Agro-allied industries/businesses like juice production are massive.

There is a huge market for juice products. If you have considered venturing into this line of business, you will find this fresh fruit juice production business plan useful.

We have stripped it of all complications to enable you to follow its simplified structure. This allows you to have a workable and practical plan in setting your fruit business in motion.

As a new fresh fruit juice business, you can choose to do one of two things; first, you may either choose to focus on producing specific types of juices with a restricted number of fruits or you can go all out. “All out” as used in this sense means including all types of fruits in your juice production.

Here is a sample business plan for starting a fresh fruit juice production company.

Starting a Fresh Juice Company

I will be discussing with you in this post how you can start afresh juice business and make good money in the long term. The making of fresh juice is a very lucrative business that any entrepreneur that wants to venture into the food industry needs to consider.

Many people love to drink fresh fruit juice that flavor and other preservatives have not been added because of its mineral and vitamins and the health benefits it gives to the body.


I just want to take every iota of doubt you may be having in your mind to share with you why I know and not just think to start a cold press juice business is a good business opportunity for any serious entrepreneur:

  • The Demand is High

The consumption of fresh juice in different ways and form is very in the fruit juice food market. It is a widely accepted drink in many homes as they even use it to entertain their visitors. People use it in celebrating birthdays, anniversary, wedding ceremonies and many occasions.

Doctors will always advise people that they should take fresh juice if they must stay healthy. It is also one of the drinks prescribed by doctors if you are wanting to bring something for a sick patient in the hospital.

Also, fresh juice is highly consumed by both alcohol and non-alcoholic drinkers. This makes the product highly needed.

  • For the nutritional Benefits

Ailments such as cold can be treated by drinking fresh juice in its natural form. The awareness and concern of what these artificial juices are doing in our bodies are now of great concern and causing a shift in the way people drink the juice.

Sales of fizzy drinks are going down and sales of fresh juice are going sky high. This is making fizzy drinks manufacturers consider branching into fresh juice business.

  • Raw Materials Are Readily Available

Fresh fruit can be cultivated in good loamy soil and you either buy or get a plot of land for lease and plant these fruits for your business purpose. Various fruits like Pawpaw, Mango, Orange, Pineapple, Watermelon can be grown with low capital. They are also sold in the market too if you want to get them directly.

Without further ado, let’s jump straight to business;


For those that have ventured into the juice bar business, they by now have juiced lots of profit into their bank account.

Here are what you need to do to join the club:

A Plan of Action

No business will thrive without definite action plans geared towards growth. Hence, your business plan becomes invaluable towards achieving growth. Some of the vital areas a plan should include are an analysis of your possible competition, partnerships (such as those with vendors), a three-year profit projection, operational or running costs for a time duration until the business stabilizes.

By expanding on these areas of your business, you can set forth a plan that is workable and implementable. Also, your business goals are easily achieved once there is a well laid out plan on how to achieve them.

A good plan should include 5 years’ operating expenses and projected income. You can search for samples if you don’t have any idea of what should entail inside a business plan.

If you can get any samples, you can go to freelancing sites to hire someone or better still a business consultant to create one for you. Your startup plan must not be a dictionary size; a maximum of the 5-page well-written plan will serve both for getting loans or winning angel investors.

  • Study Successful Fruit Juice Production Business

By learning from the best, you can become the best. For you not to run into confusion on your journey to starting afresh juice business, you need to go and study successful fresh juice business and analyze their products and their marketing strategies.

Analyze their top-selling products and their target market. Also, study their marketing strategies on how they reach out to their customers and their packaging.

  • Choosing your Fresh Fruit Juice Niche

All fresh fruit juice production falls under a niche. You need to choose which niche best suites your expertise as well as the needs of your target market. Termed as the “new-age beverages,” fresh fruit juice niches include juice smoothies, energy juices, organic juices, and bottled juices.

Fresh fruit juice production comes with innovations especially in flavor blends, functional benefits, calories as well as different levels of sweetness. With these, you should be able to classify your fresh fruit juice business.

  • Purchasing the Right Equipment

Equipment is an important part of running a successful fresh fruit juice business. So, what is this equipment?

