Looking for feasible business ideas in Oklahoma? Oklahoma is a state in the United States that for five consecutive years has been among the top ten in the country when it comes to overall business friendliness.

Oklahoma has a well-developed business industry and provides budding entrepreneurs with all they need for their business to boom in Oklahoma.

7 Profitable Business Ideas To Start In Oklahoma

Ranked as 28th most populous state in the US, Oklahoma is known for products such as oil and gas, Agricultural products, Aviation, among others. Oklahoma has one of the fastest-growing economies in the United State. It is an important producer of natural gas, aircraft, and most especially food.

Oklahoma is the 27th most Agricultural most productive state, with Wheat being a majorly produced foodstuff. So, if you have chosen Oklahoma as a place you want to do business, then you have chosen the right taste.

If you are considering Oklahoma for starting a business and you have no idea where to start from or start with, then you have come to the right place as below are some business ideas in Oklahoma.

Small Scale Businesses and Opportunities in Oklahoma

Food Processing Company

One business idea bound to thrive in Oklahoma is a food processing company. Although the startup of a food processing company in Oklahoma might be challenging and dynamic, it is one exciting business idea in Oklahoma that requires an organized approach that will ultimately lead to great success.

Another advantage of this business idea in Oklahoma is the readily available source of agricultural products you might need in your food processing company.


One business idea in Oklahoma that will always continue to thrive and make huge returns is a bar. It involves sales of Alcoholic beverages and having a little place where customers can sit and relax while enjoying their drinks. This is one great business idea in Oklahoma that you can never run out of customers.

You will be patronized almost throughout the day as well as at night as residents of Oklahoma are fond of “going out for drinks”. Hence opening a bar in Oklahoma is one wonderful business idea in Oklahoma.

General Automotive Repair

Are you skilled in car maintenance? If yes, then opening a general automotive repair shop or company is the right business idea for you in Oklahoma. Even if you do not have the skills, you could employ a team of highly trained and certified in your company.

Your general automotive repair shop or company could offer services ranging from oil changes to complex computer diagnostics. This business idea isn’t too capital intensive and as long as you have got the skills, you are bound to make good returns on your money.

Insurance Agency or Brokerage Firm

Another great business idea in Oklahoma is an insurance agency or brokerage firm. Insurance is one thing residents of Oklahoma have so much interest in and a business idea and a business idea that meets such needs is the right business idea in Oklahoma.

Your company would provide services such as selling, soliciting, or negotiating compensation insurance.

Janitorial Service Company

Ever thought about having someone who would handle all the cleaning and maintenance services of your home or office? Well everyone has thought about is and residents of Oklahoma are no different.

Setting up a janitorial service company in Oklahoma is therefore one great business idea that is bound to thrive.

You could provide offices, restaurants, homes or public buildings with janitors and of course, get paid handsomely.

This is another business idea in Oklahoma that is not capital intensive and is easy to set up.

You could start by doing it yourself and with time grow to employ others as janitors that would be provided to clients in need of janitorial services.

Child Daycare Services

Another fantastic business idea in Oklahoma is setting up a company that provides child daycare services. Oklahoma is one place filled with working moms and these moms are always in need of daycare services.

And of course, with the increasing number of moms each year, a child daycare is one wonderful business idea in Oklahoma to go into. Your child daycare company could also provide babysitting services to mothers at home.

Car Wash Business

Another great business idea in Oklahoma is the car wash business. With the thousands of cars in Oklahoma and owners having little or no time to wash them, the services of a car wash company are always in need, one amazing aspect about this business idea in Oklahoma is the fact that you need close to nothing for a startup, you could start with just a bucket, water, and soap.

Taking your business online is also important as you could get to reach customers both far and wide.

With the business-friendly climate of Oklahoma, starting a business especially any of these business ideas in Oklahoma, there is a big fat chance of making a huge success.