Buy And Sell; Black And Brown Pullets DOCs, Broiler DOCs And White And Black Cockerel DOCs: Current Price Of Zartech, Amo, CHI (Ajanla), Obasanjo And Farm Support Day Old Chicks (DOC)

Wow! It’s another weekend again. After a very busy day, it crossed my mind just now to write on another agriculture business opportunity often overlooked by many Nigerians.

A lot of people who do not own a poultry farm nor know anything about poultry farming in Nigeria have built themselves empire by buying day old chicks from hatcheries and selling them at higher price to farmers.

I know you want to ask me, ‘What prevents the farmer from going directly to the hatchery to buy his chicks?’

Well, here is the answer. Many established poultry hatcheries already have all their chicks booked and sold out months ahead.

As such, if you as a farmer need to stock chicks from a hatchery of choice urgently, you would be compelled to buy from a distributor. What these dealers do is that they book for birds on every hatchery sales day and sell the birds to people whose hope of paying and going with their chicks are dashed.

Another way DOC distributors make money is to get farmers in another region of the country. For instance, here in SouthWest, chicks are sent from Ibadan, Lagos and Benin in cartons the states in the North like Kaduna, Kano, Abuja, Zaria and Jos.

So how much is day old chick (sayed, amo,zartech & chi) and a bag of feed now?

GUIDE: Poultry Feed Formulation Methods For Broiler And Layer

At present, price of broiler doc goes for an average of N120-N150 in hatcheries here in Ibadan. While black cockerel sells at N25-N35, the white one which is cheaper goes for N10-N15.

Let’s do the maths together. If I buy 1000 chicks (20 cartons) at N100 per chick and sells to another desperate customer at N120, i have just made a clean profit of 20,000 in the same venue. I know of distributors that buy as much as 5,000 to 20,000 DOCs every sales day. This is what I’m talking about, cool money!

Now that build enough contacts of poultry farm. Always assess your market so as to know how much to buy. DOCs are not investment you can keep for long!

Always work with reliable and reputable hatcheries. Demand for chicks from the verified sources are higher and you are sure of supplying quality and healthy chicks.

Develop a relationship with your hatchery. This will provide you access to many perks such as supply at odd or urgent times, bonus chicks on amount ordered, negotiation for more competitive prices etc.

Make sure you carry out effective sorting of DOCs so that your profit margin is not reduced. It is better you get good replacement for bad chicks at the hatchery than end up being at the losing end after supplying your clients.

For people who buy chicks from you but are new in the poultry business, providing vaccination programme, feeding and brooding guide as well as little veterinary assistance is a sure way to grow your venture. You can get most of these things from veterinarians and some off the internet.

Need to buy or book for pullet, broiler and cockrel day old chicks (DOC) directly from Zartech Ibadan? Call me on 08055990231.

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  1. Afolabi Steven says:

    Fresh eggs for sale buy 100 crates and bags above and we deliver.
    Jumbo size =#650 for a crate
    Medium size=#550 for a crate
    Small size =#450 for a crate
    We also need distributor nationwide we can give you product to help us sales and you have your own profit and pay back after sales.
    I’m a local manufacture and distributor of high quality poultry feed in Nigeria.
    We sale at affordable rate of #2,500 per 25kg bag I have starters,grower,finisher and layer mash available. I distribute to all part of the country to sub distributors, wholesalers, retailers and end users.
    A day old broiler =#180
    A day old pullet =#200
    A day old hybrid turkey =#550
    A day old foreign turkey =#800
    6 week old turkey =#1,200
    8 week old turkey =#1,500
    A day old white cockerel =#25
    A day old black cockerel =#500
    Point of lay turkeys =#2,000(9 months)
    Point of lay pullets =#800(16 months).

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