Best Business Ideas for kids

How can kids start their own businesses? Many times, when business is being discussed, people have a common belief that this is an adult-only domain.

However, this is not a true picture of what is obtainable on the ground as there are several small-scale businesses successfully run by kids.

This article will seek to reveal some of these great kids’ focused business ideas. If you have wondered which business ideas are great for kids, then you have come to the right place as we will offer several of these for you to choose from.

Listed below are some interesting business ideas for kids;


Providing Services within the Home and Neighbourhood

This is commonplace for kids to start from.

By rendering services such as cleaning the home, clearing dead leaves, watering plants, taking in the mails, running errands, gardening, and clearing the snow among several others, kids can earn some income by providing these indoor and outdoor services.

As a matter of fact, certain skills or directions of interest can help kids develop improve significantly in their areas of interest while earning them some money.

Selling Lemonades

With the help of adults, you can start a lemonade stand where your sell your lemonades after having obtained the necessary permits. If your lemonade products are good enough (especially the packaging) you can supply these products to stores.

Having a market for your lemonades is never a problem as you appeal to both young and old.

Online Marketing

The use of the internet especially among the young is at an all-time high.

Social media accounts for most of this activity. Hence online marketing is a great business idea for kids to grow their businesses.

You can easily create a Facebook page for your business or a YouTube channel where you upload a variety of content promoting your products or services.

These contents may consist of videos, graphic content/designs as well as text.

Cooking and Baking

This is a great business idea for kids who are willing to offer their help in the kitchen to either cook or bake.

While they explore new cooking and baking skills under the supervision of their parents, you can encourage them to bake snacks.

Because they will need to prepare for school, this can be done early in the morning, and have someone pick these snacks up for sale. These kids can be involved in the baking and selling process during the holidays and weekends.

Arts and Crafts

This is a great business idea as kids can be very creative. To guide them in this line of business, you should encourage them to sell their handicrafts.

These can range from picture frames, hand-painted cards, post cards created using pictures taken from interesting scenery, and a host of other crafts which they can easily sell to generate some form of income.

Becoming a Kids Book Author

Kids always have stories to tell.

For those kids interested in writing, you can encourage such kids to write or become authors of storybooks that tell or narrate personal and interesting experiences as well as fiction stories they have created.

This kid’s business idea requires a lot of creativity.

You should offer guidance where necessary to increase the chances of the business becoming a reality.

Pet Sitting

This business opportunity perfectly suits pet-loving kids. They can use their affection for pets to generate some income for themselves.

This business idea is best for kids during the summertime as well as weekends where they have enough time to themselves. Whenever the pet owners are out of town, your kids can help in watching over these pets until their owners return.

This service will attract a fee.

Becoming a Moving Assistant

Many times when people move to new locations, they need help in moving their things. You can introduce your kid to this line of business especially if such a teenage kid is strong and fit enough.

This business idea teaches them skills on how business is done in the real world. It helps them provide solutions to individuals and businesses.

Tutoring Service

Older kids with a passion to teach can use this skill to earn some money.

A tutoring service provides the opportunity to help younger kids out with assignments, difficult math problems as well as teaching new skills that will be helpful to them.

Starting a Garden

Kids can be given the necessary guidance in starting a garden where they grow fruits and vegetables which they can sell to grocery stores. This business idea is an adventure for kids where they can experiment with a lot of things.

However, your supervision will be needed to ensure they are doing it right. This helps them make good use of their time.

Graphic Design

This business idea is great for kids as it maximizes their creativity. Graphic design can be used for clothing such as t-shirts, as well as in creating infographics.

Web design is a great area to specialize in as there is no limit to what can be achieved.

Also, this business idea does not require significant investments as the most important tools needed include a PC, internet connectivity, and the necessary graphic software.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an interesting income-generating idea that requires no investment.

This is more common for online stores where your kid can promote a product by sharing the product link and banners on a website as well as on social media.

Any sale made through the link attracts a percentage of that sale to your kid.

Starting Home-Made Candy

If your kid is interested in experimenting with new food, then you may want to encourage him to try out homemade candy. Of course, you will have to give them the necessary guidance needed.

They can also experiment with other food-based products that they can sell to make some income.

Running a Printing Press

Although this business idea might be considered by some as being too technical for kids, you can establish the printing press and allow your kids to help in its running.

This will involve them handling some not-too-difficult tasks where they gain experience as well as providing an avenue for them to make some money.

You can introduce them to the more complex task as their understanding improves.

