without. The most basic of such tools include a computer and a good internet connection.

Additional tools include a webcam, a microphone (in some cases) as well as a webcam.

Where To Find Test Websites And Apps That Pay

Our discussion to this point has been structured in such a way that you get a better understanding of what app and website testing are about. From this point on, we’ll provide you with a list of sites that will pay you to test websites and apps. They include the following;

  • UTest

UTest is a website and app testing site that is among the top providers of paid testing for interested persons. Here, you’ll be looking for bugs in a piece of software. There is no fixed amount for bug testing. It all depends on the test cycle.

After creating an account, you’ll have to wait for some time (about 2 weeks or less). Without the sandbox test, you won’t be getting paid jobs in your inbox. The sandbox test is a practice test that is used to approve and determine your qualifications. With more experience and reputation comes an increasing number of test invites.

  • UserTest

With UserTesting, you’re paid up to $10 for every testing video completed. It involves visiting websites and apps to complete a set of tasks relating to testing. You’re then required to say your mind about what you’ve observed or the results obtained.

According to this testing site, you’ll need a PC or Mac and the ability to download its software. Other requirements include being at least 18 years of age and having the ability to speak your thoughts out loud.

  • Enroll

Enroll allows you to perform user tests on just about any device. These range from phones, tablets, and desktops. By joining this website and app testing site, you’re directly involved in making the web a much better place.

Users get compensated conveniently for every test they perform through their PayPal account. So far, over 651,315 thousand tests have been taken and counting.

  • UserFeel

Userfeel is a multilingual user testing tool. This means you’re able to test any site in just about any language. It has a pool of over 90,000 testers who speak about 40 different languages. This diversity makes it the perfect testing tool for testers of all backgrounds seeking testing gigs that pay.

  • TryMyUI

With TryMyUI, you get access to a few testing tasks each week. These won’t take up much of your time as you only get to spend about 20 minutes on each task. The pay for each completed task is $10. TryMyUI records your screen and voice in addition to a written response at the end of the test.

However, before payment is sent, tests must be approved after passing through a review process.

Testing apps and websites to get paid is real and more people are finding exciting ways to earn an income. The best part is, you get to work remotely while helping to keep the web safe and more responsive to user needs.

Apart from giving you the job specifications of a tester, we’ve also included what exactly are tested in addition to testing sites you can find gigs on.