They include sugarcane juicers, citrus juicers, vegetable and fruit juices, mixers, commercial blenders, and the CP-150 Cold Press juicers. Others include ice machines, refrigerators and coolers, prep tools (such as knives, portion scales, measuring cups, cutting boards, and peelers, etc) and sinks.

These are some of the basic tools necessary for starting a fresh fruit juice production business. The specific types of equipment required to depend on your preferred niche.

  • Adhering to Regulatory Standards

This is a very important consideration when setting up a fresh fruit juice business. Depending on where your business is located, each state has its regulations regarding the sale of juice. This covers the production and sale of locally made (raw juice) juice as well as production for wholesale.

Different regulations apply to both. In any case, contacting your state’s health agency or department is the best way of knowing what is required.

  • Suppliers and Distributors are Important

This is an important part of your fresh fruit juice business you do not want to overlook. These form the fulcrum over which your business rotates. Every fresh fruit juice production business depends on these two. Your suppliers are those who provide you with a steady supply of fruits and vegetables. These are essential to the survival of any fresh fruit juice business.

If cultivating a fruit farm will be too much for you in terms of capital and managing the farm and workers, you can go find a trusted vendor for supply. Find a vendor close to you so you can save on transportation.

On the other hand are the distributors. If you are a raw juice seller, this will not be very much relevant to your business. This is because you are making and selling your fresh fruit juice directly to your customers.

However, for fresh fruit juice production businesses with wholesale operations, distributors are very vital to its success. These include vendors and retailers who purchase from you to sell to end consumers.

  • Create your Recipes for your Fresh Juice Business

To beat the competition in the fresh juice business niche, you have to come up with your recipes and flavor that is not common in grocery stores. A distinctive menu on your juice can give customers reasons to want to patronize your business. You won’t be in business for long if your fresh juice tastes normal like every other brand’s fresh juice.

  • Location and Marketing your Fresh Juice Business

Fresh fruit juice production businesses thrive on both location and marketing. You may want to take these two seriously as the success of your business rests on them. By location, we mean selecting an area with the highest number of possible clients. People who are health conscious are likely to form a bulk of your clients.

When looking for a good location for your fresh juice business, you need to consider nearness to raw materials as well as nearness to your target market. You can go for a roadside stand or flea markets.

You can alternatively bottle your fresh juice and sell them wholesale to restaurants, fitness centers, café, and grocery stores. This is just a business idea you can think about.

Therefore your business should be close to busy areas such as sports arenas, beaches, health clubs, gyms, hotels, and airports. This is likely to impact positively on sales.

While producing quality juices, you also need to get the word out. Marketing is the process through which this is achieved. By starting a loyalty program, you can reward patronage with attractive discounts for subsequent purchases/orders made.

Advertise your business using flyers, billboards and television and radio commercials so families can know your business exists and may want to give it a try. You use different promotional strategies like sponsoring a fitness day or fair.

Using social media networks should also be part of your marketing strategies to pull in traffic to your website. Your market is huge so, try to make sure your message travels far.

  • Buying a Franchise

If you feel you have little patience for starting afresh juice production business from scratch, then buying a franchise may be the best option. As a franchise owner, you are given basic training on how to successfully run a profitable business. This eliminates the learning curve involved and enhances your chances of growing the business.

  • Know What Your Customers Need

Most times it is tempting to assume you know the needs of your customers. However, this is not true. Customer preferences can change. It is necessary to know the fresh fruit juice products that attract the most patronage. Doing a little research into customer preferences will help a lot.

This fresh fruit juice production business plan sample has provided a lot of helpful tips for the beginner. You can follow these ideas to set up a thriving fresh fruit juice business. No business will succeed without a definite plan of action. Its detailed and diligent implementation greatly enhances your chances of success as well.


This plan contains different sections that are important to how successful your juice business becomes.

However, it is important to sound a note of caution here; a sound business plan in itself does not result in a good business. Active and diligent implementation is necessary for real progress. And now, our fresh juice business plan sample;

  • Executive Summary

Fruity Life LLC is a fresh juice business that will be located in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor area. We intend to expand to new locations with the ultimate aim of becoming a national brand in the not-so-distant future. We will provide an assortment of chilled fruit juice such as mango, orange, apple, etc to a wide range of clientele that will consist of adults, teenagers, and children.