Becoming a Web Developer

In an age where computer skills are highly necessary for solving a variety of personal and business problems, your kids can become web developers.

There are lots of training material on the internet in form of DIYs that come in video format as well as in text and graphic layout.

With these skills, your kids can help build websites for individuals and small businesses.

Providing Baby Sitting Services

Kids, especially females can become babysitters where they help neighbors/parents look after their children while they are away.

However, such female kids need to be a bit older (preferably teenage kids). This helps them exchange their time for some money, especially during the weekends or holidays.

This is a cool business idea aimed at babies.

Event Planning Assistant

Event planning can be very demanding on adults. Because kids do not possess the necessary experience to handle this type of job, you can use them as assistants where they learn the ropes.

This is a great business idea for kids as most events fall on the weekend as well as during the holiday season.

Such kids will have to follow the event planner to functions where they get the opportunity to learn a lot while also earning some money.

Cake Decorator

A lot of times, bakers are very busy with their work schedule and can use some help.

You can encourage your kid(s) to learn this art as well as offer this service to bakers who will test them before handing them responsibilities.

This business idea can significantly improve the income-generating capacity of your kids.

Fashion Designer

A kid can become a fashion design artist by helping such kid(s) discover their potentials through exposing them to fashion design. If you are a fashion designer, then it will become a much easier process.

However, if you are not, there are lots of online tutorials as well as fashion schools they can learn from. This business idea is a perfect one as there is a continuous change in fashion trends in the United States and across the world.

Starting an Online Store

Your kids can start an online store with absolutely no capital required through dropshipping.

Although it requires a lot of work to be done in setting up an account with Shopify and contacting various vendors to promote their products, the rewards are enormous.

With this option, your kid does not have to worry about stacking inventories as they will not have to receive any goods. Whenever a purchase is made, such goods are shipped directly from the vendor to the buyer.

Dog Walking

This is a vital service for business pet owners who have busy engagements with little or no time to take their dogs for a walk. Kids can provide this service excellently by helping dog owners within the neighborhood walk their dogs.

Kids can extend this service to include a range of other services such as pet sitting as mentioned earlier and grooming services.

Newspaper Delivery

Newspaper delivery provides a source of raising income for kids.

They can simply deliver these newspapers either on bicycles or on foot as the situation warrants. Some newspapers rely heavily on this service to effectively circulate their papers.

Mobile App Developer

Tech-savvy kids can be guided into learning mobile app development. This service is very crucial in today’s world as there is an increasing number of people using mobile platforms to access the internet.

Smartphones have become a trend the world over. They require useful apps to enable users to derive maximum satisfaction from their devices.

By embedding in-app purchases, they can create money-generating avenues.

Helping Seniors Set and Use Computers

It is a well-known fact that kids are more tech-savvy especially when compared to adults. You can encourage your kids to put their passion to use by helping out seniors set up and use their computers.

This service is much appreciated by seniors and will be glad to a token for such services.

Social Media Marketing

A lot of businesses rely on the services of social media marketers to effectively promote their business.

Kids are known to be very active on social media. They can easily help a business market its products by committing a little of their time and effort for a fee.

For kids who are social media celebrities, you can help them harness this goldmine by advising them to be social media influencers.

Making Greeting Cards

This is a great business idea especially when your kids are highly creative with their imagination.

You can guide them to start making greeting cards which only requires a little investment and yet has attractive turnover. They can use their spare time designing these cards for individuals and businesses.

Garden Maintenance

Some people own gardens they cannot maintain alone.

Helping out with maintenance is an interesting business idea kids can use.

If your kid(s) have an interest in helping out with the backyard and garden, you can encourage them to extend such services to neighbors for a fee. This will be much appreciated.

Shoveling Out Snow

Many times, people have a hard time trying to clear their driveway and surroundings of snow. If your kid is strong and fit enough, they can offer their help for a fee.

By helping neighbors shovel out their snow, they are providing a vital service while also earning some income.

Selling on Etsy

Etsy offers a great platform for your kids to sell a variety of items that consist of artwork, pictures, clothing, jewelry especially when these are vintage items.

If your kids have none of the above, you may want to help them learn some skills by using DIY videos which are ever available online for a variety of skills.

After learning these, they can make and sell these items on Etsy.

Starting a Kids’ Only Taxi Service

This business idea is for older kids only who know how to drive and who qualify to drive. You can help parents save time by shuttling their kids to and from lessons.

With this option, your clients are happy because they do not have to worry about having to take their kids from school as you handle this for a fee.