Fruity Life is owned and managed by Rene Mathews. She has worked in the food services industry and has committed substantial time and effort in its growth. We understand that there are several fruit juice businesses spread across Baltimore. We will not just make the numbers but are out to ensure we create a well-known brand known for quality juice products.

  • Products and Services

Anyone can get some fruits and blend them into juice. However, we at Fruity Life LLC take the art of fruit juice making to a whole new level. We prepare a variety of fruit juice products with our special recipes. These include several toppings as well as the provision of consultancy services for persons with interest in this line of business.

All our products will be freshly sourced and stored. Our equipment will provide the perfect conditions in helping us produce fresh and delicious fruit juice.

  • Vision Statement

Although our business is new, our workforce is not. Our highly experienced and skilled workforce will all ensure we establish one of the top 5 fruit businesses in Baltimore. We also have a national projection of becoming a major player on the national stage. This is an achievable goal we intend to realize within a decade from the start of operations.

  • Mission Statement

Growth is an important part of our operations. To achieve this, we will be adopting the franchise model of operation within 3 years from the time of commencement. The sale of our franchises will be nationwide. We are not only interested in expansion but also providing quality fruit juice products to our happy customers.

  • SWOT Analysis

Different factors will contribute to the stability of our business. We have carried out a SWOT assessment to identify our areas of strength and weakness as a business. This is to enable us to focus our energy on building a solid business while knowing and limiting our risk exposure. The following are findings from this assessment;

  • Strength

The experience of our founder Rene Mathews in the food services sector is a strong point for us. As a food scientist, she has a deeper understanding of how the industry works as well as what combinations are most healthy for customers.

We are starting with state-of-the-art equipment.

This will ensure that all types of fresh fruit juices are easily made.

  • Weakness

The fruit juice industry is one that has seen a lot of entrants lately. Among the participants are major and stronger businesses with regional and national coverage. This presents us with formidable competitions.

However, we are not overwhelmed by this fact. We will exploit our areas of strength to establish a growing business that will eventually break into the top tier.

  • Opportunities

A lot of people take fresh fruit juice. Many do so due to its health benefits while others take them for a treat. Whatever the reasons are, the fact remains that there is a huge demand for fresh fruit juice products. We are poised to meet this demand by positioning ourselves as strategic players by developing new recipes.

  • Threat

Aggressive competition is a threat we may likely face. This may involve sharp practices that may arise from competing businesses. Economic recession is also a likely threat we may face. This does not happen frequently but still presents a threat to our business.

  • Target Market

The target market for our fresh juice business is wide. Almost everyone loves to have some fresh juice. This is a good thing for us as there is a big market for our products. These will be sold to tourists, students, sportsmen, and women, etc.

In short, these will be sold to both young and old.

  • Competitive Advantage

There is a tight competition in the fresh fruit industry. However, this does not mean that there are not opportunities to be taken advantage of. We have concluded arrangements with suppliers of fresh fruits to supply fresh and affordable products. These are discounted to allow us to get a fair profit margin.

Also, our group of highly experienced workforce will bring their knowledge and experience to bear on the job. This is of utmost importance to the success of our business.

  • Sales Projection

Our projected sales over 3 years have revealed great potentials. Current realities in the industry have been used at arriving at these figures. These are summarized in the chart below;

  • First Financial Year $200,000.00
  • Second Financial Year $350,000.00
  • Third Financial Year $780,000.00


  • Marketing Strategies

To spread word about our services and increase the visibility of our business, we will undertake a series of marketing campaigns that will include the listing of our business on yellow pages, the use of social media, encouraging word of mouth marketing among our satisfied clients, engaging in periodic roadshows as well as the distribution of handbills.

This is our fresh fruit juice business plan sample. It seeks to provide a guide for new entrepreneurs who will like to start their fresh juice businesses.

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All you need to do is to follow the general pattern by using this as a template. You should not rush the process and should take the time to conduct a proper feasibility study. This enables you to only make use of accurate data.

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