To be successful in this business, you will need to do some convincing by showing proof of driving qualification that consists of a driver’s license and other documents.

Helping with the Lawn

Many households may be too busy to take good care of their lawns although they would love to.

Providing this service helps you put your energies into something worthwhile in addition to earning some income from it. This business opportunity is a great one as lawns do not take long to require another mowing.

Music Lessons

For kids with music talents, this can be offered in exchange for income. There are lots of young families who would love their kids to learn music, especially if these kids have an interest in music.

By offering your service, you are creating a stream of income that allows you to earn from multiple sources by handling multiple clients.

However, apart from having these skills, you need to be passionate about teaching.

Selling Used Textbooks

Your kid will certainly have a lot of used textbooks they no longer need.

If they are no longer expecting any siblings which may find these useful, you can encourage them to sell off their old books. This generates some income for them.

Teaching a Language

There is an increasing need for kids to learn multiple languages with a focus on major ones like French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, and many others.

If you can teach younger kids this vital skill, then you will be able to make or charge a decent fee for such services.

Selling on eBay

eBay is a popular online store that allows a variety of sellers to offer their products or items for sale. As an online platform for both buyers and sellers, you can easily sell your old stuff or work of art.

Whatever you have, there is always an interested buyer on the other end.

Hence kids can easily sell off their crafts and other items.

Cleaning After a Construction Work

When construction work is being done, a lot of trash is generated in the process. Kids can offer to help clean the building after the work is completed.

This comes at a fee and saves the home or property owner the stress of having to handle this job themselves.

However, kids need to be strong enough to get the job done in good time.

Handling Some Freelance Writing Jobs

For kids with a flair for writing, this business idea provides a great avenue to fully express their potentials while also earning from it.

You can give your kids the required guidance as you are likely to notice their skills before anyone else. How best the kid does depends on the advice given.

Kids will be glad to earn from something they do for fun.

Starting a Small Carwash

Before starting this business, the kid needs to have some level of understanding of how cars are washed. This can be obtained by being an apprentice at a carwash.

Having this skill, you can assist your kid to start a small carwash containing the necessities such as an easily accessible parking lot as well as a steady source of water and tubing to channel the water for easy washing.


If your kid is fascinated by podcasting, you may want to encourage such a kid to start a podcasting service. This requires help, especially in certain technical areas.

If you do not possess such skills, you can seek help from an expert.

The topics will have to be centered around kids. Some basic requirements are also needed such as a website or blog, internet connectivity as well as PC and audio recorders.

YouTube Personality

To become a YouTube personality, your kid will need to have a dedicated YouTube channel where content is generated according to a schedule. Such videos will likely be kid-friendly videos that educate on a variety of issues.

The more successful this channel is, the greater the chances of earning from ad revenue.


For kids with a passion for entertainment, you may need to guide them through the process of bringing their skills to bear. One of such ways is through kid shows such as puppet shows that teach kids as well as entertain them.

Also, a clown act is another way for kids to make some money while enjoying the attention they get and what they do. Here is how to get a clown license.

Yard or Garage Sale

This is an avenue for earning some revenue as kids sell items out of the garage or yard. This keeps them busy and enables them to gain critical bargain skills.

You must supervise them during this process. You can also help advise them on how to further invest the proceeds of these sales. This helps them build financial literacy and social skills as well.

Interior Décor

Kids are always attracted to anything creative as they always want to try their hands around new projects. You can introduce them to interior décor where they learn the necessary skills.

They can in turn offer this service to others for a fee.

Creating Attractive Stickers

Stickers can come in various forms and for different purposes. Hence kids can be taught how to make these stickers.

Multipurpose stickers are great and the most patronized as they can be placed in cars, on buildings, and in similar places. The message on the sticker is what makes it interesting to the buyer.

The messages should be such that they easily connect with targeted clients.

Gift Baskets

This craft can be created in a variety of designs and sizes. Kids having this skill will always have a huge market to satisfy as people use gift baskets for a variety of reasons.

These can come with ribbons and are mostly in demand during special events or occasions as well as during holidays.

Providing Elderly Care

This business idea is not only restricted to adults as kids too can provide a vital service of helping seniors with chores as well as with errands. Seniors never mind paying for this service and love having some company.

Running a business can be a challenging task, especially when such a business is in its infancy. For any of these kid-friendly business ideas to thrive, they need to be driven by passion and determination.

Anything short of these will not be of any help.

By helping kids start a business of their own, you are putting them on the path of greatness as they learn tons of lessons not taught in a formal setting.